Ways To Beat Lockdown Anxiety

Main Ways To Beat Lockdown Anxiety

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    A Model Recommends
      Ways To Beat Lockdown Anxiety

      Hi everyone, I’m just touching base with you and checking in. It has been difficult to know what to say and when! Here are some little changes I’ve made to my …

      Michelle J

        Just keep in contact Ruth, I think now it’s a good time to share what we’re doing to keep sane. My biggest worry is for my kids (12 and 15] mostly their mental health, my daughter suffers social anxiety and so being shut away from friends is almost feeding that and I’m concerned how she’ll come out the other side and cope with going to school again especially as she will be doing her GCSE’s next year. My son is the opposite and loves being surrounded by people so he is struggling in a completely different way. I just feel a constant cloud of worry is sitting over me at the moment and I’m sure there are many of us feeling the same. Youtube is a few minutes escape from those worries. Xx

        Gina Hill

          Lovely to see your face! Anything you can film would be lovely; any content including your animals really does cheer me up – the chickens, Mr Bear & your lovely pup 🐶

          laura Ecclestone seibel

            I would love to see favourite clothes / favourite things in your house something along those lines xx

            Alison Allen

              The mirror and the light is my next book! Currently readin catch and Kill ronan farrow reportage as thriller!

              Liz MacLeod

                It would be lovely to see some chatty vlogs, if you can stand to do it! We need some normality in these crazy times! I care for my 96 year old dad who still lives in his own home in the next town, so am having to go out to him twice a day, every day. Now I'm feeling guilty every time I go out that I'm going to bring contagion back with me. Washing hands til I have no skin left! Take care Ruth, and everybody!

                judy sayers

                  Thank you !

                  Gillian Wills

                    Myself and himself are watching Downton Abbey too. Started a few months back. Last night we saw Lady Mary have her hair cut into a stylish Parisian bob and Lady Edith ran away with her daughter… xXx 😁😎🖤
                    (We are on series 5 so I'm informed!)

                    Jane Milroy

                      Thanks Ruth, nice that you gave us some hints on basic pampering, reading and sleeping tips and not brand new high end products
                      Sleep and tips for getting through this devastating crisis is what I need just now, and seeing and hearing you is always nice. The most genuine of all you tubers x


                        It's nice to see you!
                        Stay safe and well 🐈


                          I would like to see vlogs, I'm finding it quite comforting to see what others are doing at home because we are all in the same boat.


                            Nice to see a friendly face. Thanks for your honest and real-time chats. Feel the same way you do and just nice to 'see' you. I'd love to see more house/decor/style/jewellery.

                            Susan Bohan

                              Thank you for this video. I find it strange too, I'm taking it seriously but it feel weird as we're on lockdown from something you see.
                              I really enjoy anything beauty related but I love it when you share your stories/adventures, you're a very good and entertaining story teller ❤️ wishing well to you ad your family.

                              Gillian Pidler

                                So good to see you are all safe Ruth. I've been in 2 weeks tomorrow as I have health issues so have to be careful & we're just filling our days with gaming, reading, gardening, baking & tv/movies. I'm usually home anyway so not too hard for me in that sense to stay in and hubbies home so we're all together. Stay well everyone xxx ❤

                                Jan Johns

                                  Hi Ruth, I get a 50kg bag of Epsom salts from my massage therapist. I find it extremely helpful at relaxing my muscles and helping avoid pain as I have Fibromyalgia. I couldn't survive without it. I use L'Occitaine lavender bubble bath. Strange times hey?

                                  Mónica Santos

                                    I broke the lockdown yesterday and it was invigorating, well I didn’t actually broke but I left the house for the first time in two weeks to get groceries and deliver to my grandma. I grabbed strawberries from her garden and took another plant to my house. I feel like gardening is the best anxiety beating activity ever. It just wipes away hours and hours! Lots of love ❤️

                                    Jo Hooper

                                      Oh Ruth, it would be lovely to see vlogs – just silly, chatty, wonderful Ruth-y content. Take good care xx


                                        cool video keep up the great content


                                          nice video keep it up bro

                                          Rose Neville

                                            Perhaps a morning/evening routine? Including skincare, dinner etc (of course without showing the kids if you'd like to keep them seperate) 🙂 Love from Melbourne, Australia.

                                            Bouchra Hajji


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