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      Thank you all for the love and support during this difficult time. I’ll be back to filming and creating with makeup soon. My heart is trying to heal and repair.

      love cokkie

        So sorry about the broke up i know u feel if i was there i will hug u and talk to u and everything for u 😞💔❤

        SAN And SEN

          Bro his dog is just really happy back there- i wish u the best,our queen❤️

          Lena Klier

            I don’t think 2020 can get any worse now…out of everything that happens up until now, this is the most devastating 🥺
            I wish both Nathan and Jeffree all the best💖

            SmOlLeSt PoTaTo

              I’m so sorry Jeffree I feel you I’ve been there tons of times

              👇🏻 like if he’s not alone beacuse we have all been here 😭

              Sandie Mannion

                I’m so sorry it can be hard sometimes x

                Rebecca Gross

                  I don’t know how but i just felt it. I saw how Nate was acting in Jeffree’s videos.

                  Aubrey Soriano

                    I never thought they would ever break up. 😢

                    Amy Anderson

                      We all are already so proud of you!!! ♥️

                      Boston finn vlog

                        You broke up with nate

                        Haylee Fine

                          I wish I could just give you a hug!!! My heart is breaking for you, but you are sooooo incredibly strong. You will get through this. I hope you are able to find peace soon!!

                          Stacy’s Mom

                            Wrong time, right person.


                              I'm gonna stay positive for your both…maybe this is a time a part…a time for reflection…only you both can really know what is right for your souls. Sending love…and best wishes.

                              Pauleen Teves

                                Even the dogs were sad😓

                                just malot

                                  I WISH jeffree will DELETE this VIDEO soon….. :<

                                  May DANIELS

                                    I sort of know what your going through as my parents have split up


                                      Hey Jeffrey, i know this means nothing but i just wanna say its gonna hurt its gonna give you pain but it isnt the end its just the beginning and your no where near the end. You got this. You dont have to wory about being alone it may not seem like it but millions of people love you and we will never know the full you but we are here and we got your back and just know we arent going anywhere we are a forevers the subscribe button means nothing it only means we are pushing our selfs into your heart. So your doing a good job you know yohr in good hands. You momma will live her days beautiful and happy with her baby boy jeffre star. And grandma she is so amazing shes honest to god most likely a goddess she is 102 thats a goal not many people can have. And your puppys. People say dog heavan isnt real but it is your babys are in your heart they are still with you they havent left. We love you Jeffrey i know this is your job but definitely take a break spend a long time with your family have a mental glow up have a good year. We all believe in you💕

                                      Ripeka Golf

                                        best wishes to you💛luv yu xx



                                          Karolina Kozdon

                                            Honestly, I don't think you owed us an explanation. You can keep things private if you want, Jeffree.
                                            Keep your head up enough that you don't spiral into your sadness. (Doesn't mean you can't be sad and cry.)
                                            I hope you feel better soon! We want you to be healthy and if that means less updates, so be it.

                                            Drinkwater 7

                                              Why has he got blue hands? Is this a man? Does President Trump know about this? Why has he got blue hands? Discombobulated

                                              Grace Milusich


                                                Thea Gabrielsson

                                                  Love you ❤️❤️

                                                  Kiki Newton

                                                    I feel so bad for Jeffree right now, he is obviously really heart broken. But your so strong Jeffree, you got this. Sometimes it feels like life doesnt go bad until it ALL goes bad

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