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      We Faked A London Trip On Instagram For A Week

      “I’m in London, b*tch.” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, fashion, style, body positivity, …

      Emmie Cummings

        OH MY GOD I 100000% thought you guys were actually in London!!!!

        Alyssa Murnieks

          I wanna see them try to fake that they are in Australia

          Lauren S

            Problem is that you just tagged that you were in London in general but not actual places in London…

            XxPastel DuckyxX

              OH. MY. GOD. that guy at 5:50 looks like ryland Adams. 🤔😱😆


                Love seeing women of color succeeding


                  The FBI been knew the whole time. We won’t let it slip the next time

                  Amelia Barthelot

                    ‘Lying is not our thing’


                      “Together we have over 500k followers”
                      Jazzmyne: 463k
                      Lindsay: 88k
                      Jazzmyne carrying the team

                      Sarah Babiker

                        No one cares if ur in London or not

                        Kendall Holcomb

                          Does Jazz have a peircing in her front tooth?


                            oml i did this with my friend last year!!
                            we legit went 'camping' so we could take photos and had a whole schedule worked out


                              6:00 😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤

                              Paloma Dalia Mendoza

                                Funny thing is that Jazz is now ACTUALLY in London with ASOS 😂

                                maham meher

                                  What if someone who watches them runs into them in real life when they're doing this

                                  Delia H

                                    Somehow this video is so good and still makes me so sad

                                    Gucci Snakes

                                      I hate this☹️😂

                                      Ceara Bostick

                                        I love how Niki & Gabi got so much hate for doing this but no one else is 🙄🙄 whatever.

                                        Audrey Young

                                          What happened to Becky’s British accent? 🤔

                                          Jesus H

                                            Living her best shinny textured life

                                            Miss Shaneice

                                              this is pretty cool tbh.

                                              JAMI L

                                                Sips tea British accent
                                                Hmmmm London , that tea set looks suspicious…..

                                                SPILL THE TEA

                                                  Anybody else mad they didnt give credit to Nicki And Gabi

                                                  Sherine Victoria

                                                    "Alexa, play 'One Thing' by One Direction" 😂 One Thing music video was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the Telephone Booth. I Love Lindsay. When I grow up I aspire to be like her, to always be a Directioner even if I'm in my 20's. I wish I could be friends with her.


                                                      Lindsay looks so pretty in this whole video! xo

                                                      Caiden Bang

                                                        This was wayyy more planned out than other youtubers, I LUV IT!

                                                        Ella Jost

                                                          The people who got fooled are the people who disliked this video lol

                                                          Glorimar Martinez

                                                            The twins thought they could pull this off lol fail

                                                            Megan Allin

                                                              You see, I do not have to worry about awesome YouTubers pretending to come to my city because I live in the most boring place on the planet 🙃

                                                              rose wrestler

                                                                13:02 I love jazz and her smile but she has lipstick on her teeth I think

                                                                Mckenna Jones

                                                                  This is why I have trust issues….

                                                                  Mckenna Jones

                                                                    When they went to the museum someone said ‘I was just there’ lol that’s grate because how can you be there because it’s not in London it sin LA and you think it’s in London

                                                                    Honestly no wonder why a lot of people have trust issues


                                                                      I honestly don't know how people will still believe that you're in London the time you actually go there 😂

                                                                      ty n

                                                                        "I'm in London b*tch" 😂😂

                                                                        Jerry Elizondo



                                                                            They had me convinced lol.


                                                                              I love when Jazz & Linz make videos like this together!!! The content I've been waiting for.


                                                                                Just….. why?

                                                                                Allie Eidam

                                                                                  Super entertained by this 😅

                                                                                  Erika Stewart

                                                                                    Can't you just take a picture and drop into Google and Google can tell you were it was taken?


                                                                                      Stupid that people actually do this, and it’s sad that people feel the need to keep Instagram people updated THAT much about their life but it was an interesting video to watch 😅

                                                                                      Aanya Bhatia

                                                                                        When irrelevant buzzfeed girls copy niki and gabi and don't give credit

                                                                                        Gens Vlogs

                                                                                          does the guy at 5:55 remind anyone else of ryland?

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