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      We Faked A Spain Trip On Instagram For A Week

      “The internet is a lie.” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, fashion, style, body positivity, …


        wait I thought curly was actually in Spain alksjhgas

        Naya Jade

          Trust issues are real mate

          Shaa Xo

            “You forgot to turn in ya library book” killed me 😂

            Sonsoles Martínez

              And here I am, a Spanish girl enjoying this video. It's so surprising, I never see a lot of vids of Americans doing something related to Spain! Feel kinda proud about it, keep up the good work!


                I'm no expert on Spain BUT even I know a lot of the tile work you guys where infront of didnt look Spanish. Any tile work would be generally in Andalucia and that would be arabic influenced and way diff coloring and style.

                Samantha Wescott

                  OMG the library book face 😂😂😂 😂


                    Damn she looks like a fluffy version of Chenel from ladylike

                    Erika Kane

                      If I don't see specific location tags or landmark locations in your photos…it's a lie lmao

                      Hope Sunshine

                        Okay but if your fans are actually mad that you are creating content for them to watch then they're not your fans. Because if you didn't create this content for them to watch they'd also be upset. Pick one. 😂

                        Madalyn Simpson

                          8:49 my favorite place in Spain by far


                            Lindsay is just here to snatch Instagram’s wig. What a lot of fake. Remember kids: Instagram is all crap – do not consider your life against other’s lives on it. As/Is proving wonderfully that one should trust no Instagram ever!

                            Christine Aribon

                              Oooooh did Curly lose a lot of weight??

                              Sam Warne

                                ….didn't Gabbi Hannah do this like 2 months ago…


                                  Guys they forgot to do the time zone thing like where they post according to time in Spain

                                  The Scout Expert22

                                    Pero Like should go to Spain and try to speak with the Spanish accents lol
                                    And I mean this in a beautiful way, Spain is the big reason why y'all speak Spanish

                                    moon edits

                                      I’m going to Spain tomorrow!im going to Valencia!

                                      Kim Tae-hyung

                                        SPAM THIS COMMENT


                                          I really don’t understand this trend why would you go thru all that trouble to fake a trip
                                          Also why people find this so entertaining to watch ?

                                          Izzy James

                                            I’d much rather fake going to Spain in California than London because of the similar climates and trees. You guys should visit Spain though it’s lovely

                                            Turtle Luver

                                              I literally just got back from a 10-day trip in Spain,, nice

                                              Brittany Ernest

                                                Next video: “we faked a fake trip but really went on the trip”

                                                Dandy Candy

                                                  Hi for swapping boxes please please please do Oregon and China! My best friend moved here in Oregon a few months ago from China. She is AMAZING. Please make that video, in honor of Lucy (aka Wenyan) the best person in my life!


                                                    If it’s making you guys feel so bad then don’t do it?

                                                    Lamphia Alonso

                                                      I love how any spaniard would look at your clothes and KNOW cause y'all wearing february clothes, we had 113 degrees last week in the coast 😂

                                                      Monica Romano

                                                        My ex did this, only he faked a trip to Dubai smh lol.

                                                        Laura Cabello

                                                          Curly with that wig on reminds me of that one guy from Stranger Things who can speak russian

                                                          Boston Book Bitty

                                                            "you forgot to turn in your library book" I legit just checked to see if I did! lmao


                                                              Y’all should try La Tia Mana cream for people with acne. I wanna buy it I just want to know if it works 🤣

                                                              Lavender Hazel

                                                                I’m sorry that is sounds rude but please stop reusing ideas. The fake trip trend is over.

                                                                Danielle Berg

                                                                  i'm going to Spain as well as Switzerland and France, Italy, Germany, Iceland, and Greenland!

                                                                  Felicia Martinez

                                                                    Aww i cant believe yous lied I believe everything you say! Lol BUT! I love this video 😂 i love when curly puts on the wig and says “return your library books” lol that was hilarious!! I love maya and curly and all pero like! I hope to meet yous one day!

                                                                    Vanessa Ramirez

                                                                      Can you stop doing the "fake" trends. I like it better when you do real things….

                                                                      Micaiah Davidson

                                                                        Lindsay looks like Kelsey from the sorry girls with dark hair

                                                                        Hannah Mckenzie

                                                                          does anyone eles remeber when maya got her first acrylic nails but look at her now with her nice nails and s*** are a baby's all grown up up

                                                                          yas yogurtt

                                                                            This is becoming a series isn't it ?

                                                                            nic rivera

                                                                              I ACTUALLY KNEW THEY WERE FAKING IT, IM SO HAPPY TO SEE THIS HAHAHA

                                                                              Ava-Brynn Whissell

                                                                                i actually like lindsay more with brown hair

                                                                                Just Jesus

                                                                                  These Sanchas: We hate lying🤥

                                                                                  Me: ….still waiting for ep.2 for What it’s really like working for Buzzfeed Pero Like

                                                                                  Olivia Herrick

                                                                                    Curly looks like Dave Grohl with the wig on

                                                                                    Ninveh Shamoon

                                                                                      Omg curly looked like Dave grohl in the wig lol

                                                                                      Moe Curls

                                                                                        I wana see yall fake a trip to like Japan/Tokyo

                                                                                        Moe Curls


                                                                                          Moe Curls

                                                                                            Loved it

                                                                                            Moe Curls

                                                                                              👍 great video

                                                                                              Soviet Union’s Most Notorious KGB Agent

                                                                                                R.I.P. Cameron Boyce 1999-2019 😭 😭 😭

                                                                                                Amber Ingraham

                                                                                                  Now there copying themselves

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