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      We Guess Outfit Prices From Cheapest to Most Expensive

      Can you tell what is expensive and what’s cheap? It’s harder than you think! Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos …

      Миссони Де Грандер

        ohhh baby i wanna this pink dress

        D. Li

          "looks like a nordstrom… or macys"… honey macys is no where near nordstrom in any category XD


            The girl in the pink dress looked amazing like it was fitted just for her 💕 Curves for day and very stunning!

            Olympas Christian

              the 1,200 dollar dress shouldve came with a built in bra 😊

              Jenna Rahim

                I mean ok… this is just blatant copy of lineup


                  You used the greater than sign, not the less than.

                  Lizelle Padilla

                    How do you get VANS for FREE???

                    luna rose

                      Free clothes?! How?!

                      Jose De Armas

                        Why do one of the guessers look like Shannon Dougherty


                          buzzfeed is really stealing from cut now 🥴

                          Tracy Allen

                            How does the most expensive outfit look the least expensive?! 😬👎


                              Getting sugar baby vibes from miss $1,2000 dress lol


                                Most of them look the same I wouldn’t know anything about price but I can look like 10k with a 1k budget

                                No Username

                                  Under $200=inexpensive BISH! My expensive is $10 at most!

                                  Jade Marie

                                    Dang all those people getting free stuff howwwww

                                    Jessica Kate

                                      Lol the girl in the Dior jacket was so salty

                                      Alexa Merritt

                                        LOL she said VANS are $200 shoes😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️


                                          the 1,200 girl that is the worst decision. Actually, I retract that. The windbreaker girl has no fashion sense whatsoever.

                                          sera rose

                                            Oh man the set for Cut looks a little different today


                                              Forever 21 has EVERYTHING.

                                              Jane Richardson

                                                That guy constantly talking about ASOS does he work for them lol

                                                Vivian Ramirez

                                                  When is buzzfeed going to be original and quit stealing ideas?

                                                  Red Curtis

                                                    Buzzfeed here stealing content from Cut!

                                                    Hope Catron

                                                      we need a whole video of that guessing woman damn she’s in the kmow

                                                      Snazzy Queen Hayden

                                                        Guy- that's a beautiful…. Bre dress

                                                        I cought that

                                                        Unipanda Animates

                                                          the girl with the leather jacket gives me Abby from NCIS vibes

                                                          Maria Petrarca

                                                            Is this cut? No it's just sad…

                                                            A K

                                                              WalMart version of WatchCut… and I used to actually enjoy this channel. Seriously lacking quality.

                                                              Melissa Gomez

                                                                The dark haired guy looks like he stole his shirt from a homeless 14-year-old girl.

                                                                sofia albertz ramirez

                                                                  80 dollar Dior jacket?


                                                                    tje black dress had me convinced it was cheap but it’s 1200 like what


                                                                      Man that black dress would make anyone look like a sloppy mess, definitely not worth $1,200….. maybe like $5.

                                                                      Kiana Alexis

                                                                        Man I would be the best at this game, people always think I’m super rich and was born with a golden spoon in my mouth, literally all my stuff looks so expensive but it’s all from thrift, ecommerce, or sales, my most expensive item was 60$ and I got two dresses and a belt, it was a set. I’m great at this game.

                                                                        Stace D

                                                                          "This jacket? It's Dee-Or"

                                                                          Brooke A.

                                                                            Thought that was Tyler Oakley

                                                                            Victor Tierrafria

                                                                              Why did they say they were for free??

                                                                              Lindsey Marie

                                                                                the first girl's outfit is way too cute!


                                                                                  That black dress is hideous

                                                                                  Val C

                                                                                    WAIT WHERE ARE THOSE CREEPERS FROM?!?!


                                                                                      I thought this was a Cut video. I was sad to see that it wasn't

                                                                                      Florinda Lucero

                                                                                        Blonde guy's DadWear is giving my eyeballs cramps. And is that other guy wearing a girl's outfit, complete with belt?


                                                                                          How do they get clothes for free


                                                                                            Whoever outfit number 5 is, I think I was just seduced

                                                                                            Bartholomew Willington

                                                                                              That girl with the 1.2k black dress DEFINITELY has a sugar daddy


                                                                                                Buzzfeed steals content ideas from EVERYONE. Why are y’all surprised?

                                                                                                Tyler Read

                                                                                                  When buzzfeed literally steals from cut

                                                                                                  Katie Brae


                                                                                                    x.Brisa .x

                                                                                                      LMAOOO THEYRE STEALING CONTENT FROM CUT NOW XDD

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