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      We need to talk about...

      This is one of the hardest videos I’ve ever had to do. I’m finally opening up about my worst fear… death. I talk about how I dealt with the loss of my little brother …


        I love you so much…

        Corrine louise

          There is life after death! 💯 %!!! Xox


            Death is beautiful

            Inês Almeida

              I can not think about death… I get an existencial crisis and I block in my own thoughts… And I stay in like mambo where I can stop my thoughts and I get swallowed by my dark thoughts…

              anjil azad

                Highly recommend Ask a mortician she helped me alot with my fear of death

                margaret smith

                  Wow amazing makeup artist and person. Xx

                  Rashi Jha

                    I am soo proud of u nikkie.. Love u soo much. It is an unprecedented concept❤😍😍

                    Miss Megan

                      I feel you with all of it. Death is scarier than life so as much as I wish I was dead…life is less scary than death.

                      Mikaera Yohiko

                        oH my I'm older than nikkie. HAHAHA I wouldn't have guessed xD

                        abigail sheeran

                          My brother passed away in June from cancer. It’s the hardest thing I’ve had to face in my life. You are so strong and you’re giving me hope that one day I’ll be able to hear his name and not want to cry. And eventually be able to talk about him. You genuinely inspire me and I wish you nothing but positivity 💜


                            i think death is like anaesthetic….you go under & you just have no idea. more worried about dying than death (& having regrets that i didnt do all that i wanted, because i let fear get in the way). thats why its important to be healthy & happy in our short time. i was an active alcoholic for 14 years (half my life)…i wasnt grateful for life (depression/fear/anxiety); but now im in recovery (5 months) i definitely am grateful for life now. i fully intend to live a full and healthy life, and be happy, and not let fear get in the way (with lots of practise). thanks nikki for the courageous vid <3 i think this video should be shared across all platforms to spread awareness XO


                              This made me start bawling cause i relate to this so much. Including the death of a brother. I lost one brother in 2001 and another this year. Thank you for posting this, it's helped me a lot 💓💓

                              Mica Penana

                                Literally me thinking about losing my siblings has me bawling. I can't imagine what it's like for you or other people. More power to you guys! stay strong!

                                gökçe şeker

                                  Thank you for being so honest about your feelings❤️

                                  Miss Megan

                                    The first time I truly feared death was when they were prepping me for a c-section surgery. I cried like a baby and was sure I was going to die.


                                      Hey, Nikkie! You are sweet, funny, brave & beautiful. And beyond talented. I can relate to your suicidal whispers. The first time I thought about killing myself, I was in 4th grade. I did not have a MamaTutorials who noticed I was changing into a sad an frightened little girl. I hung in, mostly through
                                      a few great friends and strong sense of humor. I’m so glad I never fully listened to those whispers through my teens. I’ve been married to the love of my life for 37 years & we have 2 unbelievable wonderful and
                                      talented kids. 💋🌈👻🌀

                                      maya jackson

                                        i also am scared when i see a group of teenage boys. but that’s for a different reason😂

                                        Dixie Lozano-Rojas

                                          I haven't related more to a fear and how you feel about it, much love nikkie <3

                                          Soma Rasul

                                            Hi Nikkie, If you wanna know what will happen to you when you die, or where are you going, you can read about Islam and know it cuz Islam is the last and the rightest religion on the planet. When you die your soul is getting back to god 💖 love you so so so much, I just wanted to give you a way to know about what will happen to you when you die, or where you’re gonna go


                                              Whatever you do, its always with glamour and sparkle! Shine bright baby ✨

                                              Brenda •

                                                Thank you for uploading this video. My biggest fear is death as well and it has gotten to the point where at times I am so scared to go to sleep because I am afraid I won't wake up. However, watching the video and reading the comments makes me feel like I can breathe a lot more because I am not the only one. Thanks Nikkie <3

                                                Irene H

                                                  This video was so heartfelt. You should watch ask a mortician on YouTube
                                                  She really explains death as an inevitable factor in life but doesn’t make it so scary.

                                                  Bailey de Ridder

                                                    It was fun seeing you scare me and other ppl lol🤣

                                                    Ellen de Kiefte

                                                      Wauw Nikkie, wat ben je een prachtig mens. Van binnen en buiten ❤️

                                                      Slot Traveler

                                                        I don’t think Elmers glue “purple” ever thought it would be an eyebrow hit! However… it is purple! 🏳️‍🌈


                                                          Hi Nikkie,
                                                          Death was also my biggest fear for so so long. I highly recommend you looking into the spiritual side (not religion) and explore their way of thinking. It really helped me so much xxxxxx

                                                          Che Ina

                                                            I used to be so afraid of death and had the same thoughts, I’ve had nightmares for 2 years straight about death when I was younger. But I took interest and started reading into the process of dying the things you have a say over and even the spiritual world and knowing more about the unknown gave me peace. I also think fear of death is a very western world thing because In so many cultures it’s celebrated as a beautiful thing

                                                            hoeforateez /Sarah

                                                              Watching her blend is so satisfying omg


                                                                And also I wish makeup was therapeutical for me. It never happens. And I know how to do it. It's just – I feel nothing.

                                                                Zachary Zimmerman

                                                                  We love you so much nikkie


                                                                    Love this look, I am terrified of death although I do believe in the after life but there’s always still the fear of unknowing and I am so sorry for your loss, I’m glad you can still feel him around you though❤️❤️

                                                                    Napsta blook

                                                                      I feel exactly the same about death, and it's really hard in the everyday life, it brings enough anxiety for me to have panic attacks if I'm in transports for example, and a lot more… And on the other side, I also had these suicide thoughts but it's soooo scary T^T thank you for this video Nikkie, I'm sure you make maaaaany people valuable in this set of mind. And we are all so sorry for your brother, and I agree it helps changing mind about death, it's a little comforting and give hope. A big big big thank you Nikkie for this video so open-hearted.

                                                                      PACCINO e

                                                                        The part when she said teenage boys still scared her today got me deep. When I see a group of school children today I get traumatized

                                                                        Cheyenne Desjarlais

                                                                          I love you Nikkie❤

                                                                          Djamilla Dzelaledin

                                                                            Lieve nikkie, morgen is nooit beloofd dus leef je leven alsof elke dag je laatste is. Dat is wat mijn oma altijd zei.. and she is right. Je bent een prachtig persoon en vind het super super tof van jou dat je dit onderwerp aan het daglicht stelt. Veel meer mensen zouden dit onderwerp moeten bespreken! Het is iets wat bij het leven hoort, hoe moeilijk dat ook klinkt!

                                                                            Everything happends for a reason ! ❤️

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