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      We Re-Created Our High School Makeup Looks

      “Oh yeah, I’d plug in my iPod and jam to some ’90s music when I put my makeup on!” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily …

      Rose A.

        Lol Avalon is such a cutie


          class of 2010. Class of 2017

          Y'all… I'm class of 2006. Eventho I'm a year younger from my classmates.. But this definitely made me feel so old

          Anjelica Violetta

            When i was in high school, i have pimples and cystic acne as a base makeup and tinted lip balm as a point makeup. CAN'T RELATE

            Kshipra Shete

              Her voice

              Grace Thibodeau

                I’m one year younger than Avalon and I had a bright pink iPod but I didn’t wear makeup in high school or now, only for events like weddings or parties

                jINFIRES 101

                  avalon is the cuter and way more bubbly moaning myrtle


                    I couldn't do a video like this for two reasons: 1. My daily make up routine hasn't changed – I didn't wear make up then, and I don't now. 2. Because I didn't wear make up on the daily I have no idea what was trending back then and where the inspiration came from. I wish they'd used an older person though, instead of someone who graduated two years ago. Would have been much more fun to watch someone who went to high school in the eighties recreate their make up look 😁

                    Yakelin García

                      Makeup routine:
                      First a little bit of bb cream
                      Curl my eyelashes
                      A little of highlighter
                      Put some mascara on
                      Brush my eyebrows with some hair spray or muss
                      Put chapstick on
                      DONE! 😂

                      Noora Queen

                        Lamo I’m in college and I only wear eyeliner to keep my skin good

                        Karlita :o

                          Idk where the heck Avalon went to hs but concealer def was not on the lips in 2017

                          Mia Emilia

                            Me and most of the girls in my grade don’t wear makeup at all and if they do it’s just a bit to conceal some pimples. There are just some girls that really have fun putting a lot of makeup on so they do it most of the time but they are also confident with a bare face🤗

                            lee bags

                              They love using that Avalon girl yet she is unrelatable . She was the theater nerd

                              catherine saris

                                Omg Avalon has such a cute voice!! The second person ive heard today with such a cute voice but on another note 2017 is not really "back in the day" haha….. but she just admitted that it was recent

                                megan lawler

                                  Avalon is so cute

                                  Reagan McMillan

                                    Mine was jewel tone shadows on the lid blended out into black, winged liner, duo chrome highlighter, and either a black or really pale nude liquid lip until the end of senior year when I started doing my makeup like my profile picture

                                    Raven De Sayles

                                      Avalon's voice is so adorable!

                                      Shaina Gibson

                                        Is Avalon hired at Buzzfeed now?


                                          ooph. i knew my ipod was dated, but i didnt think it was "teenagers would mock me" dated lol

                                          J No

                                            Ugh don't use a girl who looks like shes 15 for a video about this it makes me feel old

                                            Kierstyn Connell

                                              Girl I was also in high school in 2017 and putting concealer on your lips was not a trend 😂😂

                                              YvNg BrAt

                                                Avalon’s voice is the voice I use to talk to my pet cat.

                                                Jilwa Ibrahim

                                                  tinker bell?

                                                  Holly h

                                                    Ok I’m sorry but just like a year too late to this trend

                                                    Cashlyn Kearney

                                                      Avalon leaving all of us peasants back at high school

                                                      Natalie Vazquez

                                                        I love Avalon!! I wanna be her friend!!

                                                        Cassie Day

                                                          Wanna talk about "back in my day". I watched sink or swim on MTV.

                                                          Rabia Buttar

                                                            I literally just use blush, mascara, and lipstick in highschool.

                                                            Maisha Rahman

                                                              Avalon is so cutteeee

                                                              Michelle K

                                                                Avalon be talking about two years ago like it was the mid-2000's


                                                                  Shila didn't deserve the ax.

                                                                  Holly Erin

                                                                    let's not bring avalon into more videos please

                                                                    Jacqueline Ashear

                                                                      How nostalgic can you be about something that happened an hour ago?

                                                                      C. Skeleton

                                                                        My high school makup look: Chapstick. Done didn't have the time, money, care, or energy to put on makeup in high school, heck I still don't and only rarely do i do mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick when I feel up for it.

                                                                        Something Wicked

                                                                          looks over at my (regularly listened, short-lived-batteried) iPod Classic reassuringly

                                                                          Nicole Wong

                                                                            Does Avalon do any voice acting? Her voice seems perfect for it.

                                                                            Mandy Olsen

                                                                              I did light pink eyeshadow and lip gloss. So dorky but looked quite cute actually

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