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      We Tried Black Beauty Makeup Dupes

      “I was shooketh!” #BlackHistoryMonth #BHM Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, fashion, …

      Mae Eliz

        Why isn’t Freddie in this?


          Mac ain’t even good. Nars >

          Kristina Bronzova

            So.. how is everyone😂

            Ishan Ali

              Just goes to show. Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean good quality

              dimana nakova

                5 views, 36 likes and 16 comments.
                YouTube 's logic

                Pink Panda

                  Shoutout plz


                    Who else WISHES they had an UNLIMITED budget for makeup?! 🤩… don’t read more 😉

                    your 2019 is now in luck łįkê âñd šûbščríbê to activate !!:)🌈🌈 

                    if you want to though it would mean a lot god bless💛

                    Hi Hi

                      LIVE FOR THIS VIDEO!!! 😍💖

                      Hi Hi

                        42 likes but 2 views ahaha yh 😂

                        Dalal Aldousari

                          Hi I was the first to dislike this vid for no reason 😂😂👌🏻

                          Goldie World

                            I love your videos!!! ❣

                            Yasmin Twfiq


                              Emily Mullins

                                Hi love your videos

                                DONKEYS RANDOM


                                  ifound the avocados

                                    wow I think I’m 8th :))

                                    Randi lambrose

                                      I got the first like

                                      Camryn F.

                                        Made it

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                                          (;Ilke if u stopped scrollin

                                          J Park


                                            Camryn F.


                                              The Music Arena

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                                                I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT 2k19

                                                I really want to hit 200followers, I’ll appreciate any sup

                                                Lädybüg Hawk


                                                  Yasmin Mouauia



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