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      We Tried Kylie Jenner's Teeth Whitening Kit

      “If it’s good enough for Kylie, it’s good enough for me.” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, …

      The Gothic Two-Step

        When did we all become scared of teeth being 'slightly yellow'? Like, I get if there's major staining or damage, but 'slightly yellow' it a really normal colour and most people don't even notice it! Both of your teeth look great.

        Davy Back

          it's good for me too

          Mk s

            Doctors actually say that teeth are supposed to be naturally slightly yellow because of the protective layer on top if you remove that layer to make your teeth look white they eventually become weak.

            Bunny button

              The black ladies teeth are whiter already , and her tooth staines have gone . The white lady hers look no different.
              These products are a scam , also they damage your teeth ( charcoal tooth paste is bad for your teeth ) .

              Skyler Wilson

                The black and white one could have been different

                Sunita Dhavale

                  4:13 directioners ?

                  Monica Soe


                    Maddie Bug

                      At first I thought she said “being a nun”

                      Kynissa martin

                        Basically your teeth are getting white because YOU ARE LITERALLY BRUSHING YOUR TEETH

                        Haslin mua

                          Kylie and kendal wearing a veneer


                            I don’t enjoy these videos. Yes after a few of them it was okay. But I soon realized they make these videos only to improve things about themselves especially their looks😕

                            Swarali Doifode

                              Doves go cooo
                              You and I POOP!!!

                              L M

                                Just a quick PSA as it was technically part of this video – please be careful when using activated charcoal tooth products. It doesn't "extract" stains or "soak them up" as a lot of branding suggests – it is an abrasive, which means it buffs away layers of stained enamel, giving you a whiter look.

                                Think nails after wearing lots of dark polish, so they turn yellow. You "buff" them and they look whiter, but are also weaker as you've removed a layer.

                                Please be careful guys! From someone who used a charcoal toothpaste for a long time and now has sensitive, fragile teeth – one of them broke! There were other issues after the break (including a complicated and failed root canal procedure, so not entirely the charcoal's fault) but my tooth had to ultimately be removed. Luckily it's in the back. I firmly believe it would never have got to that stage if I had used a decent toothpaste as opposed to that grimy black crap, however.

                                Not criticising BF as this wasn't a charcoal toothpaste ad or anything, I just wanted to get this out there as so many people can be sucked in by cool-sounding products like charcoal toothpaste.

                                Audrey Moss

                                  use the crest charcoal toothpaste, i have extremely sensitive teeth and had very yellow teeth. and this seriously helped

                                  Dana Lyons

                                    This product didn’t do anything for me. It gave my teeth some tiny white patches 🙄 waste of money


                                      Ugh I hate the title of this video, this teeth whitening kit is not OWNED by Kylie Jenner, just endorsed by her

                                      alessia perez

                                        what is it called

                                        Lex O3

                                          “This ones white and that ones black!… like you and me😍”

                                          Love that


                                            Probably not a great idea to blast your mouth with UV light.


                                              She has veneers, she doesn't whiten her teeth.

                                              Amanda Bonfante

                                                I love when people who clearly NEVER USED a product advertise it😂 they both have veneers

                                                Alison Perez

                                                  Crest white stripes professional effects works mad quick

                                                  Kay William

                                                    0:06 CRUSTYYYY 👄

                                                    Amairani De La Cruz

                                                      Lindsay with no makeup looks just like @juampazurita

                                                      Belle Martini

                                                        Their teeth weren't even yellow… Like what?

                                                        Annabelle Wilson

                                                          I'm also insecure about my small teeth. My dentist was like "omg!! You have such small teeth"

                                                          Lala YoYo315

                                                            3:10 all I know of is Thank u next

                                                            Dianne Damus

                                                              0:06 am I the only one who was bothered by the model smiling ashy lips

                                                              AKDraws Stuff

                                                                50% of the time I was dying because if the bad lip reading esc bit. 😁

                                                                Grace Stew

                                                                  I hate my yellow teeth

                                                                  Laura Wilson

                                                                    “And then you end up at fyre fest” 🤣


                                                                      3:55 they started sounds like sims

                                                                      Bree Roleplays

                                                                        “This ones white and that one black” like you and me😂😂”

                                                                        Marley McDonnell

                                                                          Like you and me gahaha


                                                                            why do you even bother omg

                                                                            Julia Van Kirk

                                                                              These two are just so cute together. You can tell they are good friends.

                                                                              Amit Barron

                                                                                4:16 😂😂😂😂😂

                                                                                Casey Finnegan

                                                                                  I have sensitive teeth too! You guys are so cute together!! How does she not remember the toothbrush scene from Bring It On??!

                                                                                  anoj fal

                                                                                    crest 3D white works for me

                                                                                    Lya The Bunny

                                                                                      She dont even have natural teeth. That doesnt make anything to her.
                                                                                      Pd: there's no pure white teeth.


                                                                                        Just use crest whitestrips. Mega noticeable after a couple days

                                                                                        cher doxtator

                                                                                          you can tell the shade started then she said she had big teeth 😂

                                                                                          Kailee Palardy

                                                                                            Next video Kylie lip kit is going to kill you

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