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      Wedding Planners Share Their Horror Stories

      “I hate lavender flowers!” Distribution Notes: Leora Soleymani Katie Hall Goodman …

      Tina Ni

        If my mother in law did that too me, I would have of dumped all the yellow flowers in a dumpster for doing that behind my back on my wedding day

        Chris IsBetterThanYou

          I don’t care how stressed you are you don’t grab and slap bar staff!
          – I wouldn’t care if it ruined her day she’d be out on her arse!

          Riley Doolittle

            Mother in laws are literally the freaking worst

            Priscilla C.

              I'm so glad my mom and mother in law were so chill and let me do whatever I wanted with my wedding. They even asked my permission on what they wanted to wear so they don't accidentally take the attention away from me and my husband. Love them both!

              StarNight 79

                I would feel bad if the bride was watching this video..

                Hani Khadizah

                  the lady in the yellow top reminds me of scar jo

                  Good Meme

                    my mom bought her wedding dress for 20 bucks at a tiny little shop that wasn’t meant for wedding dresses and had their wedding in my grandpas backyard. Some of these hoes needa chill


                      The groom in the fitst story sounds like groomzilla!! 😂

                      TaTa LOVE

                        I'm an event planner I've been one for a year I've done 5 events only 5 bcuz only a couple ppl in my family supports me it's annoying and hurtful I've helped with 2 more


                          I died when she said the little boy punched her. 💀
                          Just came up to me and 👊 mmmm lmao her face

                          6callersaheadofusjimmy!!!!! !!!!!!

                            6:53 😂😂😂😂😂😂


                              Ewo, don’t get married..Gross..

                              Diquan Washingbeard

                                And this is why I won’t have a wedding. We will sign papers at a courthouse and then spend the day on the beach.

                                Kendall Rae

                                  4:15 you're welcome

                                  Kayra Arslan

                                    The first girl looks like one of the Kardashians


                                      "i hAtE LAveNdEr"

                                      Where’s Ma Kookaine

                                        i hATe lavEnDER

                                        Unicorn Angel

                                          Mother in laws or mothers who come to help the brides or grooms act as if it is about them

                                          Jayde O

                                            Who in their right mind hates lavender!?

                                            Kayla Cortes

                                              The girl in the white shirt was cracking me up. She’s a great story teller. Lol

                                              Smileyrie James

                                                Wedding planners… the ultimate multi-taskers, diplomats, lateral thinkers, counsellors, handymen & a billion more roles smooshed into one. If you’re ever on a plane or boat that crashes onto a deserted island, pray you have a wedding planner with you!


                                                  Love the wedding planner’s voice with the blue eyes 😍!!!


                                                    The one in the white shirt reminds me of Gina from B99

                                                    Kery Alejandrina Gallareta Molina

                                                      You should do another one but with concert/festival planners



                                                        IT'S CALLED LAVENDER FOR A REASON BC IT'S NOT DARK

                                                        Fatoumata Ceesay

                                                          THE LADY WEARING YELLOW DEFINITELY DOES COCAINE!!!!!!!

                                                          Katherine Zuniga

                                                            Leora is beautiful. Im so captivated by her eyes.

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