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      WEIRD PRODUCTS TESTED ... Some of these are Amazing!

      Holy Smokes … some of these Weird Products are Amazing! xo’s ~ Tati SAVE w/ HALO DISCOUNT BUNDLES 🥝 » » »

      Zev Dragonwolf

        i used to do the same thing for a cut crease by just using a spoon… then you also use spoon for applying blush and contour under cheekbones – then blend.

        Ashley Rae

          You are horribly disingenuous.

          I've seen a lot of entitled people, but you take the cake. It's no wonder your channel is taking a nose dive. You can get on IG and whine about it all you want, but it's evident you only care about revenue. If you put a little effort into your content, instead of doing the same thing over and over, maybe your views wouldn't be in steady decline.

          The world owes you nothing. There are plenty of other creators out there, who genuinely care about their viewers, that offer far more than you are.

          Stop blaming YouTube and look in the mirror, Princess. ✌🏽

          Mark Elizalde

            And I'm buying everything you come out with!

            Kim Whitney

              Is it wrong that I'm laughing about how polite you're being about these ridiculous products?? 😄

              Chantal Martinez

                You can also use a spoon to do a cut crease if you don't have that little gadget.

                Takisha’s Age-Free Beauty Zone

                  Great video. I wish they had these products 5 years ago when I was struggling HARD with winged liner. Now I'm up to about a 70% chance that I won't look like a winged crazy person for the day😁😄


                    I also have hooded eyes… it doesn't seem to matter what products I use, eventually everything creases and I can't wear eyeliner because it transfers (doesn't matter what type).

                    LeAnn A

                      I know this is long but I want to get my opinion somewhere since there have been full videos made about her recently concerning things that are based on this particular video. I have seen a few videos from other channels that have mocked and shamed her for the video she made concerning her decline in views. They begin by comparing their views to hers as though she has no right to be upset or complain since her views are much higher than what they normally receive. These opinions are coming from actual creators who should be 100% aware of the time and dedication that it takes to begin a channel, the amount of work it takes to keep a channel going, and the amount of researching and obtaining all the resources to give helpful and useful material to the viewers. I can only imagine how exhausting and stressful it is to keep a channel going strong. She is clearly a creator who cares about the information she puts out there for her viewers and she loves what she is doing. Since when is it ok to downplay and mock someone who is putting in the same effort as everyone else doing the same job only because they have been more successful than others. Why do they believe they work harder and deserves more than she does?? Those who are making videos about this are saying their views are down as well and so is many others. Instead of these creators bashing her, they should be with her in finding out what is going on and demand YouTube to give them answers. YouTube is constantly making changes that affect their channel and even their income in most instances. In fact, they need someone like her with such a huge following to help them! She is definitely receiving a large decline in her views and very suddenly so there is something that youtube is messing with. ALL creators should be working together on this!

                      M. King

                        I'm living for the big wing on you 😍😍😍

                        M S

                          people really out here making tools to solve problems that don't exist, and tati is trying to be nice but most of these are just awful. that cat eye tool yikes, just use tape……

                          and the vamp stamp. LMAO. cut creases are the easiest most fool-proof thing in makeup, youre literally using concealer to clean up any mistakes. tati's makeup on that eye looks so messy and bad…and its tati. imagine how terrible it would be on anyone else


                            Tati you really rubbed me the wrong way with the way you acted about this video. Stop crying and learn to be patient.

                            Dawn the OG

                              Ooooh Elvira vibes are so pretty on you!


                                I was cracking up this whole video 😂 made my stressful day so much more enjoyable


                                  But where is your hoodie from? Looks so comfy 😍

                                  Bella Adams

                                    Both eyes look great!! Plus so nice to actually be able to see the closeups!!!

                                    Marie Nascimento

                                      please bring WTF back!!!


                                        nitro cold brew, good choice


                                          The cut crease tool you can do with your lash curlers


                                            Whtmat is on your lips it looks so lovely

                                            Nicole Hanes

                                              Girl, your pallete is FIRE! Blends so easy, it's so pigmented. Even for someone who doesn't wear eyeshadow like me. AND, it is anything but basic!

                                              One Tough Sheltie

                                                Tati is the greatest!

                                                Kaja Stubicar

                                                  Its pronounced KAYA


                                                    That sweatshirt!!!!!!! NEED!!!!!! Where did you get it?

                                                    Megan Wintrip

                                                      You really suit the big bold liner xxx

                                                      Johana Yamille

                                                        I mean i love this reviewing stuff but if ur not actually do a cut crease wat was the point of using it. It looked like it wouldve worked well had u actually left it as a cut crease

                                                        gaby’s nails tho

                                                          that step one was like 7 steps, a lot for a lazy girl like me lol

                                                          Justine G.

                                                            Hey ! Just so you know, a "tampon" is french, it means a stamp 🙂

                                                            Janice Hanson

                                                              Tati your right eye looks so lifted, young, and clean. It is a slam dunk ❣️👏🏼

                                                              SkyBlue Kitty

                                                                I miss your WTF videos! I loved this!

                                                                Vero Nika

                                                                  Vamp stamp is great … I used it for a loong time… now I don’t need it anymore, but it was great when I was starting with bigger wings. It just takes a few times to get it “in your hand” 👍

                                                                  Özlem Kaya

                                                                    Love love love weird products ☺️ already excited for you next launch 🙈❤️

                                                                    marnie clark

                                                                      Ok…love the second one….I need that kit….love it!


                                                                        Also, I like the tati beauty formula…mostly. I find the dark brown of all things to be slightly patchy.


                                                                          TATI! Guide Beauty makes this liner instrument to be used with potted liner, it has a bigger grop and almost looks like a loupe or something. It's marketed towards people with tremors who want to be able to do liner. Can you try this?

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