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      WEIRD PRODUCTS ... The Future of Beauty

      Beauty Products keep getting stranger every year … some work, some fall flat, hope you enjoy! xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE …

      Brea Suchonic

        Tati, I need your advice. I’m looking for a hydrating oil to use underneath my foundation because I have really dry skin. I can’t afford the farsali drops so something on the more affordable drugstore side. Makeup revolution has something but I haven’t heard anyone talk about it. If you could recommend something that would be great. Thanks! Oh and I Love your eye makeup in the video 😊

        Lauren Osta

          You could wear a hair styling cape to protect your clothing. That's what I used when I did makeup professionally.


            Damn I'm not a religious Tati watcher but last time I checked she said her and James were trying for kids and now she mentions she has endometriosis. Dang, that sucks. But there's always kids who need to be adopted if birth can't happen

            Brogan Drumm

              Salt is totally an endo trigger!!!!

              Evelina Svensson

                I have never had an ingrown hair! Never in my whole life!

                Lanie Truax

                  I love my fur oil!!!


                    i literally stopped hearing your voice after u put on the inner corner. i was just looking at ur eyes omg i love u tati LOL

                    clara ao melody

                      I'd love to see Cristine again. :3 or you on her channel. I love you twooo

                      Mikaela Fayth

                        Are the Pat glosses sticky??


                          Just as someone who works in an OB/GYN office, don't use products around your vagina that your doctor has not approved, especially if you are undergoing fertility treatments!

                          Kx Motionless

                            I actually love the red mascara

                            Ioana Provo

                              That dress thoooo' <3

                              Jaggi Nain

                                Please zoom a little please

                                Dawn Couch

                                  Makes me wonder how self tanner would look with roller sponge!?

                                  Jaggi Nain

                                    Please make a video on full face using kids makeup please😫🙏🙏💓

                                    Abigail Porter

                                      ha ha ha!! Fur oil, no your crotch doesn't need a certain kinda oil for sure! You have got to be careful about what you put near your vag, lotions/oils etc it has a very sensitive pH balance! Love the end bit about how many things do you need for the body!!It's so true though!! It's overwhelming!! Yes please to the 30 day eye thing ( after you have researched whether it's ok for it to be that bright!?!) . Since I had got thyroid issues I got TED, I still have it but since eating brazil nuts, the selenium in them have helped to reduce the bulging so now my skin is more wrinkly round the eye! It's good the inflammation has calmed down a bit but bad for wrinkles. Loved this video, thank Tati, hope you have a great Thursday! xXx

                                      Courtney Johnson

                                        Tati please try the new Estée Lauder Instant Fix concealer at Ulta!!! ❤️❤️

                                        Tania Zagita

                                          Tati i really love how your makeup turns out in this video!!! i recently got so into glittery eyeshadows and you pull that look so beautifully i'm so inspired by it lol love you always!!

                                          Sarah Holland

                                            Lol. That blush killed. Bought my first Halo today. Can't wait to start.

                                            Mnsa 3002

                                              Love you tati

                                              Shelley Tamara

                                                Yess, get Cristine back! and send her the sponge applicators xD Also Cristine and Ben mention you way more often than that because of the water Ben likes lol.

                                                m stan

                                                  your new videos are so exciting and fun to watch!

                                                  Jennifer Nielsen

                                                    It all seemed pretty normal until all of the sudden…"I have a zombie blush."

                                                    Face of Fiction XO

                                                      I love that you're never afraid of glitter. ♡

                                                      isswara fans

                                                        Contour just a little bit
                                                        Does all the contour steps

                                                        Ami Ghica

                                                          Would you make a WTF video for oumere skincare?

                                                          Erica Harrell

                                                            LIVING FOR THIS LOOK

                                                            Sheriff Lobo

                                                              Hi lady. Long time watcher, first time commenter 😊 you’re probs already well aware but in case not, I’ll chuck my 2 cents in. My skin also reacts badly to inflammatory food, and while salt and sugar are definitely big culprits I find members of the “nightshade” family particularly unsettling. The worst of them are peppers and tomatoes for me, so when you mentioned a whole bowl of salsa I was like “aha…flare up city”. All the best hun, love your work ✌🏼❤️

                                                              Robin Rochelle

                                                                I thought she said "I hope you join our clam family" at the end 😂

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