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    All Things Adrienne
      WE’RE MOVING! | House Hunting Process

      We’re on the hunt for a new Chateau Houghton! _ SUBSCRIBE: _ FOLLOW ALL THINGS ADRIENNE: Facebook: …

      All Things Adrienne

        What are some things you need for your dream house?

        Kasongo Pembamoto

          sooooo………… putting this on a vision board, what am i getting???

          Melicia Evanson

            Isreal is ' moving forward …….,' lol

            Anita Susan

              I wouldn't tell you what to do, but if I was searching for a home I would look for something that my husband and I would love. The rest of everyone would just have to like it or not. That doesn't mean that I don't love them but it's my house not theirs.

              Jenniqueca Crodua

                GOD BLESS U ALWAYS🥰😇🙏 hoping u can help us too buying our own house 😇😇

                Reah Ndaku

                  Israel looks so glowy and healthy!😊


                    Omg I'm panicking for Lana for some reason 😂


                      Oh girl. I hope I can elaborate

                      Trevor Noah’s Fan Vault

                        I'm not feeling the friend's lip color.

                        Tamara Wanjiku

                          Hello❤️ i love this n everything about your family. Adrienne lemme just say i love love you all the way from Kenya 🇰🇪
                          I feel like the common/visitors cloakroom you should put wooden sinks n plants /flowers. Or you could try white subway tiles with a touch of colorful plants. (roses, purple n pink flowers from the Jacaranda tree).

                          Jasmine G


                            Mrs paz

                              Can’t wait to see your new home..i know it will be just as beautiful as this one😍looking forward to the home videos🙌🏼

                              hermionnie L.

                                A you a fake friend for not telling your Lucia that her make up was looking a little crazy on the camera. the bronzer/contour was bothering me through the whole video.. just seems a little too dark. 🙁

                                Karynna Hill

                                  Am I the only one uncomfortable with the girl on the far right’s foot touching the blonde woman’s leg?

                                  Shelvin Moraa

                                    Too bad that house was nice……

                                    Sid Cerise

                                      When I wake up you’ll probably be at a Million subbies. Congrats in advance. 🎉

                                      Mary Koufalis

                                        What does KIN stand for?

                                        Nina A

                                          Lucia looks so much like Mariah I thought they were sisters for a sec and I was like wait what… lmao

                                          Diane Rosario

                                            She said ocd? She doesn't even wash her hands after the bathroom.

                                            Kassandra Rivierez

                                              I love them!!! Please don’t change!!

                                              Diane Rosario

                                                Pg oh they are so religious.

                                                Diane Rosario

                                                  Gated community? Just like in the projects?

                                                  Belem Hernandez

                                                    Hit up joanna gaines … i feel like you would like her style!

                                                    CC Smiles

                                                      So exciting 💛💛💛

                                                      Saniel Underwood

                                                        Moving reasons sound selfish

                                                        coralee bonafay

                                                          marble cracks and yellows, just saying. c. danielson

                                                          Chi Lala

                                                            Shout out from 🇦🇺

                                                            Abby FE

                                                              Lol! I guess you guys REALLY don't want to sell your house 😀 my jaw was dropped and I was cringing through the whole thing. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. BTW it doesn't seem to me that its a good idea to go with a "French country theme" in my opinion themes are played out and they make a place look cheap. Themes don't really tell the story of who you are or where you live. If you're in a "French country " mood….just go to France. How about highlighting the style of the area in which you live and adding a Latin flare with pieces of the places you are from as well as little French accents because you got married there. If you go full out French country you will get tired of it like you got tired of this house……just a thought. Love you! Cant wait to see you doing home reno!

                                                              Irish Claddagh

                                                                Practicality…safety…Look for long term sustainability….Israel will get older before you will A and his needs for the future need to be considered….if you need to have stairs make them less….big garden…practical and useful herbs and produce…GOOD LUCK


                                                                  Y’all ain’t fooling no one ..
                                                                  y’all need more space because y’all expecting

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