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      WET/ DEWY SKIN | Patrick Ta + Nars Orgasm Collections + REVIEW

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) So I recently bought the new Patrick Ta products & I also got sent the new Nars Orgasm Collection SOOO I thought I would review …


        This video is AN ENTIRE DAY LATE.. I know. I can’t seem to get back on track after coming back from LA !!!!! I had so much work to do yesterday the day got away from me and I thought I had my video scheduled to post automatically, but I didn’t!!! Ugh. Well, I hope you guys enjoy!’ Love you!!!!!! Xoxo

        keisha x

          you’re such a cutie 🥺

          J Jadot


            Scorpio 9634

              Lovin the glow🥰🥰🥰

              Sydney McWhorter

                can you turn your mic up so you are yelling a little less? i think it would really improve the quality of your videos!

                Ashley McAbee

                  “No. It’s not JLo. It’s just me.” 😂

                  Yi Zhu

                    Love this review!!! Can you please do a review on the colourpop new spring collection?

                    Lyssa Diane

                      Kathleen… this pink top is doing wonders for you wow and that side part looks so flattering 😍😍😍

                      Molly Tengel

                        You boobs look huge

                        B S

                          damn $300 for that perfume


                            I got the last Rio Sunset oil at my local Sephora yesterday!! In fact, it was actually hidden behind other shades. Love it so far!

                            make-up maria romnes

                              To any smokers out there ….. Idk if this one is for you guys 😂

                              Youtube Nou

                                Have you done a favorite glow products for body like nicole Guerrero just did ? Would love it

                                Hunter Cuyler

                                  "ya know how the original orgasm was a little bit chonky, kinda glittery?"
                                  …gross, but… uh-huh.

                                  Camron Thompson

                                    A girl loves a glow!!!! But damn it man fix that nozzle man,…….for that price

                                    Vishali Dolly

                                      Plzz review the Jeffrey star magic star concealer

                                      Lo Katie

                                        Kathleen is so beautiful 😍

                                        Friska Dita

                                          Love your hair 😍


                                            Not illegal in Canada.
                                            Source: Am Canadian. Live in Canada. ✌

                                            The Beauty Scientist

                                              KATVOND HAS LOLITA
                                              NARS HAS ORGASM

                                              katie valle

                                                that banes world little snippet in the end 😍👀

                                                Sumaiya Rumjhum

                                                  So gorgeous, pinky goodness😍

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