What Happened To Adriana Lima After Quitting Victoria's Secret

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      What Happened To Adriana Lima After Quitting Victoria's Secret

      Adriana Lima Quit Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show And Has Moved On. Subscribe to our channel: When you hear the name Adriana Lima, …


        Where's Alessandra !

        Lost Philosopher

          VS is left by Adriana…..and VS has already closed many stores… This company is not going to survive more over 3 years….I bet it.


            She went on living her lyf period.

            Aavale’ Storm

              I saw a makeup artist do her makeup and she does not need much.

              Aavale’ Storm

                Liquid only diet?

                nyle blue

                  Why y'all use that thumbnail like she's not a beauty icon & EVERYBODY has a unflattering angle. Y'all wrong Af.

                  Aavale’ Storm

                    She is a real person who is loved because she is a good human. She does not care about beauty that much. She cares more about being healthy., it seems.

                    M T

                      Adriana Lima, so many things come to mind but besides her superb beauty if you see her during interviews you'll see what kind of person she is after all the fame all these years. This is a person I would really love to meet. BTW Victoria Secret is dying, only a handful of models left there but WILL NEVER be the same again. I won't watch the show anymore for sure.

                      Anna G

                        wtf is that thumbnail? Stop.

                        Keyda Thomas

                          Even with the picture as the thumbnail Adriana is still beautiful.

                          Brooklyn Chayse

                            She is so Gorgeous and Elegant I am still a fan 4life..

                            Elizabeth Seiden

                              Adriana is gorgeous! She's my favorite Supermodel! Maybe she can be in the movies too! A talk show could be nice! 😘💕💕💕💕

                              Amanda Ashley AKA LadyOfFire

                                She will make more but she will value what she is doing more.

                                Can’tMiss Everblack

                                  Victoria’s Secret has fallen without her


                                    That is one pretty man. They did a good job on it. If you ever see celebrities holding the "peace" sign up, that's not what they're meaning. They're saying they're transgendered. Baphomet worshipping.

                                    Lina khan

                                      Wow god really took his time on her 😍😩

                                      Lunas Sun

                                        I'm rooting for Adriana I love her

                                        adi eden

                                          My name is Adriana so imagine my shock when I saw my name in my notifs then I realised oh wait I'm not the only one with this name

                                          Myleika Crowe

                                            Lol at them talking about what she makes. Let’s not forget she has a Maybelline contract, IWC contract etc. She also got Puma & Maybelline to merge together to create a special line. She does not need to reinvent herself. I can promise you she’s still bringing in millions. VS will not be the same without her and will loose viewers.

                                            Klouddhe B

                                              The Legendary Angel of Victoria Secret

                                              Des Mitchell

                                                The best business move


                                                  So fucked up that Even VS had a brazilian model for this long, they don't sell in Brazill

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                                                      She? Are you sure?

                                                      lissa bean

                                                        i want to be skinny & have tiny curves as well ❤️💖

                                                        Ana Fragata

                                                          I’m sure she put some money away, she’ll do great

                                                          AWESMR Satisfaction

                                                            NOBODY could EVER replace Adriana..She set the bar to high IMO she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen & the only reason I’ve never missed a show. I’m sad to see her go but know it’s time. I hate the all live acts btw I miss the uptempo shows with awesome back drops like the 2006 show I think it was? Now it’s boring and not enough actual big wings 😩

                                                            MYDDM 19890506

                                                              Adriana Lima my most favorite Angel. 😍

                                                              Night Owl Mom

                                                                Indeed an empty cause.

                                                                Rosie Sapperstein

                                                                  It’s all about how the “poor woman” are being “victimized”and “objectified” in the media, isn’t it?? Smh 🤦‍♀️

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