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    Carli Bybel

      Thumbs up for more of these types of videos!! WHAT I EAT IN A DAY EP.1 WORKOUT WITH …

      Elizabeth Dennise Llamas

        I dislike when you tubers upload videos about what they eat they have young viewers… nothing about her shake was or is healthy… you eat for your bodies need


          She said her sandwich wasn’t the healthiest…. man you don’t to see my sandwich I make and what I use if you think yours isn’t healthy 😂😖


            Love these videos ! I want to see more of your getting hair done or at the hairdresser !


              Didn’t know u have a new boyfriend 🥰

              Kauri Lynn

                I love Carly, the OG of beauty on YouTube 💕

                Shelly Garza

                  I can't believe you just went there with your TOE!!??. I'm so afraid of what you are going through??. And the Fricken Heat!!??. I just wish for Christmas that this will be fixed. But,, No, and then my 2001 Buick is not doing well??. God bless you and all 🎗🎁🎄🎀💜😇

                  Valerie Quinonez

                    We love long videos !! Especially from you!❤️🙌🏻🙃

                    Google User

                      Carli, random question, but where are you dining room chairs from? Love that it has a handle to it lol

                      Vlog Ai

                        I like the thumnail!! Thank you for sharing with us. Wish you even more success👼You deserve more ✨love from Japan 🇯🇵

                        Lungile Ngcobo

                          Love you so much ♥️✨

                          Edith X Faith

                            Haha I use a spoon for my smoothies as well! 🤩❤️

                            Paige Alexis

                              kinda disappointing to see you drinking bottled water while at home when you always speak about the environment :/ I get it's unavoidable at times but home is the easiest time to use reusable bottles and invest in a good filter!

                              Jessica D

                                Yay! Definitely do more of these. I’m always curious to see what other vegans are eating….especially quick, easy meals. 🙂

                                Megan B

                                  Omggg your cats are just so cute ! They look like stuffed animals .. I’d be ecstatic coming over to your house .. LOL

                                  Kelley Sisler

                                    I'm sorry you hurt your toe, but I've had three of my toes amputated. Now that hurts!!!!! Have a blessed day.

                                    Athena S

                                      WE LOVE THE LONG VIDEOS !!

                                      Nannie Cortez

                                        Hi beautiful Carli. I am a big fan. And I was wondering what made you decide to be vegan? Or have you always been vegan? Thank you love. You're amazing 😘

                                        Athena S

                                          YES VLOG YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE!!! would you do vlogmas ever ?

                                          Bianca Mejia

                                            Did I hear Honey ? Lmao that’s not vegan. Anyways ! WHAT I EAT IN A WEEK VIDEOS !!!!! It’ll be longer and gives more ideas ! Please please please !

                                            Yadelin Rosario

                                              Where did you order that sushi??? YUMMMM

                                              Alejandra Ortega

                                                I honestly don’t mind long videos! If anything I enjoy watching you be yourself and pretty much be you! I’ve followed you for the longest time ever and I love your content and how real you are! Keep this vlogs coming! ❤️ love you! 😘 Xoxo

                                                Simran Nahal

                                                  Love you

                                                  Cazandra Herrera

                                                    You’re hair looks so amazing!!! Pls do a video how you take care of it 😘🥰

                                                    Mariana Gutierrez

                                                      I love long vlogs🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💖💖💖💖💖

                                                      Tori Cademartori

                                                        Love the longer videos!

                                                        adrianna jauregui

                                                          Watching this as I eat my rib-eye steak! Now you know thats love when you still watch this because it the beautiful Carli!!! To each their own!!!

                                                          Karina A

                                                            Glad you're feeling better again Carli!! love you <3 also..cant see your profile pic for some reason? 🙁

                                                            Lorena Gavidia

                                                              I wish a. Makeup tutorial about that makeup 😩😩😩😩😩 looks so pretty!

                                                              Shyanne Meyett

                                                                Love watching your videos!!! I’m exactly the same way with my cats 😂😂 they own my house I give them what I eat also.. 🤷🏽‍♀️

                                                                Brittany Bowmaster

                                                                  Mmmm your meals looked so friggin yummy!!!

                                                                  Valerie Zappia

                                                                    Stoppp that provolone is actually the best vegan cheese !!! The only one I will spend the money on lol

                                                                    Jazmin Erickson

                                                                      Love your makeup. Do you have lash extensions? Falsies?

                                                                      Paige Mackett

                                                                        I love you carli ! I love how you can just vent to us it’s just like talking to a friend ❤️❤️

                                                                        shaikha Al-Sowaidi

                                                                          please, Carli, do more of these videos ! they are really good and can help me be vegan a couple of daies of the week at least or I can try it for a month …

                                                                          Victoria Farias

                                                                            Yes vlog putting up your tree! I love your vlogs 😍


                                                                              Cats on the dining room table 🤢

                                                                              Giselle Moran

                                                                                I personally like long videos ❤️ these all look so good btw 😋


                                                                                  Cats on the counter 🤮

                                                                                  elle me

                                                                                    Her body looks like it had work done, not hating at all, natural or not looks bomb. Do u guys think she had work done ?

                                                                                    Lindsey McCord

                                                                                      I love when bigger influencers do what I eat in the days and their vegans so maybe just maybe a few people will try some things. Even one meal can help 🌱

                                                                                      Vanessa Vella

                                                                                        Aw I’m glad you feel better Carli! Is it just me but 65 degrees is my normal temperature at my house, I don’t find it freezing at all. What temperature do you keep it at lol

                                                                                        elizabeth elle

                                                                                          I looooove these from you I dont like vlogs normally but yours I could watch for hours! 20mins to 30 mins is perf

                                                                                          Cairo Waters

                                                                                            Yessssss I want you to vlog putting up your Christmas tree! Mom put hers up and all of her decor trees!!!! I have to see your layout too lol xoxo 😘

                                                                                            R K

                                                                                              I already know who you’re boyfriend is lol but I’m so happy for you guys !

                                                                                              Angel Paterson

                                                                                                Lol we’re both weirdos and eat smoothies the same way.

                                                                                                noel piscioneri

                                                                                                  When do we get to know more about C this boy?????? I’m so glad your happy you deserve it

                                                                                                  Amanda Pereira

                                                                                                    Obviously vlog!!! Loveeee❤️❤️

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