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    Tara Michelle
      WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! How I Stay Healthy & Fit!

      FULL DAY OF EATING, what I eat in a day to stay healthy & fit! This is a very realistic day in my life & it’s all about balance! If I know I’m going out at night, I’ll try to …

      Tara Michelle

        WHO LIKES WHAT I EAT IN A DAY VIDEOS?! they're lowkey my fave!! what did you eat today?!

        Amy Dai

          Use a spoon and tap the edge of the lid a few times and then try opening it!!! It always works 🙂


            Do you count going to get drinks as also going out or is that separate from eating?

            Shevaun Fong

              You should definitely film an abs workout routine toooo


                Your eyelashes are seriously so long and pretty!

                Katie Ward

                  This video didn’t show up in my subscriptions and I’m MAD ABOUT IT

                  Emily Anaya

                    Classic egg, toast, and cheddar cheese is my breakfast with a banana milk shake and some moringa powder mixed…

                    Ali presse

                      Lol she says she ate mcdonalds but she ate like a hashbrown and half a fry lol she ain’t foolin us

                      Lea Butler

                        Try the sweet potato gnocchi from Trader Joe’s! Tbh I hated the cauliflower gnocchi when I tried it but I’ll have to give your recipe a shot 😬


                          Anyone else in love with the music Tara used for walking downtown xD?! <3 So cute!!

                          Momo’s Life

                            Now you make me want to try the sweet green place ❤️


                              I’m honestly much of a “girly girl” but I have to say that your (Prada) bag/purse is SOOOO CUTE! 🥰

                              Cameron Nicole

                                i ate avocado toast haha the usual but literally luvvvv it😇

                                J Rose

                                  In my area you can only buy McDonald’s hash browns in the mornings 😭 I can never wake up that early

                                  J Rose

                                    Try the knife trick to open bottles like sauce ! Take a knife and tap the lid all around it

                                    Emma Hopkins

                                      YAY omg i love these ❤️❤️

                                      Debbzz Cabanizas

                                        I want that cheetah sweater!!😭😭😭

                                        Lovee Josy

                                          Love love your videos❤️❤️


                                            Carnation Instant Breakfast

                                            samrudhi shrikhande

                                              You should do a video where you try the juice cleanse for a day😁

                                              Jenna Barrows

                                                What is the song you use at the beginning of the video?? Love what I eat in a day videos and all of your videos basically !!!!

                                                Lupe LLerenas

                                                  I had for breakfast an Avocado toast with an egg and 2 slices of turkey and my green tea 🤗

                                                  Maddy S

                                                    this is the first time that your video hasn’t showed up in my sub box and i’m so confused and sad:(

                                                    Serene Moina

                                                      LOVED the downtown transition with the "making my way downtown" song 🙂

                                                      Cheri Tomkins

                                                        I enjoy your editing style.

                                                        exo did that

                                                          Do you have any plans to get a car in the future?

                                                          Canan Kumas

                                                            Girl you need a new pan. Lol 😂😂😂 (not to sound rude)

                                                            Cheri Tomkins

                                                              Love your Prada.


                                                                I NEED to try out those gnocchi cauliflower!! Been hearing so so much about them!

                                                                jessica wise

                                                                  I had coffee cake and a cup of coffee. Of course I enjoyed it. Its heavenly.

                                                                  cathy xo

                                                                    well today i had breakfast at around 3pm at my school and it was a pizza that they sell there lol, very bad


                                                                      Wait I need that Prada bag…


                                                                        I’ve never seen anyone make those eggs with avocado! I’ll have to try it out!

                                                                        Brittney Lynn

                                                                          Great video! I wanted to mention that you should 100% get a new skillet. The nonstick coating is scratched up which means you’re ingesting it in your food. Homegoods has great options inexpensively.

                                                                          Erycka Nabors

                                                                            How come when you wear baggy comfy clothes you look cute but when I wear them I look like a bum 😩💕

                                                                            Ella Obi

                                                                              Sneaky fam!!!!!!:)

                                                                              Kimberly Mendoza

                                                                                A banana for breakfast because I'm always running late.


                                                                                  This is the first time a video didnt show up for me!!

                                                                                  Angelica Michelle

                                                                                    Tara did u get highlights?!!

                                                                                    Sierra Jordyn

                                                                                      You’re adorable and the most fun, ily 🥰

                                                                                      Stephane Pena

                                                                                        Tip: when you are trying to open a can like the marinara sauce create a small hole on top with a knife to relieve pressure and then it’s really easy to open!

                                                                                        remirose rene

                                                                                          i love the way you’ve been editing your videos !!! 💗💗💗

                                                                                          Pratheeka Charla

                                                                                            I love these videos and your videos

                                                                                            Jaime Brooke30

                                                                                              Please make more what I eat in a days. McDonald's hashbrowns are always delicious. I had a cranberry orange cake muffin, tofu fried rice, an apple and cheese, banana chocolate oat cookie, and an everything bagel and cream cheese.

                                                                                              Gabriela Bosquez

                                                                                                Will definitely love more videos like this!!💘 Please!

                                                                                                Sara Wangler

                                                                                                  Peanut Butter and Banana Toast is a MUST.

                                                                                                  Ame R

                                                                                                    Omg ilysm !! Tara!!! ❤️❤️

                                                                                                    Nicole Marshall

                                                                                                      I love the editing in the beginning! Well, the whole video but still 🙂

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