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    Carli Bybel
      WHAT I EAT IN A DAY ! EP. 1

      Thumbs up for more of these types of videos!! —————————————————————————– Hi babes!! I have seen a lot of people requesting a video.

      Crystal Zavala

        My go to bfast is bacon and eggs with Avocado. 🥓🥑🥚

        Cindy Fisher

          Your baby boy looks like an owl!! First time seeing him.

          Jessica Rose

            My favourite breakfast is coconut yogurt, granola and berries!

            Lola Hernandez


              Dee Bee

                I’ve never seen a cat sit like that 😂

                Breezy Bronze

                  And than she eats a shit load of carbs because if u actualy just ate this way u would be a lot slimmer .. being vegan is sooo unhealthy all they eat is carbs and sugar

                  Hari Priya

                    Oh hi I am from South India . Why don't u try idli with sambar and dosa. U can find the recipe in Google. It's so tasty and nutritious. Even rava upma is another one . U can cook it with vegetables if u have time. Try these dear surely u will love it .

                    Jane McDonald

                      You’re Dad when he said “alrighty then” like Ace Ventura wearing the hawian shirt 😹

                      Tatum Taylor

                        PLEASE DO A WORKOUT ROUTINE!!!!!!!

                        Lucy’s Hammys

                          Your cat behind the sofa giving your dad evils haha. I forgot you were vegan – love it

                          Caitlin Villanueva

                            me seeing people making rice in non asian way surprises me hah hahahaha

                            Natalie Salinas

                              I hope your dad is doing better with his health. 👍


                                You are so lucky you have your dad ❤️ mine passed away almost 7 years ago 💔


                                  Avocado toast with a boiled egg or overnight oats – chia pudding with berries 😊

                                  Alexa Guerrero

                                    Praying for your dad❤️


                                      Thank God u cover ur boobs infront of your father

                                      Diane Bandeira

                                        I love when your dad joins in on the video, it made it like a million times better! Also, LOVE YOUR CATS! 😩💕
                                        Was anyone else cringing when she was cutting the onion? 😂 its all good though, still loved the video!


                                          This popped into my recommendations while I was eating a bowl of ice cream with fudge 😀

                                          Astrid Manglind

                                            Great video!! Please do more. Your skin is perfect. Can you do a skincare routine?🙏🏽❤️



                                              evelyn ramirez

                                                I’m loving these type of videos 🧘🏽‍♀️


                                                  You & your dad are so cute! Mine passed away when I was 18 & this made me wish more than anything that he was still around & we could have gotten to know each other as people not just as father & daughter growing up. You guys seem like after everything you’ve been through that you’ve found a way to truly cherish each other & not waste time thinking about the past. Not all of us are as lucky but it makes me so so happy watching this. Much love to you & your whole family

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