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      What Makes Our Marriage Work?

      My biggest tip for marriage? Let go of expectations! Start a 30-day Audible trial and choose 1 audiobook & 2 Audible Originals absolutely free at …

      Stephanie Quiñones

        It's not going to feel like Adrienne without the loud and extra "WHAT'S UP EVERYBODY" lol it's the Latina in you girl, embrace it!!!!!!! ❤ xo

        Melanie x

          What’s the science behind Adrienne liking old ugly men 🤔

          Anastasia Atanasov

            Omg same!! I looove doing the dishes and laundry, i can do it all day all night, i love love love it!!😍 And you guys are PERFECT for eachother❤️

            Marrell Ratliff

              I Love Yall Marraige..I Like The What's Up Everybody 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

              Tanasia Cosbert

                I love the both of you guys yall are so happy together may God continue to bless yall..

                Ephany Rivera

                  Switch it up Adrienne 👍🏻

                  trish taylor

                    What’s everybody

                    crystal The fam

                      You guys are sooooo cute 😍😩

                      Ikeba Hamilton

                        Hey Adrienne, love you guys so much love from trinidad 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹❤❤

                        Heidy blue

                          I dont like how she doent let him talk 😨

                          Dess D

                            Love the video, I sing all Israel's songs ALL the time btw. He is awesome. Yall are awesome.

                            Savannah Brock

                              You guys have such a lovely marriage. It's beautiful to see! By the way, who else wants to see a video all about The Cheetah Girls?


                                Loving Israel's chain shaped like the country of Israel😁😁 lots of love from Israel haha😚 😊

                                Gaone Refilwe Tshiponyane

                                  I love, love,love "what's up everybody "love from 🇧🇼🇧🇼🇧🇼

                                  Tamar Maisuradze

                                    Definitely "what's up everybody". It's your vibe😍

                                    Andrea Callis

                                      You two make a good couple thanks for always keeping it 💯

                                      Melissa Rosario

                                        Love this 😍😍


                                          The way he looks at her. 🥰

                                          SKYY LOVE

                                            you guys are so freaking cute together 😩😻

                                            Sandrine Umuhoza

                                              How much do you love this couple??

                                              I’ll start ❤️ you’re next 👇🏾

                                              SKYY LOVE

                                                i’m 23 & i’ll realistically be married by 26. if it were up to me, i would already be married. i LOVE love 🙈

                                                Gloria Asante

                                                  I love the energy Adrienne's always have… you just see that she is really happy….Israel is doing well… great energy…I love the honesty.. A….. great couple


                                                    You should say what's up everybody in both English and Spanish

                                                    Kyra Shalise

                                                      I’m 17 and can’t wait to have a marriage similar to yours . You guys seem so happy !!


                                                        No, don't change. Love the 'What's up everybody?'


                                                          Love the consistent " What's Up Everybody.. lol say Erbody one day for me please. That's the country grammar in me being born in St. Louis. ❤ I don't say it now but it's so funny and you are as silly as me.
                                                          -Alycia Moustafa

                                                          Lourdes Sterling

                                                            What's up everybody is the best don't do anything weird.

                                                            Divine love

                                                              What's up everybody!!! Lol

                                                              Dorision Ngoepe

                                                                I also love love the Alchemist book😍

                                                                Dede Ortiz

                                                                  What's up everybody!!!


                                                                    I’d love to see Adrienne collab with other youtubers!! Like I could see her and Shan BOODY I feel like they’re chemistry would rock!!


                                                                      Maybe you should mainly say “what’s up everybody” but switch it up once in a while to surprise us ya know

                                                                      LaRose Williamson

                                                                        I say mix it up! Keep it interesting lol

                                                                        Brithni Chester

                                                                          We want "What's up everybody!"

                                                                          Joseph E. Parker

                                                                            Hi Adrienne!
                                                                            Hi Israel!
                                                                            Love you guys so much.
                                                                            What's Up Everybody!
                                                                            I like so much as the intro.

                                                                            Jenny Gomez

                                                                              I don't know how she fell '" deeply" in love just after a year breaking with another 🤔🤔🤔 Shit takes me 3 to 5 yrs before getting into a relationship. Guess I'm not desperate like others!!!.

                                                                              vannessa vasquez

                                                                                You are so beautiful and I love watching your videos 💜

                                                                                Nicole Damato

                                                                                  AMAZING 😍 you two are too cute 💜#couplegoals

                                                                                  Brianna Reid

                                                                                    I love the whatsup everybody you say it so nicely lol

                                                                                    Kay S

                                                                                      What's up everybody!!💃💃

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