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      What REALLY Scares Me?

      Fears? What fears? Just kidding people, we all have fears and I am no exception! _ SUBSCRIBE: _ FOLLOW ALL THINGS …

      Amar Alsaedi

        Bro I feel like Hispanics , Italians and Arabs talk with their hands !

        Demetris Sheppard

          Andrienne I was told if your trying to get pregnant don’t use Bha or Aharon your skin care! It can hinder you ask your doctor! Love you love your fam

          Liz Gomez Jacobson

            I love love love you! And I also can’t wait to be a mom and just focus on raising my 👶🏼 and being the best mommy and wife I can be. Besitos!


              Wait u till you have a baby…. you will get a whole new set of fears…. all my worldly fears revolve around my children and also my husband.


                Do a video about manifestation!!!! <3

                just jenene.

                  Everytime I think about flying I think about the lyrics of Alanis Morriset song "Ironic". And I suffer from hypothyroidism. I have to take one little pill for the rest of my life.
                  I really love this channel, quality and content!💕😀

                  Aladi Okpetu

                    You'll be fine Adrienne, thank God for your faith, you are completely healed in Jesus name. Please stop saying my grave disease or my autoimmune, it is not yours. Just say the grave disease or whatever disease, it is not yours… love and hugs to you

                    Michaela G

                      I found myself so much in this topic especially the fear of flying. I am so afraid so i almost cry every single time. I have to have alcohol before onboarding. But my fear has kind of reduced after my grandpa passed away a year ago. I feel safer, because i know he is watching out for me 🙂

                      Vergara Twins

                        Youu look so weird in the thumbnail?? Too much surgery!!!! Or botox ????

                        Adriana Bota

                          You are such a sweet person, Adrienne. Could you please tag where you got your dress/top from??? Thanks 🙏🏻

                          Breonna Barclay

                            So pretty I love you in that lavender 💜

                            Josie P

                              Adrienne i impuse to love and I mean LOVE to fly but in all honesty a haven’t flown in about 10 years so now that I’m married and we decided to fly for a trip I’m terrified because I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be in a big bird again!

                              Aladi Okpetu

                                Angels take your post… learnt something powerful.

                                Chrysta De La Cruz

                                  Yup. Your mom is right….I'm at the I'm afraid to leave my house point.


                                    I’m so scared of flying that as soon as I get into the airport I get anxious. I don’t drink because I’m like what if I feel sick or have to go to the bathroom and that makes it work. So I do pray, I hold whoever I fly with hands and close my eyes upon take off and during landing. In flight i feel ok. I also like to sit by the emergency exits makes me feel bette r

                                    Lauryn Calleros

                                      I need that playlist!!!! I want to get into like gospel music but I don’t know where to start .

                                      Fundile khumalo

                                        You are so beautiful, hope to meet you one day..

                                        Atalisa Tanuvasa

                                          Angels take your post sounds like an idea for your jewelry line. Lol


                                            I have a suggestion, prayer, request, !!!!!! We would love it if you “reenact “ an old choreography from 3LW !!!! Please!! 🤗🤗🤗 I mean if you did a whole outfit from the 90s like a whole throw back !

                                            AnaMaria Martines

                                              Never been in an airplane never plan to be in one neither thank you very much

                                              Azaria Babu-Rosekrans

                                                "Angels take your post". Such powerful words. Love your channel so much. #fanfromSouthAfrica

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