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      What Shane Dawson DELETED From The Series.. Conspiracy Palette Tutorial

      HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I’m playing with the SOLD OUT Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Makeup Collection! It’s time to sit down …

      Katherine Anne Lau

        heck i hope nate and jeffree get better 🙁 its really painful to go thru all that so lets show them some love 🙂 <3

        Dazed Hippie

          "Can you imagine being me & not having any eyeliner" NEEDS TO BE A SHIRT!

          Amy Louise

            Em im sorry you're coming to ireland???

            Babygirl Lifted

              Do a makeup class in New York 😭😭❤️



                Prab Kaur

                  Am I high or is this prerecorded?!

                  Draya Agnew

                    I'm sick. And not in the good way. The nope this horror show is staying in bed sick. Your's and Shane's adventures , along with your old vids have been a god send the whole week. Thank you so much for being you. My deepest condolences for the loss of your fur babies. I can relate completely, two of our family's fur babies are no longer with us as well *hugs*. As to the launch. EPIC! Saddly I couldn't get some. (Broke bitch right here). Looking forward to more of your adventures!

                    Amber Maria

                      Love you Jeffery

                      caryn martin

                        Happy birthday fellow Scorpio!

                        Shayna Davis

                          He walking around with a handbag in his own house

                          AM- azing

                            my mom's bday is on the 14 th 😍

                            Denis K

                              Jesus Is King and Believe the word of God 🙏

                              Joey J

                                You seem so much happier!! I'm excited for y'alls next chapter in a new home!! I also can't wait to see the rest of the series!

                                vanda soldo

                                  Hi! Im just so happy for all of success you made by years to now. I was litteraly growing with you! I was your Music and Make up fan since years now. Must be honest, i was also one of those "punk" kids, but also juged all my school life for this. And I never give up of living my dream, because I learn it from you. Im so honored seeing you growing, and remembering my childhood with your name in it, with your Music, crazy make up looks, and etc.. You are inspiration since ever, and I love you so much, im just happy that you came all way here, and look at you now, from botom to top you are the best make up creator, the most honest person, best friend, such a big motivation, and our barbie, from who we have so much to learn! You are proof that one can achieve so much with hard work and self confidence! I love you Jeffree, and I want you just health, love and God bless, cause having that you can score every goal of your life. I hope you'll just grow for ever! Love you sister

                                  Olivia Funes

                                    What is that pallet at 24:1124:14? highlight trio?

                                    Username Here

                                      21:08 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

                                      Steven Yacuta

                                        Take some time for you honey! We’ll all still be here ❤️

                                        Rachael Brabec

                                          Scorpio Squad

                                          Christina Muller

                                            Miss you JS. So good to see you and hear all the good news. Please let Nate know that we are all thinking of him. I recently lost my 16 yesterday old Lhasa Apso. Yes, she was my best friend and I miss her horribly. But, it’s nice to know that she’s keeping Daddy company. ❤️

                                            Amy Louise Aldridge

                                              Has Jeffree always had brown eyes??!



                                                Ashley Lira

                                                  I MISSED THESE VIDEOS!!!! Cant wait to see the rest of the series!


                                                    Guess Shane got you a new house with that collection revenue lmaoo

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