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    Jackie Aina

      What We ALL Can Learn from Jordyn Woods | Jackie Aina

      Hey guys! By request today I’m doing a makeup tutorial on the gorgeous Jordyn Woods. Today I’ll be showing you how to get her clean, effortless glam suitable …

      Lola Oyeyemi

        Auntie Jackie with the FACTS! This was so on point!

        Jaz G

          Love u Jackie! You are speaking TRUTH

          The Amateur ASMRist

            This video filled me with so much wisdom my forehead grew 5 inches.

            Emily Wangari

              "Why do you keep coming back DUMMY!!!!" My ribs……..


                I love how honest you are. You aren’t here for clout chasing, ass kissing bullshit. Keep doing you we aren’t going nowhere.

                rene govender

                  "Sweetie, we're trying to build a face that's going to withstand the apocalypse" quote of the week!!!

                  Kathryn Cole

                    “A Godly relationship is the goal” yesssssss Auntie Jackie 💕

                    basma hanna

                      I come home from work to Jackie 🥰


                        You’re so beautiful and FUNNY

                        Diana Smith

                          Proud of Jenna Marbles for stepping up in a scenario surrounded by people dismissing an issue and being a real ally ❤️

                          Alya Durgan

                            At 2:23 Jackie sounds just like Tyra

                            Yasmin Reyhani

                              The way y’all came through with the tutorials made me go “yesss!” 😂💀

                              Bria Barrows

                                you hit the nail on the head "DON'T GET TOO COMFORTABLE" and i don't think they truly cared because how quick they were to do her dirty on social media

                                Valeria Savage

                                  Yes! Auntie Jackie is killing this look 💗 also I loved how you made this video so positive 💖💖💖

                                  Gabriela Gonzalez

                                    Sis said all the things everyone was thinking but no one ever says…

                                    AnimeGirl 8792

                                      Idk it just jordyn wood gave a vibe and I was with her and I had patience and wait until she spoke her side bc I know the k family in fact play up everything in life and if they were real they would all cool down than have a proper talk. Even with friends, took dab about this whole pop culture incident. I step away because it is inhuman to push someone who already down even if they are a celebrity/influencer. It like who u to judge because you are not in their inner circle you have better thing to do with yourself,

                                      Elise McBride

                                        Thank you for attending Auntie Jackie's TroofTalk. She's wise ladies.

                                        Tamara’s Life In General

                                          Just finished watching your video. I agree!! Love you aunty!!

                                          Hanan TK

                                            Jordyn definitely didnt deserve this much hate HOWEVER, she put herself in that position like who puts their legs on top of a man’s legs (her friend’s baby daddy) and expect him not to think that she’s at least flirting/playing with him? Like WHO DOES THAT?? Tristan is definitely in the wrong because he’s a dirty dog but dont tell me she’s innocent because it doesnt make sense.

                                            P.S i love you and thanks for the video ❤️

                                            Almond Brown

                                              Yaaasss Jackie, SPEAK FACTS 💯👏🏿👏🏿

                                              a b

                                                "The Kardashians got money … and they still going through the same hood stuff you goin through..!" 🤣😂🤣😂🤣☠ 🤷‍♀️ preach. Although , I'd get over real quick getting into my Lamborghini.. 😏💜💜💜


                                                  You are so funny Jackie. Thanks for being real. <3

                                                  K P

                                                    Love this


                                                      Wow black women really got in formation to protect Jordyn

                                                      Anthony Cho

                                                        Jackie’s braids look so good 😊

                                                        Molly Bess

                                                          listening! thank you for posting this and being unabashed about your opinion. so happy to see you using jordyns collabs. <3 <3 stoked to see an actual informed opinion coming from this platform. jakie o is a smart b.

                                                          Keirsten Scott

                                                            Does anybody ever wonder what Dennis is doing while Jackie filming? She has me dying!!!! 😂

                                                            Briana Camara

                                                              Yaaas Auntie Jackie!! Big facts!!!!

                                                              ELIZABETH Byrd

                                                                Deep!! I love how eloquently, the woman who picked up the card, answered the question, that was beautiful. Malika…..ummmm…what?? I love you Jackie, I had never seen that scene before.

                                                                katherine ducas

                                                                  all i have to say is khloe sweetie you lost him the way you got him ☕️

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