What Will Happen To Olivia Jade If Lori Loughlin Is Found Guilty

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      What Will Happen To Olivia Jade If Lori Loughlin Is Found Guilty

      Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman College Admission Scam Affect On Their Kids Subscribe: …

      Alexa Mae

        you like my career? Gee thanks , just bought it. 💸

        Rhonda Goss

          Don't pass go and go straight to jail ladies

          Kirk Moore

            Mommy will go to the big house and come back having devolped a taste for tuna fish & fish tacos. The entited daughters will sponge off of mommy's guilt by spending lots of her cash on a hedonistic lifestyle while constantly bad mouthing mommy. Aunt Becky will return with a very short haircut and feminize her ambiguous looking hubby and turn him into a full time maid. The inmates at the men's prison will have already given him a good head start. Aunt Becky will become better know as Uncle Buck. And all will star in a new reality TV show on the Logo network "How my time in prison made my family into a even bigger freak show then it
            already was!".

            Ruth Monen

              Olivia loves ONLY Olivia!
              She comes by it honestly!!!
              I feel that her future of fashion is more important than her mother's jail time!
              She is so phony and cold…the apple does not fall from the tree!!!


                Olivia video's are on xhampster

                lucous lenard

                  should have sent her to a french school lori laughlin where she can learn french / and come home pregnant by a rich daddys boy !!

                  Lucky Catnip

                    Why bother making a video like this if you're not able to add anything new to the story

                    Megan Li

                      "fuckin' frank"


                        Do people really care? With everything that’s going on in the world…this is a non-issue. They knew what they were doing and with their elitist attitude they thought they’d get away with it.

                        Peter Gosinya

                          This coverage is as bad as the Kardashians

                          Peter Gosinya

                            Waaaaa waaaaa waaaaa she should be going to jail too she knew what her mom did

                            Nikki Constantino

                              Seriously?!?! Boohoo she has to get a real job and earn a living. I'd be more impressed if YouTube cancelled her account all together. Don't glorify these spoiled brats!


                                It’s the colleges that should pay the price. If there weren’t someone taking a bribe there wouldn’t be a scandal.

                                Chrisauntae Irons

                                  … nothing

                                  liesa scott

                                    The girl is an air head. She doesn't belong in college anyway. She will be fine. Stop the discussion. It's annnoying.

                                    Linda Stewart

                                      Send them all to prison now they deserve it

                                      Rhett Butler

                                        I'm not convinced it's that it's so difficult to get accepted to every school mentioned in this video. If you got fair to good grades in high school and you did okay on standardized tests you'll probably get in. Plus you have to be reasonably literate and complete all the forms right. And it helps to know the right people. For most middle-class students the hard part is graduating and having enough money to do it. Of course that doesn't apply to celebrities who have money to burn. The defendants in this mess aren't as smart as they look are they. They should have known they'd get caught at some point.

                                        Wendis World

                                          None of this is new info. You are just repeating what has already been known.

                                          Clever Bachelor

                                            Ha Ha Lori 👉🏻

                                            Pec Steele

                                              I am sure Olivia Jade will be okay as porn actress. There she will regain her following.

                                              edith gold

                                                Waste of YouTube time..stop feeling for the privileged and mention the real students who they have cheated!!

                                                Dina Glassman

                                                  The best comment I’ve read was… “so, let me get this straight, the kids didn’t know they weren’t on the rowing team.”? 🧐🤨🤣

                                                  Abbie Rachel

                                                    You like my degree? Gee thanks, just bought it

                                                    Garden Girl

                                                      "admission" not "administration" GAH!!! Say it correctly.


                                                        Feel so bad for the students who actually stayed up nights studying, worked hard to complete assignments, went through many emotions in high school just to loose spots to spoiled rich kids who are handed everything in life by their parents. Kids who never had to struggle to get to where they are. Whether Olivia Jade went to college or not she would have been set for life due to her parents money and fame. But to those kids who don't have that advantage, they have to work even harder to look for jobs. They don't have a set future like these rich kids do and it must be so heart breaking and frustrating to be one of those kids and hear about this being done. What a shame to everyone involved including the universities.

                                                        Dioselin Lemus Rodriguez

                                                          Bad aunt becky


                                                            She should be jailed, too. She got in the school under false pretenses. She is an ADULT.

                                                            000 000

                                                              why are people acting like rich people paying their way to the top is a new thing?

                                                              strmynghts50 k

                                                                Whatever…your not telling us anything that 50 other news program's haven't told us already!!!

                                                                Mel Gribson

                                                                  Olivia will successfully transition from YouTube to You Porn….no worries!

                                                                  Bullion Forever

                                                                    Throw them in jail already

                                                                    Charlotte Buchanan

                                                                      Stop that lie about OJ not "wanting to go" to college. She DID want to go. She just didnt want the work that came with it. She wanted the parties, games and dorm life. Her bff goes there and so do the other rich brats that shes friends with. She wanted to be there with her friends. She also wanted to capitalize on her student status for her vlog. She got better sponsors after going to USC. She knew that. Shes NOT the victim!

                                                                      kastuul YW

                                                                        Many reality shows love to have her, such as Dancing with the Stars.

                                                                        Heather simpson

                                                                          She is 18, she will do what every other 18 year old should be doing. Acting like an adult. Welcome to the real world.


                                                                            Bella was more invested in college??
                                                                            Then she should have studied her butt off to get in the right way if she was truly invested in college…


                                                                              Nothing will happen to Olivia she’s got plenty of money she will live! She and her sister knew what was up took pictures of being a crew athlete NOT! Don’t feel sorry for her one bit! Who has half a million to blow! On their dumb children to get into a prestigious university. Some people don’t make that in a lifetime!

                                                                              shelley geraghty

                                                                                What about the schools and all those who took the money. They are just as guilty. I am sure there are a lot more who have not been caught. I think the colleges are more to blame because they could have just refused. They spend more time on this news than they do on murderes and other more violent crimes.

                                                                                Gloria Covarrubias


                                                                                  david work

                                                                                    Sad, but if anything this will probably help her career.

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