What's In My Hospital Bag!? PACK WITH ME! What I'm Bringing for a Natural Labour

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    Sarahs Day
      What's In My Hospital Bag!? PACK WITH ME! What I'm Bringing for a Natural Labour

      SWEAT IT TO SHRED IT EBOOK FITNESS GUIDES!! Also check out my website for secret blog posts, stories, tips and more!

      larissa muscat

        I'm still in shock that you are nearly 9 MONTHS. Like what the hell. Where did that time go. Can't wait to see bubs x

        Call Me Sharky

          38wks in this video and I found your channel when I was contemplating taking a pregnancy test lol
          Welp I’m 26wks, (27wks on Tuesday) and your baby is practically here
          Idk if it’s youtube or what but your pregnancy flew by, mine also feels like it’s going by fast af

          Sophie Hickinson

            So helpful! I cannot get enough of these, keep them coming!

            Dannielle Andrews

              I love your enthusiasm, I’m due in 10 weeks and I’m quietly terrified!

              Renay Carter

                Take thongs for the shower! And I took my own pillow to feel more at home, which also doubled as a breastfeeding pillow

                Tegwen Gregg

                  Take more nappies,!!! You never know and even though you live close you really just don't know

                  B. Logan

                    One week left!!!!

                    Renae Mosley

                      Bring all the outfit if he is anything like my daughter. He will need a new outfit every hour if his first day with the pop and spit up

                      Harri Foley

                        Saw you have the earthmuma nipple cream, just a heads up it’s super oily and stains your bras/shirts so make sure you wear breastpads with it!!! Also lansinoh is the only nipple product worth getting in the beginning and you should start putting it on now to get your nips nice a supple haha. (I’ve been breastfeeding for 14 months now and tried like every nip product out of curiosity) xxx

                        Molly Walsh

                          loved this, thanks i am 56 weeks pregnant, why wont this mofo come out

                          Katelyn Swinsburg

                            OMigosh- Clary Sage gave me a 7 hr labour!
                            If you go over your due date, put a drop of clary sage on of your ankles, every few hours.

                            Katelyn Swinsburg

                              You'll need 1x nappy /2 hrs. They either poop a lot after labor or not at all 😉
                              I never used breast pads
                              Coconut water is the best!

                              rachel allie

                                1 week with no WiFi / data meant wondering the whole time if Sarah went into labor yet! Can’t wait to meet the little bub 💛

                                The Adventures of Jade

                                  yesss for the coconut water! my husband and I are planning to stock up on it too for labour hahah!

                                  Mad B

                                    most exciting video ever! I will be a mess when watching the birth video. so excited I could cry

                                    Carmela Aimee

                                      I'm so excited and nervous!!!!!! Can't wait to meet baby boy (and find out the name reveal!!!!)

                                      Noelle Cusimano

                                        This is the first time I’ve watched a YouTuber before getting pregnant and following their journey of pregnancy and I’m just so excited to see the little boy and happy for you two!

                                        Marnie Beth

                                          You will absolutely need breast pads! haha

                                          Stephanie Ortega

                                            Congratulations Sezzy! I want due until April 19th and I was induced last night at 35 weeks and gave birth to a beautiful healthy babygirl! Your hospital bag looks great and gave me something comforting to watch to take my mind of mommy worries. Love your channel 😍

                                            t cc

                                              Sending so many positive vibes to you babe I really hope everything goes to plan and you don't end up needing c section like I did twice

                                              Jamie Leone

                                                OH MY GOSH. I need the "no peeking" shirt for my hospital bag!! I love that so much.

                                                Gem Bets

                                                  I’m nervous for you hahaha !!! My baby boy will be one next month aghhhh time goes by so quick !!! You do whatever works for you but please keep in mind if it doesn’t go to plan ( your birth plan ) it’s ok don’t get upset over it which I can’t see you being like that ♥️🌿🌸 all the best girl !!!!! ( also bring phone chargers , I brought speaker for music , pillow to feel closer to home and bottles incase )

                                                  Heather Kelley

                                                    If you’re breastfeeding make sure it’s unscented deodorant for the baby

                                                    Claire Wolfe

                                                      I'd recommend blue light blocker glasses – Dr Michele Odent has shown how light can affect labour and blue light can stop the hormone productions that progresses labour.

                                                      Claire Wolfe

                                                        There is a fantastic video on YouTube for a tutorial for hand expressing and harvesting colostrum. Also Empowered Parenthood have a really good holistic online antenatal class for anyone who doesn't have access to a good natural birth class near them.

                                                        Jo Thomas

                                                          Girl I love you and I can’t wait to see your #bubba 💛💛💛💛

                                                          Virginia Gilbert

                                                            Oh my goodness gracious im so excited for you!! your baby will be very lucky to have such a good "mum"

                                                            Kristen Mayfield

                                                              Do you get highlights when you’re pregnant?? You are glowing btw♥️♥️

                                                              Annabel Dewar

                                                                have loved this style hospital bag video!!! much more interesting packing as you go

                                                                Summer Otto

                                                                  Loved this video Sarah!!

                                                                  Francesca X

                                                                    Gosh how the times have changed! I have a 9 year old and an 8 year old and when I was in hospital giving birth to them, I just had the essentials! No Led candles, no makeup, skincare (apart from the basics), no salt lamps, none of my own foods or drinks, and wow how the times have changed! Just a heads up, I recommend you take more than 10 nappies as both my girls went through about 7 in just one day, and you don’t know how long your going to be there for! Best wishes to you and Kurt and your sweet little baby boy!


                                                                      Labour can be long, Kurt should bring a book 🙂 xx

                                                                      Mali Booth

                                                                        Just a thought, I packed in a similar way hoping to be out of the hospital pretty quickly. Things didnt go to plan during my labour and I ended up having to stay 5 days in total and had no where near enough stuff packed! I would recommend packing a couple of extras of things so youre not worried about Kurt trying to find everything you need at home if you run out (especially clothes lol). Good luck with everything, its such an incredible journey 😍

                                                                        Rebecca Appo

                                                                          Yas! I literally fist pumped when I saw you packed the Depends 👍🏻 Best thing I used for the heavy bleeding after both my births (no leaks!!) Kurt should also pack a spare change of clothes and some toiletries. You may be close to home; but it’s nice for Dad to have spares too for when they stay the night ☺️ Best of luck and can’t wait to see the birth vlog ❤️

                                                                          Carmencita2017 Day

                                                                            Washable organic cotton diapers, Sezzy! I am 300% sure you are going to love them! Saves soooooo much money and the environment!!!!

                                                                            Katinka Fabricius

                                                                              I've given birth two times (aaaand I'm pregnant again) and I've never needed a hospital bag.. Both times I was in labour for three hours from the very beginning until they were out… In Denmark we get to get home 1-3 hours after birth, so I just brought an outfit for the baby, went home in my dirty clothes and that was it 😀 Didn't have time for snacks or anything. But I loved your video and hope to see baby Tilse very soon!

                                                                              taralee nel

                                                                                Should try get all natural biodegradable baby wipes. We just get them from countdown in New Zealand 💖

                                                                                cat hall

                                                                                  Your so informed it’s wonderful but I was allowed to have my baby on my chest for 2 hours before they cleaned her and it made a huge difference. Also for the same reason keep the baby swaddled for as long as you can. The transition to earth out of the mother is so traumatic the more comforting you can make it the better!


                                                                                    More nappies and more clothes! You’ll be surprised about poop explosions 😂

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