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      What's In My Makeup Bag? | Spring 2019

      Details and product links below! By the way, I was quite hungover when I filmed this (rare occurrence these days, I’m such a lightweight!) so excuse any …

      Diana Lee

        That bronzer is stunning!

        April Lane

          I would absolutely love to know what the guerlain foundation is like and what shade you use?? Please

          Amber Leavitt

            Your eyes look amazing!

            Lil Rockapotamus

              Ahh FFS what’s with all the ‘gasm’ names lately? I don’t know if I am filling the shoes left by an older generation but I am so fed up of it. Nars was a bit cheeky back in the day, practically getting you to blush by asking for his blush shade, but now I find these names tacky. Not into enquiring after a Deep Throat or a Bitch Perfect either. Ooh my eyes hurt from rolling them so often. Sorry Ruth, rant over and I loved this quick get ready video.


                I haven't been watching much YouTube lately but so glad I watched your video. So many good tips and ideas and I loved that Guerlain bronzer!

                zara dabz

                  i will nvr not do that lip liner trick… moving forward, it will be a non-negotiable step in my makeup routine like concealer and brows. i will teach my unborn daughters to overline their cupid's bow and then smudge down when they're old enough. god bless you, ruth ❣️ truly

                  Holly Golightly

                    Yes!!! Each new AMR video feels like a real treat 🍬💝


                      “Just draw over the clumpiness” 🤣

                      Kay Conway

                        Hi, your nails are amazing Ruth……

                        Karen Burgess

                          Just an old brown eye pencil ( shrug) …..erm… channel, you make me chuckle, wow you look gorgeous topped off with pretty silk headband

                          Christy C

                            Can you build up the Gerlain one? I saw you went over it with the Clinique after, so I'm guessing not? Xx

                            Rach Owl

                              Thank you Ruth, really enjoy watching your videos ❤️ I think I’m going to try that Clinique foundation, it looks lovely x

                              Ashley Miranda

                                This is a great look! I loved the blush😍 looks gorgeous on you!👏👏👏


                                  Am I the only one out here who dislikes micro-bladed brows? They seem alien-like. Too symmetrical and perfect. But I am no expert 😅

                                  anki gatoni

                                    Your eyebrows are natural and beautiful and they work great with your colours and features! A little brow jel isn't that bad😉

                                    Emily Ros

                                      "clowns are not chic" 🤣🤣

                                      Rebekah L Martin

                                        What is the brush that you’re using for your foundation please Ruth? x


                                          That light bronzer looks great on you. It makes me want it. shoot. I don't need another bronzer…. =)

                                          sp k

                                            Where is the brush you use with the Clinique foundation from please?


                                              Lovely headband, it really suits you. Did you find the two foundations colours were the right ones for you? They both looked very natural on your face.

                                              aidan k

                                                I hate to say it (because it’s so damn expensive) but the Tom Ford Fiber Brow Gel is the one that wins hands down against all the other iterations of products in that format


                                                  Thanks for sharing:-) I love guerlain! I am considering getting a new bronzer for this summer;-) I love your head band too! Please could you tell me where I can buy a similar one? Thanks again:-)xxx

                                                  Mickey Mouse

                                                    GREAT LOOK RUTH, THE HEADBAND SUITS YOU ,REALLY PRETTY.😙💖👍👍

                                                    Lila Blume

                                                      Great video! But the link to the glow pods isn't working it seems 🙁

                                                      Elisabeth Kaiser

                                                        Beautiful hairband. Suits you!

                                                        Jhie DeeEmm

                                                          Hi Ruth, d you change your skin care routine for spring? If so, do you mind making a video of it? Thanks!

                                                          Brooke B

                                                            the best is to use bb cream as it improves skin and it has sunscreen in it to protect

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