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      What's In My Makeup Bag? Spring 2020

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      A Model Recommends

        Thanks to everyone who joined the premiere – I'll do that again, it was so much fun! I haven't typed so fast in years! Have a great weekend – I'll check back in on comments later. x

        Юлия Марушкова

          Love, love, love your videos and your texts and your amazing sense of humor! You're such an inspiration to me!

          Flight Attendant An

            Darling tell me what SPF are you using please ? its so importants since we have chemical and physical sunscreens .Thank you x


              I haven't done my bottom lashes in years lol. Emma x

              janice gaidusek

                I totally enjoy watching you put makeup on. Thanks..

                Catherine Phillips

                  You are very very fresh…thank you for makings time to vlog during your lockdown. Stay, safe and well 🇦🇺😍

                  Joan Rummell

                    A beautiful look, Ruth, thank you! Of course I hit like right away, lol. I finally got my hands on the L'oreal bronzing liquid. Just so pretty. You look lovely in blue 🙂


                      There's a metaphor to be teased out of the whole sliding "everlasting youth" situation (says the near 40-year-old woman as she slather on her anti-aging lotions and potions)

                      Sharon Lee

                        Love how real u r when doing yr make up. I felt so crap the other day so i went sainsburys with full make up n bright red lip. Felt great lol x

                        jill francis

                          I never understand why anyone applies all the face stuff, i.e. blusher before the eyes. Surely you just smudge it all when you apply the eyes, or is that just me 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

                          Su Numan

                            Click the like before you go lol. I like your thinking. I always watch to the end but if I don’t….I promise to like first lol. You are so lovely but nuts lol and I love u dearly. Xxxxxx.

                            funsized raptor

                              You can pull it off any look, Ruth.
                              But, I still cannot get over how beautiful and stunning you looked on Chanel Holiday Rouge lipstick in Specutaclaire (837) and a simple eye look with CT Bella & Sophia light shade !

                              Meg Collins

                                When you were looking all over for your primer . . . I wondered why you weren't looking in your makeup bag . . . since this video is titled, "What's In My Makeup Bag" . . . hahaha

                                Dominique Fish

                                  Where is the bag from??


                                    "If you don't like this and want to leave, please like the video before you go!"

                                    I cringed so hard I'll never be able to uncringe. So desperate, try to have some integrity.

                                    Kimberlee Stern

                                      Beauty is never a waste of time. Love these videos Ruth


                                        Hahaha, I love the 'can you just hit the 'Like' before you do that', with the lovely big smile. Absolute gold! 😄

                                        jane corrigan

                                          Loved the video – you make me laugh Ruth! 😂😘

                                          Ashley Miranda

                                            I love the final look 👏👏👏


                                              Gorgeous and fabulous as ever Ruth but where the hell did you get that beautiful floor lamp from in the background? 😍

                                              helen allen

                                                Ruth this was great, I dont see why putting make up on while your at home is such a big deal, Ifeel more put together and more ready for the day also more productive xx

                                                Amy Westall

                                                  You really cheer me up great video Ruth x

                                                  Elizabethann Ferrario

                                                    Hi Ruth , I have just had a birthday and have been spoilt and relieved an awful amount of Charlotte Tilbury products no it’s not awful it’s how lucky am I , so I don’t need any new makeup for a long time , my products are stunning and my family know how much I love her makeup so yes beautiful gifts , but I do have a new lipstick in the gifts but I think I need another one for a change , yes I love my feline flick it’s so nice a shade of brown ,

                                                    Morgana Devina

                                                      Thank you for your wearable makeup video! I am so pale so don’t know if I could pull of looking all bronzed like you! I Will try though 😆👍😍😁

                                                      Elj Minestrone

                                                        Ooooh, that brown liquid liner looks lush. I’m going to try that.

                                                        Caterina Iona

                                                          You always get a big LIKE from me Ruth, just before I watch the video because I am always sure I am going to like it. Beautiful fresh makeup to suit your beautiful face. Well done and thanks for sharing xx

                                                          Strawberry 1

                                                            I still love putting on a bit of make up every day. It just cheers my soul. A bit of foundation, mascara and red lippy and I feel like a new loo!

                                                            Vivian Lamonica

                                                              I was all set up to watch you live and then my boss decided we had to have yet another meeting at the same time. But now alas I am watching! I love when you do videos!

                                                              Susan Jones

                                                                Oh I love your videos, you are so down to earth and genuine…..the random singing…….so funny

                                                                The Birch Tree

                                                                  I will never get tired of these chatty makeup videos 😁. Your eyes looked great, Would you say that the eyeshadow palette is worth getting? I’m looking for a good neutral eyeshadow palette (it would be my first and only), and I just want to make sure it’s a good one since I’m not planning on getting any more. Thanks.

                                                                  Jane Mackrell

                                                                    You’re a scream! I would have loved to see you use the Chanel bronzer as I was given one and don’t know what the hell to do with it (I’m 62 – I was brilliant at doing my makeup in 1976 – everyone commented – but nowadays I don’t get the same effect. Maybe I watch too many makeup videos 😉)


                                                                      You look beautiful, Ruth. Stop fussing! Hope all are well and TFP : )

                                                                      Ace Hardy


                                                                        Katie Metcalfe

                                                                          I never get bored Ruth and always click the like. I like the perk up from makeup during this time. Take care.

                                                                          IEVA Kambarovaite

                                                                            Now that is lovely. You look gorgeous. Thanks for mentioning that after all these years you still find it odd talking to a camera. It takes me hours and sometimes days to prepare myself emotionally when I have to film stuff 🙂


                                                                              I so needed something light and fun today! Thanks, Ruth!

                                                                              Katie Smith

                                                                                I don’t understand how people forget about blush, that’s prob cuz I’m really pale and look dead without it though! I hardly ever use bronzer unless it’s summer or I’ve fake tanned really x

                                                                                Lynne Wilson

                                                                                  I don't know where you get the energy from. This sitting around doing nothing is so tiring.

                                                                                  Fotojournalist Anna Dorthe Olesen

                                                                                    I always love to see what kind of makeup you have in your makeupbag, Ruth! I gave your video a big like <3

                                                                                    Rachel Warrilow

                                                                                      you are fab!

                                                                                      Jude Gould

                                                                                        So gorgeous and amusing as usual !!😀

                                                                                        Samantha Beer

                                                                                          Hi Ruth, just wondered if you’d come across the Westman Atelier make up range by the A listers make up artist Gucci Westman? Only just come across it and wondering if its worth splurging to try it? I’ve read good things but would like an honest opinion before I re-mortgage the house to buy some


                                                                                            I love you and all yr contents ❤️

                                                                                            Angie Churchill

                                                                                              Ooh this is fun! Like the “live” aspect! X

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