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      What's In My Makeup Bag? | Summer 2019

      This came around quickly! Here’s what I’ve genuinely got in my makeup bag this season – some new stuff but a lot of old favourites! Ruth xx AD info: this is not a …

      Sarah Hedges

        Love this, just love your personality and honesty. Can I ask what the brush was you applied the foundation with as that looked like a brilliant brush for application? X


          Sorry if I missed it, but will you please identify the make-up bag. Thank You.


            Really like the Guerlain bronzer and the cream pink blush is so pretty.


              You are such a genuine soul! I love watching your videos 🙂


                Every summer I live for your easy makeup looks and simple makeup bag videos <3

                Mary Connors

                  Beautiful look, Ruth! What foundation brush were you using?

                  chocola vanilla

                    I admire your fantasy that you describes when using the bronzer. ❤ Estee Lauder's sensuous nude perfume did the same thing to me as well. 😉

                    French Classes from LogicLanguageLearning

                      noooo do not cute the hair GROOOOW the hairx

                      Nims Holliday

                        Hi Ruth. What colour do you have in the brow flick. I have light eyebrows like you but crave that darker brow life! Thanks

                        Jills Bills

                          1 of my very 1st YT subs & I could still listen to you all day Ruth xxx

                          Elizabeth Paredes

                            Love you !! Love love your makeup tutorials!!


                              My, but what a rich fantasy life you have, Ruth! When I apply my makeup I just fantasize that I'm not looking like a typhus patient. This was a flawless application of very flattering makeup; TFP : )

                              Kimberlee Stern

                                I love watching you doing your makeup. And I could not agree more about Trinny’s energy and I love her makeup line. It was real feel 97F in NYC yesterday. I was melting inside but looked great, thanks to her brilliant cream formulations.

                                Vulgar Beauty

                                  Looooooove a what’s in my makeup bag 🥰😍

                                  Robin Mcclain

                                    Denat alcohol in the foundation I would never put it on my face!!


                                      Your make up looks beautiful on you. Very natural, yet enhances your lovely features. I just ordered the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Dance Floor Princess. I got to swatch it in Nordstrom's and it looks so pretty. Thank you for posting this What's in my Make up Bag video! Have a lovely week! xo, Karen

                                      Valerie Moitoso

                                        Love watching you do your makeup Ruth, so fresh and natural. Gorgeous as always. Please more makeup videos! 😊💕

                                        April Garnett

                                          LOL I adore the very detailed guerlain fantasy

                                          Pencilfriend Paperscribbler

                                            I think your videos are so much nicer than Trinny's. To me, her demeanour reads as a performance, and it's rather exhausting. Of course videos are performance, however, getting your mascara on your dress winningly natural!

                                            jane corrigan



                                                Thanks for giving me an idea for how to use the gap in my teeth lol. Love the look of the Suede palette. Emma x


                                                  I’m loving Trinny’s Electra flush blush & Wiggs. Have spent an inordinate amount of time before I’m out of bed in the morning watching her Instagram stories, or whatever they are called. Watching her lift free weights in the house I’d love to see the entirety of 😉 is much more fun than actually doing it myself … although I do eventually get around to it.

                                                  Skye Farhoudi

                                                    MASCARA ON MY WHITE DREEEESSSSSS. That wouldn't have happened on a yacht overlooking Saint Tropez, I can tell you that.

                                                    Skye Farhoudi

                                                      I love your personality. You are so fun to watch. I feel like I know you through YouTube, you are so genuine and real. It is so conversational.. Love it!

                                                      Jenny Bolter

                                                        really pretty makeup, love the eye colour, I use the UBU no. 36 a small domed smokey eye brush it's smaller and perfect for using eye shadow as a liner btw your hair looks glossy, cheers Jenny

                                                        Ida Laursen

                                                          Perusing The amodelrecommends.com blog a bit you can actually find a review of Ruth’s fantastic looking foundation brush – it is from Rodial and is called The Airbrush Foundation brush.
                                                          You can find her review here: https://www.amodelrecommends.com/rodial-airbrush-foundation-brush/

                                                          Karyn Meyer

                                                            What’s the brush you use for foundation. It looks lush!!!


                                                              Yes, Please does anyone know what foundation brush Ruth is using? Thanks.

                                                              anki gatoni

                                                                We get Old Hollywood vibes from this hair and make-up ! Thank you for the tip for the corner of the eye 😉

                                                                Rachel Parker

                                                                  The guerlain one is sooo much more gorgeous in colour also !!


                                                                    What's the brush you use to apply the foundation? Thanks 🙂

                                                                    Jodie Bartholomew Oates

                                                                      So funny always enjoy watching you

                                                                      Susan Smith

                                                                        Love your channel Ruth, can you please help me I am very allergic to foundations with SPF can you recommend one or two without any SPF'S light to medium coverage? anything but heavy coverage is fine, I am self conscience and would like to use a foundation very much appreciate any help!! Thank you!!🌷🌸🌷🌸🌷🌸🌷🌹🌺🌸🌷


                                                                          What was the foundation brush?

                                                                          C Mulvenna

                                                                            Lovely video!

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