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    All Things Adrienne

      What's In My Work Bag?

      I love big bags and I can not lie! I’m showing you everything I take with me to work. Get started with 8 free meals – that’s $80 off your first month of HelloFresh.

      R.I.P. Kilo

        Adrienne I was watching one of the episodes on The Real and you mentioned that you would probably love your "lit kids" more than your own. I think you don't know how much you are worth. You're young, beautiful, and rich and you're settling too soon. I hope you don't get hurt in the future. In your past relationship with Lenny, you mentioned that you never liked affection, holding hands , kissing in public because Lenny never gave you that until you got with Israel. I can imagine what goes through your mind when you are married to the man you love and he has kids with 3 other women. If you have kids, I hope you can learn to love your kids just as much. I think you haven't gave yourself enough time for yourself, being single without dating anyone, to know what exactly you deserve and what you want. I hope he doesn't hurt you. I hope you will be able to really find the man of your dreams , someone who doesn't have kids and truly loves you. I hope the fact that Israel is part of church and sings worship music doesn't make you blind.

        america usa

          I wish I could drink turmeric and ginger shots on empty stomach, it gives me very bad stomach pain 😔 but I try to take it after I eat lunch

          chalitti bayu

            Thank God I am living in a country where I don't have to take my husband's name and no struggle even if I have to marry 7 of them lol. I will only take my father's till death. I am from Ethiopia ET

            Britni Mings

              It didn’t take me long lol like a month and I say a month because they mail things to you. I was so ready and excited to change everything. Idk maybe that’s just me 😂

              Estefani C

                Love this video .I laughed so much watching this, love her honesty.

                Samira Nurani

                  I recommend not to change names

                  Amilkar Luis

                    Tell to Jeannie Mai if she Ready like Kahi Lee toó come to Tijuana on Saturday at 10am is the best hour to see as cause no people is emti and better toó find as in Praga Café Bistro Stella Artois hope see as atte Amilkar Luis Flores tu Amigó y partner

                    Ima KeepItReal

                      Adrienne be doing too much in the morning. Ain't nobody got time for that!

                      Aimee Pena

                        I cannot wait to see you at Women Evolve!!!

                        Carmen Monroee

                          Literally took me a week to change everything to my married name lol

                          Jessica Huynh

                            Took me two weeks to change my last name. DMV was the worse part.

                            Angelica Somewhat Vlogs

                              Cayenne- Metabolism.
                              Bout to be snatched

                              Kasie Wyckoff

                                Where do you get your shots from?

                                Whit K

                                  Adrienne is so cute lol

                                  Sabrina Calder

                                    I love love love Adrienne ❤️

                                    LaNae Turner

                                      it took me almost a year to change my name on everything after we got married and I'm still not done yet

                                      Andy Beers

                                        Those nails tho, muy perfection


                                          I’m Muslim when we get married we keep our fathers name… so no drama of name changing…

                                          Anna’s Vlogs

                                            It took me a year to change everything in my new married name after I got married.

                                            Elsie Abri

                                              Could you do a video of your faith and what you like to study in your bible ☺️

                                              Monica Elizondo

                                                That bag😍😍😍😍

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