What’s the deal with this Milani Screen Queen foundation?!

Main What’s the deal with this Milani Screen Queen foundation?!

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      What’s the deal with this Milani Screen Queen foundation?!

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here’s a video where I try out the new Milani Screen Queen foundation as well as the Salt n Peppa collection and give you my …

      Lori Fearless

        I started "I am not okay with this" and it's SO GOOD. Also "Trinkets" was really good, but there's only one season so it doesn't take very long to get through.

        Shareena Buan

          PEAKY BLINDERS!!!

          Oklahoma Proud

            The mr Krabs cameo had me rollin

            araceli de anda

              Kim's Convenience is such a good show!


                "Leftovers", "His dark materials" from HBO


                  The bumps on your face can be from stress. This quarantine is stressful.

                  Nadia Garcia

                    The show "You" is very good always has you at the edge of your seat!

                    Alicia Scoblic

                      Did you watch Wentworth?!?! Jessica Jones?


                        That mr. Krabs insert tho!! LOL

                        Annamarie Duffy

                          I recommend The Sinner, Imposters, and The Stranger on Netflix. Not ones you hear a lot about, but they’re so good!


                            Gentefied on netflix is so good! It’s in spanglish & it highlights hispanic culture. It’s funny & relatable as fellow hispanics 💓

                            Jasmin Coffee

                              I liked White Collar and Falling water recently. They are both for free on amazon prime. Stay healthy kathleen 🌸

                              Ally Nix

                                V wars on Netflix!

                                Ginger Christmas

                                  Kathleen, I LOVE the way you describe scents in detail! Makes me happy because I describe stuff like that and makes me laugh too 😉

                                  Ella Fox

                                    Watch The Americans. It’s on Amazon prime and the show is finished so you can watch it all, which is awesome. I loved it, just finished the last season on Sunday. Amazing show

                                    Tarah Garibay

                                      The OA on Netflix

                                      Karima C.R.

                                        Not sure if it is still on Netflix but watch “one day at a time ,” it’s a remake but takes place with a cuban family.

                                        Amber Kilpatrick

                                          I LOVED The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina! If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s great!

                                          Claire Ko

                                            You should watch White Collar!! It’s the perfect blend of wit and drama

                                            Elizabeth Woo

                                              Queen of the south!

                                              Snjezana Petrović

                                                "Brooklyn 99", "That 70's show", "Lost in Space", "Umbrella Academy "….

                                                Manon R.

                                                  Kathleen you need to watch Bates Motel

                                                  Clara Bonnlander

                                                    Definitely recommend Bodyguard on Netflix!


                                                      This makeup looks fire on you 😍🔥


                                                        I loved the "Virgin River," series on Netflix.

                                                        Ashley Taylor

                                                          I lost it when you inserted the Mr. Krabs scene as you were smelling the foundation. 🤣🤣🤣

                                                          Gabby Aguilar

                                                            You should definitely check out the Netflix series called “On my block” 😉

                                                            Iris Ramirez


                                                              Trisha Adeba

                                                                Really loved the series Mindhunter on netflix!!

                                                                Mel Bronsgeest

                                                                  You NEED to watch "Crash Landing on You"!! 💕

                                                                  farah safirah

                                                                    Elite and Good Girls!!!!

                                                                    Rachel Elizabeth Joy

                                                                      You should watch chilling adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. Btw you’re my fav YouTuber!💕😘

                                                                      Ferniiee Emm

                                                                        Money Heist is a must on Netflix !!!!!

                                                                        Joy Grace

                                                                          Kathleen please watch Crash Landing On You! Idk if you’ve watched kdramas before but it’s different and soooooo well done 🥺💜


                                                                            Killing eve, downton abbey, brilliant friend

                                                                            Nicole Bye

                                                                              Have no shame in your skin color game!! I’m actually whiter that you and I’m a happy camper with my Snow White skin 🙂


                                                                                One day at a time! ❤️

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