Where did I move to?!

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      Where did I move to?!

      Monalisa Reyna

        gotta love OC ❤️❤️❤️

        Afiqah Rozali

          Please do more vlogs of your daily life! I love it!

          Maitri Halappa

            hiii!! i just wanted to ask which color eyeliners do you use bc i LOVE all your looks! 🥰


              Go to tasty garden! It’s hk food 👍🏻

              Sasha Yap

                Beautiful vlog Karen ❤️😊! There are so many aspects of our character that we can love on. I hope you continue to heal and that blessings come your way for this new chapter in your life.


                  RuPaul: "If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else?"

                  angelina g.

                    yohhhh that first shot of calgary had me hoping she was gonna move here

                    Alaska White

                      wait why was Calgary, AB, Canada the first frame lmaooo I was so excited to run into you

                      Tori Wood

                        i live near the spectrum wooooo OC is awesome!!!

                        Mimi Barragán

                          Hello Karen, you look so full of light and love. I feel happy because you look so happier and more excited than before. You are so inspiring, i wish you the best with all my heart <3

                          Fer C.

                            Do a closet clean out please!!! 😵


                              I thought you were Korean this entire time but you’re canto ?! And you speak it perfectly ?! 😍

                              J WONG

                                awww your dog is so cuteeee

                                Areana Sanchez

                                  your doggie is adorable


                                    ily but honestly i couldnt even watch i was getting so dizzy :c i still dont know where you moved to LOL maybe in the next one :'o

                                    Tameless Style

                                      I want to write a love letter to myself too after Jenn's video! It was super healing just watching her talk to herself, i wonder if I even have the strength to say something positive about myself :/

                                      Ana Wayne

                                        I prefer the other videos where you open yourself to us, this one is the typical capitalistic life of influencers😖

                                        Ariska Pue

                                          Hey may I ask, where is hiro n luna?


                                            You have a very sexy walk (01:26)

                                            Style ISH

                                              Love the first top you were wearing

                                              Sha -chan

                                                She keep it juicy juicy I eat that lunch 🍒🍒

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