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      Who's DUMB ENOUGH to SPEND $500 on a DYSON FLAT IRON?

      Who’s dumb enough to spend $500 on a Flat Iron, well … that would be me. Let’s see if it works, hope you enjoy today’s video. xo’s ~ Tati ✓ P R O D U C T S …

      tomás Ramos

        8:14 my after i use la mer cream once

        s dee

          I have waist length curly hair and I take an hour to straighten my hair 😭


            Hi Tati, your hair always looks so sleek and shiny. What products do you use?💁‍♀️💇‍♀️ (Or does anyone here know?) Anyway, thanks for always putting a smile on my face with your videos en kindness. Lots of love from the Netherlands ❤🌹


              Oh god it takes me 1 hour, i have curly hair, it sucks but the result is beautiful. 🤩


                YOU stay over there with them.

                Lina Davidsson

                  Tiktok @linaojay

                  Kim Cremer

                    When will your eyeshadows be back in stock?


                      i havent watched youtube in a while but can I just say tati you look as beautiful as ever

                      chelsea Moon

                        that much for a flat iron it better do my laundry and clean my house and make dinner every night

                        Yashashree Jadhav

                          30 mins would so not be enough for me! It takes me a full hour to get some semblance of straightness in my hair!

                          Zanaeja Dandy


                            Princess Mimi The Pug

                              30mins on 1 charge! my hair is down to my thighs it takes me well over an hour to straighten it, I'll stick to my GhDs❤️

                              Crna Duša

                                I just give you a like for the funnie heading and thumbnail! 😂👌🏼❤️

                                Goforth & Be beautiful

                                  Hair looked exactly the same to me 🤷‍♀️


                                    Uhhh 30 minutes is not enough, I can do a decent job in 20 min but when I go to the salon they last around 40 min…

                                    serena bae

                                      Ahhh now I realise how tati lowkey shade people and products that are more successful then hers . Cleaver

                                      Monica Lohanel

                                        it's heavy because it has batteries…

                                        Amanda Taylor

                                          Try Lume

                                          dominick lucido

                                            Omg I haven’t watched one of your movies in so long. I lost my job but I’ve been staying at home. Good to catch up on vids


                                              I'm not interested in the flat iron but I do love your necklace.

                                              Jimmy Duvall

                                                You look great with both curly and straight like neither one is bad but I think you look a lot better with straight hair


                                                  I was hoping Tati to call bullshit on this as she usually does. I think she didn't want people attacking her like her first Dyson review. Her hair didn't even look that nice and she has awesome hair. That curl was an atrocity and she usually always have such sexy curls. I can easily afford this product but its hella dumb & that's why I'm not buying. Too pricey for something that is too mediocre

                                                  Ji Hu

                                                    Dyson’s lead nurturing campaign is even better than its product.


                                                      Me 🙋🏻, i will buy it, but i dont consider myself dumb 🤔. Only because i love investing into things that will last longer. I bought the dyson airwrap set and obsessed and saves me money from going to the salon (i do still go to the salon for a pampering day). No one wants to spend that kind of money on tools, but for me i know this iron will last me probably for as long as i can curl my hair lol. Thanks for the tutorial. Im super excited for it.

                                                      Elisa Roura

                                                        Take a shot for every step THE BEST TUTORIAL!!! You like wine right?!?!


                                                          How do you go in for a haircut and not realise someone is dyeing your hair…………………

                                                          Maddy Coleiro

                                                            This is such an annoying "straightening" tutorial omg please learn to section and to run a comb through your hair whilst straightening 😂😂 also the roots and a heat protectant ALWAYS

                                                            Color_And_Contour_Me_Christy Christy

                                                              I always love you. But the fact you d are promoting a $500 flat iron in times like this?! Mmm… girrrrl. Insensitive AF

                                                              Andreea Nicolae

                                                                This flatiron is for someone who doesn’t have curly hair🙈 because for me the ghd or nume always worked better…save your money👍🏼

                                                                Angelika G

                                                                  When she said, “oh, shoot. That was nice,” it gave me total bridesmaids vibes 😂 love you, Tati ❤️

                                                                  Sierra Raychel

                                                                    Quarantine's got me talking to Tati through the screen

                                                                    Laura Fernanda Ochoa-Rincon

                                                                      Not the best thing to post when 10 million are out of jobs and are now left with no income. But sure let’s tout about buying a straightener worth almost half of most people’s monthly salary.

                                                                      Kelley Sisler

                                                                        No way for the money, I get straight hair with my conair just as good as this. I would never spend that kind of money on a hair straightener. Sorry my opinion.

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