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      Please be kind to one another, I will come back soon. I love you guys. xo’s ~Tati.

      Lara Krt.

        Tati you’re a really strong woman ❤️

        Anikka Lockwood

          She protecc
          She attacc
          But most importantly
          She makes a big impacc

          Mia’s Choice

            James needs Shane's Intervention…and jeffrey and tati intervention, all together! (no cams) !
            And probably medical mental help too :/

            Be strong both of you <3




                We can all see that you care for him but you lost some hope in him because of his actions. I’m so sorry that you felt you couldn’t come through to him in private and you finally had enough. We can see that you do this from a point where you care for James enough to want him to do better.


                  14:40 someone finally understood the rules of the game she would do the best apology if she had to

                  Ginger Clark

                    Well saidTati♥️

                    Hollie Potter

                      her voice is so soothing


                        we love u tati stay strong girl <3

                        solayka emers

                          You saw James acting the hole time and maybe you had a problem with it but didn’t come public with it but now that it hurt your pocket everybody need to know … come now


                            Congrats on 10 million beautiful. Keep being the strong, responsible, mature, beautiful person you are.

                            Jonny Turnbull

                              Yeah… but, he still isn’t a great person, lets be honest. He broke a trust, it sounds like he totally used you, and took advantage of you….

                              It’s great you’re being so humble, and asking people to stop being disrespectful towards James, but he made his bed, so I hope he’s having a nice nap. 🙄

                              Nawal Bhatty

                                NO ADDDSSSSSS

                                AYYYYYYYYY AYYYYYY AYYYYYY

                                Auburn Radke

                                  Will always be proud of you. You deserve a break and I hope you get some.. We'll be here when you're ready to come back. Love you

                                  Anjelica Vega

                                    Tati, you need to know that YOU did not cause all this hate.. you spoke your peace and maybe it could have been handled differently, but its done. The world is full of hate and the negativity towards James is just blown up because of how much people love you. People choose sides all the time, that is uncontrollable. Living in the public eye is probably the hardest job for you all and we just try to understand. Chin up beautiful 😘

                                    Alex Kostas

                                      Tati i was on James side for so long but now im on no ones side i didn’t like that you made the last video but when I saw this video I was so happy you’re so nice and I hope you too can figure it out and be friends again cause you guys have known each other for so long and I hope you can still be friends 💞

                                      Chloe Bull

                                        You was trying to protect him from Himself you tried to tell him he didn’t want to listen there’s only so much you can do as a friend real friends tell the truth no matter how much it hurts the other person .if you are trying to look out for them x


                                          This is legit just a battle of two youtubers making videos of themselves talking really slowly to make themselves seem sad 😂

                                          Camila Castillo

                                            VIS TI MA VIS TI MA


                                              I support you much more for making this video it shows me how of a great person you are God Bless you much love

                                              70 crores rupees


                                                Read the fourth word 💯🔥🥇🔥💯

                                                Music Tunes

                                                  I feel you ❤️

                                                  Loretta Moon

                                                    You can’t unring a bell. The damage is done.


                                                      Man Tati I was crying with you during this video. Today I walked out of my job that I HATED so much. I held it in the tears, but seeing you cry made my water works full blast. Sometimes you got to make it public for someone to really understand their behavior. Take a break. Those who were there before all this still be here and beyond happy to see you back. Will definitely enjoy the pre recorded videos while you're on break tho.🖤


                                                        It's ironic to see: Tati caused James Charles to go up, and then now, to go down.

                                                        hannah ormsby

                                                          You made video highlighting his sexual predatory behaviour…..but don’t want people to hate on him? Not really how it works

                                                          Rossi Gamer

                                                            This is why i love you tati. You even after all of this genuinely are still kind and still asking people to be kind to james. What a queen. take as long as you need to heal. we all love you xxx

                                                            Nicky Barrington

                                                              Stay strong and believe in yourself we all love you for the amazing woman you are sending you love and hugs 🤗 xx

                                                              Viphre Meze

                                                                Shut up…. You do really know how to act… Attention seeker… All you know what to do is bring people down and you only to do better then James… You are full of jealous

                                                                k smith

                                                                  Tati, your just trying to make him pay for not throwing you a bone! You gave and gave.. clearly to get something in return and in the end got resentful and vindictive when he didn’t do what you wanted. Yes resentment makes tears. Also, using words like “predator” where they don’t belong is a slap in the face for ppl who have been actual victims by actual predators. Not adults who make adult decisions to act out in bi curious ways, but you had to use that word to get views and to really get everyone to turn on James Charles. Tati, your a coward hiding behind morality.


                                                                    Be kind to each other

                                                                    WU AmandaStG

                                                                      None cares u cow

                                                                      Oddly satisfying Videos

                                                                        You need a break ❤️ get some time and rest for a wile

                                                                        ROXI DE LA CREME

                                                                          girl dont you cry ♥ you deserve all the love in the world… james' just wrong

                                                                          Shawn Grande

                                                                            U are an Angel on Earth

                                                                            Ally S

                                                                              ❤️❤️ Big love ❤️❤️


                                                                                Beauty community: up in flames

                                                                                Jenna Marble: I want a new face.

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