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      Why The Kardashians Should Forgive Jordyn Woods

      Khloe Kardashian Does Not Blame Jordyn Woods For Her Family Being Broken. Subscribe to our channel: …

      Euphoria Jk

        *Sips tea*

        Jasper Kraan

          Exactly wat ive been saying, tristan cheated twice, and then blames a woman wo did it once

          Noemi Torres

            I don't think they should forgive her, she knew what she wanted to do, or else she wouldn't go to the house, and Kloe knew the kind of man she was with, kloe should stop acting and pointing fingers, is her fault for dating the men she dates, you can tell they are cheaters

            Teresa Keplinger

              I am sure the kardashians are not giving her another thought…I know I wouldn't …now she can kiss him all she wants….

              Maj Kaur

                What do you mean they forgive her. About whether Jordyn should bother forgiving them. They were gona destroy her. She made 1 mistake. Khloe werent even with Tristan. This channel is trash. Its bias.


                  I honestly think Jordyn lied about it just being just a kiss. It was either one hook up or a full blown affair. I seen some people in the comments just blaming Tristan saying that Tristan forced himself onto Jordyn, she hadn’t told the truth and was caught, yet you guys are gonna believe what she said apparently really happened? At this point it feels like if it were an affair and we had proof to prove that, you guys would still be defending Jordyn. They’re ALL in the wrong. Tristan of course for cheating, Jordyn for betraying the family and Khloe for only blaming Jordyn instead of Jordyn AND the father of her child.


                    Lets be Real, the ONLY reason Scott is still around them is cause hes the father of Kourtneys kids. If he wasnt he would have been cut out of their lives too. But since he is they HAVE to deal with him and they have to forgive him to keep a peaceful relationship for the kids. They dont have to deal with Jordyn so of course they wont.


                      with that thumbnail face of kim k anyone would be scared of her lololol

                      Connie Balmer

                        When will this MESS go away so peace can return in the hearts of those consumed either with support or pouring junk on those really hurtinng. AM TAKING NO SIDES HERE just hoping things come back to normal for the 3 women.


                          I think we need to stop giving attention to that trash family

                          REDVELVET parksooyoung

                            When you find out that Tristan used jordyn and kissed her and jordyn was telling the truth all along cause Tristan knew khloe will keep taking him back and he's happy this happened this way and now he's finally free…jordyn you don't need these toxic people in your life…


                              It should actually be “why Jordyn Woods should forgive the Kardashians.”
                              And FYI, she shouldn’t.

                              JustRenee Robinson

                                Now as I watched this video… maybe Kris Jenner was jealous of the relationship Kylie Jenner had with Jordyn Woods and had to do some work to have Jordyn Woods bullied and crucified and destroyed in the public eye. If anyone listened to the interview I do believe Tristian kissed Jordyn and that kiss took her by surprise. Possible set up at Jordyn and Khloe’s expense to get Tristian out of Khloe life for good and why not remove Jordyn since Kris obviously had a problem with her Kylie’s friendship/relationship. I’m just ASSuming and over thinking… My apologies for the ramble.

                                Steamyhotlatin Reloaded

                                  They should be thanking her for doing them a favor. He is a snake.


                                    DISAGREE she should NOT be forgiven NOPE

                                    Delia Shelton

                                      Call me Crazy but why wasnt Khole At The Party ?? NOT INVITED??
                                      NO SPARE House Key?? She just couldnt take a HINT..shh Tristan needs to cut a $$$$$$ for Jordy for the help, he's Freeeeeee now

                                      Coconut ScienceGirl92

                                        Tristan is a predictor. I mean she is like 21. I know. Well over minor status…he is a different kind of predictor. The one without feelings. Or any care for human emotion and relationships.

                                        ELIAHNI MINRI

                                          Her family was broken in the start any way but she denied it

                                          Melissa Haletky

                                            By the way, did anyone know who Tristan was before he dated Khole? She dated a guy from the Minnesota Timber wolves. He was a fame whore.

                                            Martina Mauldin

                                              No no no Jordyn should just move on and start her new life away from the Kardashians and Kylie it's best to step away from it all it does matter how good the money is but she got her own many Jordyn just move on

                                              Melissa Haletky

                                                Tristen is the real problem. He can't stop cheating. He is a father to two kids. BTW, I can't believe True is almost a year old.

                                                Olivia Grace


                                                  Nisha Gurung

                                                    Its for good american jeans yo all

                                                    Celeste marie

                                                      Scott vs tristan is very very different . Scott is like one of kris jenner's own kids I don't think her and Tristan are that close I'm sure they're cordial but im certain she was way closer to Lamar than she is to tristan

                                                      Kyler Kardashian

                                                        My cup overflowth has it from truth of this tea. slurps Word in Calabasas is Trist was in the outs since Thanksgiving. They do owe her a public apology, Jordyn needs to get Kris to renegotiate her KUWTK contract this season before it airs.

                                                        Rubeen Whittaker

                                                          What goes around comes back,so maybe this happend to kloe cause she did it to someone as well.

                                                          Shofaa Marwah

                                                            They should.

                                                            Frankly Johnny

                                                              Kim Kardashians face 2:08 always looks like she's holding be in the most foulest shit lol.

                                                              Carolyn Rukavina

                                                                Sounds like alcoholics, narcissists and Tristin is a whore who mommy and daddy didn’t love enough. It is time for all to heal, evolve and move on. Jordan in my opinion does not have any “star power”.


                                                                  I understand it was a kiss but I wouldn’t get that upset I would tell my friend and tell her the whole thing early

                                                                  Madison Ipoolito

                                                                    Team Jordan 💕

                                                                    Tracey Marie Ann Mannen

                                                                      What goes @ comes @

                                                                      Alicia Fulson

                                                                        These hoes ain't got no manners 😒😒😒

                                                                        Patricia Batuhan

                                                                          She not the victim coz she one of the reason why one of family are broke who give everything to her

                                                                          DD G

                                                                            This shit faker than female bodies at a Florida beach

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