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    Wayne Goss

      This mascara really does give volume and length! LINKS US UK NOTE: I found this mascara to be VERY quick drying …

      Annie L

        Wayne is the only influencer whose opinion I truly trust. Seriously, the best!

        Susan Qabazard

          I agree on the wasteful packaging ……. come on Too Faced. I really don’t care for funny shaped mascara brushes, just a straight bush we can control is so much more practical,

          Amy Alice

            That box it came in was aggressive. Yeash!
            Wayne Goss approved! 🥇

            Hannah Smith

              This is the best mascara I have ever used! Hands down and I am a mascara junky. I never buy the same mascara cause I'm always searching for my holy grail. I've found it.

              Jean Horgan

                What a waste of packaging, straight to the recycling bin😱

                Stella Ercolani

                  Great as expected!

                  Mademoiselle M

                    I don't wear mascara, but that didn't stop me from clicking play – just to hear your voice…


                      Thanks Wayne for the cut to the chase review 🥰

                      bubble gti

                        Thank you for the great vids and the UK links for the products. I totally appreciate it 💖

                        Lorelene Freeman

                          Hang on a minute ….………… was that HUGE BOX (with electrical components for the voice) all for just one friggin tube of mascara? WHAT A WASTE!!!!!

                          Bonnie Anderson

                            Hi! Did the mascara flake or smear? Thanks for your great videos! Perfect length!

                            dr. mikeska

                              The mascara may be good, but like other companies their PR packaging is wasteful and not environmentally responsible. It's just gotten out of control. I'd rather see them lower the cost to the consumer than expensive packaging. Nice review though!💚

                              AliLou Creations

                                How much is this though , seems the packaging is way over the top , 🙄

                                Foxie Dog

                                  what is the best treatment for the beginning of lines on your forehead, and smile lines? without surgery. Then the best color of make up for very light skin ,pink/red undertones, blue/gray eyes and red/blond hair. Thank you Wayne!

                                  Amy Sophia

                                    WAYNE!!! Pls ANSWER. I BEG …. I always poke myself in the eye no matter how slowly I apply … or fast or like legit taking breaks 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️.
                                    I decided to try a curled brush -a thin one. The MAC extended play perm me up wand is absolute perfection for me. I have not once 🥴 jammed my eye ball and then look like I’ve been watching old soap operas or just BAD! Lol 😂. My qualm. The wand – ✅ the actual mascara … BORING. Any “curled wands “ you or anyone loves that has or knows the problem I face. ??? I work for Lauder Corp. tried prob 50%. But this thin curled at age. Ehemmm 40…+.. la la la 💄🗣👩🏼‍🍳👩🏼‍⚕️👩🏼‍🌾 4 … oh sorry just went naked a pie 🥧 and ya know other things 🙅🏼‍♀️🙆🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

                                    Thx 44 yes. Adore you ❤️❤️

                                    Chrissy Moss

                                      Love the mascara 💜💜💜. But did Too Faced really have to go OTT with the PR packaging? It's downright obscene.
                                      I'm not a happy bunny. 🏵💗🏵

                                      Amy Sophia

                                        Wow. You look .. well.. pretty!!!! Ok ok 🔥 HAWT! 😎 💋💋 honestly amazing.


                                          Damn boy! Those lashes really are thick! I guess those little piggies built their homes out of straw. Good thing is you can rebuild

                                          Selina Oakley

                                            Wayne uv been tango'd,.. Except for ur hands… Not being mean… Just saying u come up very very orange in this vid. Might b ur camera settings need a tweak.. Blessings 🙏


                                              Thanks for this, but where do I buy this 😮😳

                                              Mary Jane Erard

                                                So much for the landfill 😳


                                                  So many companies send huge boxes like that for PR mascara. Urban Decay sent me an even bigger box when they launched their Perversion mascara years ago. I was shocked at the HUGE box with a ton of purple confetti inside and 1 small mascara 😂
                                                  Good news is I kept the box and use it to store stuff in, but the shipping costs and waste….just odd.

                                                  Palash Yadav

                                                    The intro quote is everything.

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