Why Valentine's Day SUCKS… & how to make it better!

Main Why Valentine's Day SUCKS… & how to make it better!

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      Why Valentine's Day SUCKS... & how to make it better!

      Valentine’s Day… you either love it or you hate it! I’ve never been a fan… all those years of not getting any cards, chocolates, or… ANYTHING, haha!! Today I …



        Kiki 14

          Nikki I loved this video. I would love to see you put your own spin on different makeup styles

          Amber Bohling

            Oh my goodness, you are effing beautiful. I love it

            Maria Karina

              The “seeing the world through pink glasses” isn’t just a holland thing!! I’m from the US and we say “seeing the world through rose colored glasses” 🙂 Love this look!!!

              Aurielle FANCY56

                I will sweep throw the comments for you Ben Jaskson. And I will report everything you say about HER. And if i find you in any other comments I will expose every once of your existence. Rot in HELL

                Flamingo With 100 subscribers

                  Nikki: you either love it or hate it

                  Me: well i love it because my mom buys me chocolate 😀

                  Jade Ratliff

                    I want to do this in purple!! 😱😍

                    Krystal Paul

                      NAILS!!! 😍😍😍



                        Leticia B

                          I need to know how whoever did your hair, did your hair. I know people have commented about it but seriously! Like real quick just a quick mention. But seriously this look was so beautiful and seemed so much fun I want to just play like this myself. 💕


                            That is such a f*n beautiful look. Wow.


                              Sorry I’m late but Fijne Valentijns Dag!

                              Jake Yazzie

                                Omg the Kim Chi Palette ✨✨💖

                                mari gallegos

                                  I love it even being alone I love it this year I was in the hospital but still love 💕


                                    Nikki’s face at 2:40 😂. I’m just as confused as she is though😂😂

                                    Manny Gutierrez

                                      4:01 amazing 😂

                                      JulieandDevin Thomas

                                        They’re called Rose colored glasses in Canada eh 🇨🇦

                                        Rosabelle DuBois

                                          GURLL IMMA START NEEDING HAIR TUTORIALS ASAP

                                          fae !!

                                            the hair.. such a SERVE

                                            Trinity Murcott

                                              Nope lol

                                              Laura Marie

                                                I've been going through alot lately. Been depressed and not feeling great. But I watch your videos and they out a smile on my face 😊


                                                  You’re so good!!!! I loved this look!!! 😍 Fijne Valentijns dag to you and Dylan!

                                                  Andrea Farnum

                                                    I'm super sorry I don't like the eyes but…BUT this is a wonderful look for you Nikki. I did not have a good VD this time I've lost someone I love. I had a double slammer that I was alone. Not something I would wish on my worst enemy 😞😢

                                                    Joanna Fischer

                                                      we say rose colored glasses

                                                      Camille Contré

                                                        Your hair is so beautiful in this video! I love that romantic style you gave it 🙂

                                                        Brandy Poling

                                                          you are so beautiful Nikkie! Love the pink ❤❤❤❤ So nice to have you back doll 💋

                                                          Aubrey Gillespie

                                                            I especially enjoyed the music in this video 🥰 and your hair is perfection 😍

                                                            Roselyn Cruz

                                                              Omgg i loved it, beautiful 😍

                                                              Allie Hicks

                                                                Ok… but can I see how you do your hair…

                                                                Seth Blanco

                                                                  love this ❤❤❤

                                                                  Mara Saldana

                                                                    Nikkie will you be Valentijn all year round?! ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻

                                                                    Me Myself And I

                                                                      I wish you could do my makeup!! If you ever come to Ohio do my make up pleaaaseee lol ❤️

                                                                      Rachael Kopp

                                                                        Thru rose colored lenses is how it goes

                                                                        Karin Janssen

                                                                          Dutch Word of the Day: Fijne Valentijns Dag. Kan je mij make-up doen? Ik will zeen hoe het kijkt on iemand ouder, hahaha.

                                                                          Denisse Mendez Bautista


                                                                            Sam Stein

                                                                              Nikkie- Pink Glasses
                                                                              Isn't it Rose-Colored Glasses?

                                                                              Radhiya Van Gobel

                                                                                why does she seems like doing it effortlessly????????? HOW?!


                                                                                  Finns Valentijns Dag. I don’t seem to see the Dutch word of the day used in comments. I don’t know why.

                                                                                  Roberto Díaz Manzano

                                                                                    Girl, I love you. You're such a bright light in this world.


                                                                                      i really want to see nikkie do e-girl makeup

                                                                                      A Novel Beauty

                                                                                        This look is so much fun! Fijne Valentigns Dag!

                                                                                        Michelle Barba

                                                                                          Is it just me, or does her background look like it’s going from pink to purple and back??


                                                                                            Her laugh gives me live!

                                                                                            Amanda Clanton

                                                                                              It’s “rose colored glasses” ☺️💕🌹


                                                                                                My mom: what are you watching?
                                                                                                looks over my shoulder
                                                                                                My mom: OH!…… Its… Um. Its pink Jessica rabbit!!!! Wow!!

                                                                                                Me: uh. Youre not wrong in this makeup look. How ever… No😂😂

                                                                                                Sidney Mende-Gibson

                                                                                                  Can you review the new Jaclyn hill pallet??

                                                                                                  Heidi Webb

                                                                                                    Do you paint on canvas? If not start!

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