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      Why We're Building An Extension: Big House Update

      I write about my house and interiors on my website here: You can follow my home instagram account …

      Nicole Boddington

        Excellent video, Ruth. Thank you 😊

        Sarah Milner

          Oh the ridiculous privilege of it all and the absolute arrogance to think we need or want to know.. Stick to the make up and skincare I think 🙄

          Den Bee Sews What

            Totally agree with you about discussing cost – it's all relative to what you want and how you want something to look. We have a conversation about to start mid August converting a 2 bed bungalow to a 56 bed house – very excited although I won't get fully involved until the roof goes on and windows go in. Very much looking forward to your progress reports 👍😁😚


              Super Exciting for you! Thanks for taking us along. Love the plan,,,and the dry stack stone wall is gorgeous.

              Sherri Ashton

                Looks great! Can’t wait to see the end result!

                andrea mammoliti

                  You are one of the funniest people on YouTube. Also I don't own a house and this video was still awesome. Thank you!

                  laura lee

                    I am sure it is going to look fabulous!

                    Katie Metcalfe

                      I love this video. So fun and interesting. Thanks for sharing Ruth. It is going to look gorgeous. I love your house and can't wait to see more.


                        Have you named "the thinker" Barry? Hilarious.

                        Lhmcd 55

                          It’s going to be wonderful. Good for you.


                            I love this. Whoever laid your dry stack stone has done a beautiful job. I used that for the foundation and fireplace/chimney in my last house. Years ago my closest friend added a dry stack fireplace in her home and the guy who did it was so proud to show her that he had created a “smiley face” with stones just above where the mantle would be. Somehow she convinced him to change it without hurting his feelings, but it was panicked touch and go for a bit. I’ll bet you all will practically live in this room.

                            Marie Borofka

                              Wonderful video, Ruth! I admire your transparency about the extension. I'm from the US and follow someone who relocated from Northern California to an old farmhouse in Maine (my dream!). She has shared, in great detail, their experiences/expenses in renovating their home. A great resource for those of us who dream of doing the same thing. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

                              Anastasia Beaverhausen

                                LOVE this, thank you for sharing Ruth ❤️😊

                                helen allen

                                  really enjoyed this ruth very informative xx

                                  Polly Dolly

                                    Thanks for the ❤️wellie booted Ted shot ❤️. Did people really ask for prices? Yikes!


                                      what's an example of the pitfalls you avoided because of your experience doing the old house's similar downstairs main room?

                                      Norwall Music

                                        This is freaking awesome 🔥❤️


                                          Oh this is going to be lovely Ruth! Do keep us posted, very excited for you!! xxx

                                          Ashley Miranda

                                            Your house is a dream! I'm glad the "renovation" is on track 🤗💕

                                            Carriellen Angell

                                              So interesting. Do you have any history of the house like original owners or early residents? It looks like the kind of house where an artist or writer might have lived in its early days.


                                                Kevin McLoud should be looking over his shoulder!!


                                                  Your home is so charming and beautiful. Your garden is lovely too. It was fun to hear of your plans for a dining room. It will be so pretty–especially at Christmastime. Thank you for taking the time to update and show us how things are progressing. Have a lovely day! xo, Karen

                                                  Mirjam Limburg

                                                    Wel done , it will be lovely.
                                                    Good choices you made. Congratulations for that. Can”t wait to see the result.
                                                    Bye Mirjam

                                                    Kelli Cobb

                                                      Have you thought of a career in television renovating and decorating houses? You have beautiful taste! Wonderful personality! I would watch every episode! Can’t wait to see next update! 👏🏻😃


                                                        I'm glad you didn't go into costs anymore than you did, bc it's true, the range for that type of project is pretty wide, and even if you did give costs at this point, there's no visual (currently) of what that $$ will get you/ us…because it's not even barely started. A random number would be useless. Now, once the project is completed, and you could point out the details/ areas where the money was spent…that's a different story and would actually be useful to people beyond them just being nosy and want to know :)). Look forward to the next vid!

                                                        Josie Assini

                                                          Looks amazing. Love the Reno plans. Could you show him s what you would be looking at with the huge view you will have once glass doors installed?

                                                          Ellen McHugh

                                                            I thought for a second there you were going to tell us how much it cost!

                                                            Debra Aberbach

                                                              I love the aesthetic of your home and of course where it is located. It's going to be amazing I'm sure. Thanks for sharing.

                                                              Blue Note

                                                                it's gonna look stunning

                                                                Lena Busch

                                                                  I'd have appreciated it if you talked about the price. It would have giving us an idea and if more people did it you could kinda get a feel for what to expect.
                                                                  I love renovation videos and I really enjoyed yours!


                                                                    Only Ruth has a Wild bird 🦅 that pops by for a chat 💭 and of course she speaks perfect bird language 👌🏼❤️

                                                                    Jane Mackrell

                                                                      lovely dry stone wall

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