Why Your Foundation Routine SUCKS! Or Won't Last All Day | Jackie Aina

Main Why Your Foundation Routine SUCKS! Or Won't Last All Day | Jackie Aina

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    Jackie Aina

      Why Your Foundation Routine SUCKS! Or Won't Last All Day | Jackie Aina

      This video is done in partnership with Farsali! Hey boos! Today I’m going to be sharing some tips for my everyday makeup routine and how you can help …

      Horace Cox

        Look I’ve never made a comment but ga’damn me, Sis: you keep it 100 ALL THE DAMN TIME with ya boy ( bc I sho spotted that lace my nigga😂😎😚)

        Angel Klyce

          waiting on that Jaclyn Hill Review…

          Jordan Loyd

            “Put your drawers on, make sure they’re not inside out.” I cackled!!


              "I do all my stunts"


                Now I know what color I wanna do my nails thx Jackie


                  0:19 what’s the sitch?


                    Love you girlllllll. My makeup has gotten so much better watching these type of tutorials. I dont do full face often, but i do from time to time to make sure i actually learned something watching all these tutorials 😆

                    Catherine Llanes

                      did drag once… color corrects non existent beard now.


                        “FINISH HIM!!!”

                        Mihlali N


                          Jennifer Francisco

                            Was anyone else really nervous when she had her gorgeous nails near her eyes? No, only me. Ok. 👍

                            Shanna Layton

                              Why do i feel like jackie can come sing karaoke with me and mu girls on girls night?

                              Donovan Lovell

                                William Shakespeare👀 said whahhhhhhhht?

                                Stephanie Leyva

                                  Exquisite as always.
                                  P.S. today’s commentary took me OUT! 😂

                                  Satin B

                                    Also omg I do the bronzer as eyeshadow thing too! Sometimes with the brush I use to apply the bronzer in my contour cheek zone in the crease/brow bone just to add some definition to my eye zone

                                    Darci Haynes

                                      23:06 “not time for you to be honking in my neighborhood” lmaooo

                                      Yelly Samara

                                        No one:

                                        Absolutely nobody:

                                        My mind at 3am: jackiejackiejackiejackie jackiejackiejackiejackiejackie

                                        Brandon Barragan

                                          “ full caucasian”🤣

                                          Halima Isa Dauda

                                            Looking fabulous makeup on fleek 😊😊
                                            Yassssss thanks for the tips

                                            Yelly Samara

                                              I love you

                                              Victoria De Guzman

                                                Auntie Jackieeee! Those mint green nails look bomb!! 😍😍😍😍

                                                MaKayla Caldwell

                                                  What brand was the blush? I need that in my life 😩

                                                  Rubi B

                                                    I’m so happy for you ❤️ You’re glowing and I’m just so happy for your success (instead of success I typed Lace) because yours popped up 😭😭😭 You’re crazy but I love it

                                                    Arlana Roberson

                                                      Can you do a makeup tutorial with only using bare mineral products? I highly recommend the loose powder foundation

                                                      MeanGurlss 8

                                                        Omg im so glad bc im starting wearing makeup and a few days ago i saw after a long day that my foundation was all weird and gone around my mouth and it looked so gross ew

                                                        Haylee Melina

                                                          SOS ladies – what do I do if I’m allergic to spf?? I used a moisturizer the other day w spf 15 and my skin has tiny bumps all over it which is not normal for me! And 2 years ago, I went on a cruise and I applied sunscreen bc obviously I’m in the sun lmao and my chest was so splotchy that to this day there’s parts of my chest darker than other parts😭 I’m not tryna get skin cancer pls help!!!

                                                          Satin B

                                                            Holy shit I feel like it’s been a while sense I learned shit from a guru! Also yes. Every time I hear people say satin the word I always startle for a sec. 😛

                                                            Bree Welch

                                                              Jackie can you set your timer for 15 minutes & do a updated quick out the house makeup challenge? I have a daughter & I cannot do 30 minutes but I want to look put together! Please! 🙂

                                                              melanie l

                                                                This look is SICKENINGGGG! thank you farsali for sponsoring aunty jackie

                                                                Pretty Roqayya

                                                                  I feel attacked by the title 😂😂😂

                                                                  Bootiful Juanita

                                                                    Jackie's "FINISH HIM!" Scared the living hell out of me. Lol thank you for letting the unholiness out. <3

                                                                    RAYVO CHIC

                                                                      I absolutely love watching your videos! Thank you for being so detailed 😍

                                                                      Darci Haynes

                                                                        Auntie Jackie serving the content 🤩🤩🥰


                                                                          I need to start doing my undereye like this asap! 💙

                                                                          What’s the difference between Nemo and Loki? Nemo’s father went looking for him.

                                                                            A makeup tutorial? In my 2019????

                                                                            Charlotte Doleman

                                                                              Amen for Chocolate Geode! Love it!!!!


                                                                                That was a lot

                                                                                Chris Lecher

                                                                                  I love makeup tutorials and I love hearing you talk "too much"…


                                                                                    Jackie: please don't use a lot of powder guys 😭
                                                                                    Patrick: POWDEEERRRRRR
                                                                                    Me: welp….i guess I just chose which one to do depending on my mood lol

                                                                                    Monde Mutungisa

                                                                                      "Am not talking to you Jennifer from HR"🤣🤣🤣 she always gets me love you Jackie.

                                                                                      who dat boy?

                                                                                        reads title

                                                                                        i feel attacked


                                                                                          Yessssssss👑🔥💖🎨💯👊🏾ALWAYS FABULOUS


                                                                                            Congratulations on the digital edition of Essence. Two, why auntie Jackie, are you trying to kill me with jokes? Can't retain information if I'm giggling on the floor.

                                                                                            HOLDEN Spurgeon

                                                                                              God i fucking love you Jackie Aina, thanks for being a Queen 👑!

                                                                                              mimi R

                                                                                                "Noooo sweepinggg".. As I sweep listening to this video hahahaha 💀

                                                                                                Jodi Lund

                                                                                                  Hope this isn't wrong.. But I need a Caucasian Jackie. I need these logical tips. Love you Jackie!!!

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