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    Wayne Goss

      Why does foundation make wrinkles look worse? And can we do anything about it? SHOP WAYNE GOSS MAKEUP BRUSHES HERE: …


        Thank you for the video. You explained it very clearly. I"ll try to love my wrinkles more, haha.

        MrsMelissaM Beauty

          HOLY MOLY AMEN BATMAN! I'm 50 years old and strutting my wrinkles because I earned every single one! They're my beauty marks! And I can't live without foundation & concealer! Bring it on!

          Jan Firth

            Thank you! At last, someone who tells it as it is, refreshing and honest. Love this man!

            Unboxing Stars

              I LOVE THIS INFORMATION. THANK YOU 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️

              marina Loizou Mantorini

                Wayne you’re a star🙂. I totally agree with all that you’ve said. I only apply concealer to the inner corner of my eyes & that works better for me than over the whole eye area anything else looks caky & ageing . I’m fortunate that my face is still quite firm & have very good skin. Just a touch of foundation also helps to even out my skin tone. I love the advice & honesty . Thank you

                Fiona Midgley

                  You're so right Wayne. I'm 47 this month and don't have many wrinkles but I look my age. My skin looks younger without foundation but I like the way I look better with it on.

                  I so wish we could change the way we think about ageing. I finished chemo/radiotherapy yesterday. I've had cancer twice. 15-20 years ago, I would probably have died but because we have wonderful scientists constantly finding new treatments, I am still alive and looking forward to the future. It is an honour to have wrinkles. We should be wearing them with pride instead of hating the way we look.

                  Anyway, thank you for doing this. I really enjoyed it and you are so right. 😘😘😘😘

                  Kristel MC

                    I always learn something new from you! Thanks very much Wayne!


                      I love my korean sunscreens. 50++

                      Gia Hart

                        Hi Wayne, It gets harder and harder to wear foundation as we get older especially under the eye area. I just try to keep my skin very moisturized. I always knew that Foundation and makeup makes us look older it just emphasizes wrinkles & yet as we get older we feel the need to wear more then when we were younger. When I was younger even in my 30's I hated makeup and foundation I would wear very little makeup. The less foundation and layers of any products for me is the best the idea is just to have an even skin tone but it doesn't stop me from purchasing all these products that don't really work for me. Now that I am older I purchase so much makeup and I hated it when I was younger you would never find me at a makeup counter in the store.

                        Vix Watkins

                          Can you do a tutorial for extremely dry skin, it doesn't matter how much I moisturize or use coconut oil I am still dry and the foundation looks cakey in the dry parts concealer is even worse 😔

                          jackie reinstedler

                            Makes sense!! Thank you❤

                            Sybil Francis

                              I am 70. Here is what happens when we age. =: 1) We lose fat in our faces…sounds nice but really it isn't. The fat we lose at the temples let our veins start showing there, the fat we lose near the inner corner of our eye and just below that make that part of the eye look hollowed out and show more discoloration if you have it there; 3) the muscles sag in the cheeks and you get either jowls or at least a once pointed sculpted chin gets a more rectangular look (not a bad look on me actually as my lower face was SO small and dolllike 4) The more times you gain and lose weight the more your skin will sag in your face later; 5) The thinner you are after age 60ish the more hollowed out your entire face becomes and that loss of muscle together with extreme loss of facial fat creates a far more aged look than just wrinkling on slightly chubby faces does.Also the more the "cords" in the neck will show, more hollowed out the shoulder area becomes and the more pronounced your ribs will look with shadows in your decolletage.After 60 to 65 one has to decide just how thin they really want to be given that slim legs in tight pants and a smaller dress size will likely hollow out the face making it look at least 10 to 20 years older than you do at normal weight. I know this from comparing my mother to myself at the same ages. She was very thin and it aged her face tremendously. THe one product that really works well is Retin A. See Dr. Davin Lim's very honest videos about wrinkling, sun damage etc and dermatology videos. He is super honest.

                               Retin A is an old product but it works on minor wrinkles by making outer layer slin replace itself at a faster turnover rate and your underlayers of skin look fresher than old skin…so you MUST protect that fragile skin with sunscreen in high concentration. I smoked alot in my 20's and had about the amount of wrinkling Wayne is showing by my late 20s around my eyes…crow's feet. I started using Retin A in my 30s and those disapperaed I also stopped smoking permanently. Now at age 70 my eyes look younger than they did at 30 in terms of the crow's feet. I DO have loss of fat near the inner corner of my eye,

                               Retinol products are a lighter non prescription version of Retin A and many who get peeling with Retina A START with Retinol products (see Dr. Lim;s videos about how to yse the most effective least expesive forms of these) to get their skin to tolerate eventually the Retin A/ Dr Linn describes how to do all this in the least costly way possible. Things like drooping eyelids and the labial folds are not affected by RetinA, However, it can be used effectively for wrinkling on the neck and the backs of hands. It does help with some of the son spotting as well. Again suncreen is imperative.

                              Wayne Gpss is honest about make up and Dr Linn i s honest about which products really change the skin for the better. and which are mostly just costly ripoffs.

                              Valerie Gill

                                Love your videos! You share information that is truly helpful. You also encourage people to not be so hard on themselves. I love your reminders that it's makeup.

                                Claudia Templaria

                                  Muscles falling down makes people look older.

                                  Barbara N.

                                    We need you to remind us staff like that from time to time because companies and other influentsers always talk how makeup can earese everything

                                    Bev Royston

                                      Great video!
                                      I mix my foundation with Hylamide HA blur and no primer. This smooths over my wrinkles and fills in pores.

                                      Erin Ventura

                                        Awesome video. I really needed this. 💋❣ Much Love all the way from South Africa

                                        Ruzica aka Rose

                                          I've suddenly gotten a pigment problem called melasma for no reason what so ever! I know what you mean by looking older because of hyper pigmentation. I'm turning 34 and I've always been used to clear bright skin and I just don't know what to do because nothing covers melasma 😩

                                          Sara B

                                            Thank you Wayne!! I just started really noticing mine…. and I don't know what I'm doing anymore 🤣

                                            Sharon John

                                              U nailed it💪🏽 Love ya mate!
                                              From Australia 🇦🇺

                                              Amrita Ramesh

                                                Exactly! Love you, Wayne, for making sure everybody remembers to hold on to reality. And I LOVE your smile wrinkles! Those are my favourite! I don't understand how that's become a bad thing, either. Imagine botoxing away your "crow's feet". Those are like, the way our mirror neurons sense the sincerity of a smile!!! I love wrinkles. Texture is gorgeous.


                                                  I love this man!!! He is so genuine and honest. The best! 😘😘😘😘


                                                    Love this Wayne! I like to think my crows feet mean I’ve laughed a lot in my life, I’m quite proud of that 🙂 aging is a gift denied to many x

                                                    Anna Dale

                                                      Thanks for the explanation I didn't realize. X

                                                      Natalie Rawiel

                                                        Hokuspokus Stuff 😂😂😘😘


                                                          To the point every time! XOXO

                                                          Janne Ward

                                                            I stopped “baking” directly under the eyes a WHILE ago and applying concealer there where my wrinkles are more prominent. It looks soooo much better and it really works for me. Every time I buy a new powder or concealer that claims to not “crease” or “settle into fine lines” I try to bake with it and pack on the concealer (because that’s what’s done/shown/advised in almost all YT make up tutorials) there once in a blue moon with hopes of it being that miracle product and I always instantly regret it. The concealer settles into the lines and looks terrible while the powder does the same but makes it 10x worse and dry looking. I’ve stuck to the routine that Wayne just demonstrates for probably a year or so now and only really “set” the areas of my face that I don’t want to get oily… my chin, further down under the eye area (cheeks) and forehead *T-Zone. I’ve YET to find another guru that applies their base this way and sometimes I think I’m doing it all wrong… WHY doesn’t it work for me when i bake DIRECTLY under the eye and pack on concealer like it works for the YouTubers I watch??? But again, it works for me and it’s something I had to pick up on my own so imagine my surprise to watch this video and see something very similar being taught! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being honest on the matter and giving us real/truthful tips on what we should be focusing on when applying our base! You’re looking great as always ❤️ We love you!!!!


                                                              Thanks for this video, useful information for where to apply concealer to avoid the wrinkles looking worse. Can't really avoid them at 65, but I can make sure the rest of my skin looks good.

                                                              The Merz

                                                                Truth serum! Thanks Wayne.

                                                                Empress of Dyna Purple

                                                                  exactly. that‘s why I don‘t use foundation at all since my 40th, but a day cream with micro capsulation technique that evens out discoloration by itself. almost no concealer needed, no powder for setting needed, only a little bit of blusher for contouring. stays in place for almost a day, without enhancing wrinkles. tataaaa!🤩


                                                                    In my opinion What makes you look old is solely the droopyness of your face period.

                                                                    Gaynor Wood

                                                                      Thankyou for this video. I love that you tell the truth and offer useful advice for older skin. At 57 my skin has suddenly become very wrinkly round my eyes and I’ve realised that there’s nothing I can do to make that better. I stopped wearing foundation years ago and rarely wear it now, but do conceal the dark patches and redness. Your tips for even skin tone and generally for older skin are invaluable and I’m really glad to have found you.


                                                                        Wayne’s personality never fails to cheer up my day. What a sweetheart

                                                                        Leanda Stellato

                                                                          Thank you so much 💗

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