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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Will the Bride Choose a Teal Tea Length Dress? | Say Yes To The Dress Ireland

      Ann Marie Doyle is an edgy bride who sees herself wearing a daring and unique wedding dress on her big day. Will this teal dress be the perfect frock for her?

      Debra Klarmann

        Am I the only one in love with their accents ? Everyone on this version of say yes is so genuine and keeps the focus on the bride and I love that ♥️

        LYNN Freidman

          So sad to see tatoos on women. So unsightly.

          Alicia Lee

            The first one I think looked better on her.


              she chose the most generic looking dress, first one was the best

              The Esemey

                I like thw first one better.

                Marnina Johnson

                  THAT LAST DRESS WAS MADE FOR HER!! She looks so cute

                  Marnina Johnson

                    She literally looks so GOOD in tea length

                    Default To The Max

                      Love the bride’s shoes,love the dress,love the bride,LOVE THIS VERSION OF THE SHOW💜💖💜

                      I’m a kang

                        No one:
                        Literally no one:
                        Every single bride: I want something different

                        Rida Javed

                          I kinda don't like how she has tattoos on her while she is wearing a wedding dress

                          Sehajpreet Kaur

                            What I fuckn wanted was fuckn bangs. 😂.

                            Christina Parajuli

                              THE GIRL LOOKED SOOOOOOO CUTE IN THE FIRST DRESS!!

                              Jane Taylor

                                Looks mint green to me 😂

                                prudence waterman

                                  I was living for Poppy's comments 😂

                                  Anne Poisl

                                    Fucking manatee

                                    Betty Aparna

                                      Her tattoos were in the way

                                      Leila A.

                                        The guy is soooo calming. I love him so much already and this is my first SYTTD Ireland clip

                                        Lisa X.

                                          The dress she choose looks beautiful on her. I think if she wants to wear some longer strand of pearls it will add a bit of glam too. Her tattoos look great too.

                                          BeBo Afsha

                                            Her Groom is Amazing person i gues and no doubt she's beautiful ❤

                                            J C

                                              First two dresses are good..

                                              Smileyrie James

                                                Shame she didn’t keep looking for a dress with the neckline of the first & a polka dot overlay – a combo between the first & one she chose would have been perfect. The silhouette & neckline of the first was perfect on her but the lacy details clashed with her Tatts. The more plain dress looked better with them but the neckline looked awful. Still, it’s her opinion that counts 🤷‍♀️ and as long as she’s happy

                                                Martine aaahhh

                                                  That fringe tho

                                                  Smileyrie James

                                                    Have nothing against Tatts in general, but sleeve Tatts look awful with wedding dresses

                                                    craig list

                                                      I liked the first dress. She looked gorgeous in that..

                                                      Ingrid Nineteen

                                                        The first one was better imo, the one she chose is cute too, but the little bow is what pulled the look together, need to not cover it up with a belt.

                                                        Sue Post

                                                          With all those tats, nothing is going to look to great, even if she looks nice in it. You can't help but notice all the tattoos , instead of the dress. I'll never understand why any woman Mark's theirself up like that. I know it's popular, but I think it looks like hell. Just my opinion.

                                                          Carla de Souza

                                                            Everything looks great on her

                                                            Tracie Parker

                                                              She could always wear blue shoes

                                                              Loretta Smith

                                                                She pick the right dress…beautiful…

                                                                Moira Anderson

                                                                  Who's the guy that works there that always shows up late but always has to be on camera?

                                                                  Ida S

                                                                    Her tattoos spoil ALL the dresses.

                                                                    Jemma J

                                                                      Awh the first one was stunninggg

                                                                      Jemma J

                                                                        Oh no, what happened to the hair

                                                                        Baby Sharina

                                                                          Woow! I love to hear Irish people talking, They are so lovely.

                                                                          Her daughter is such a sweet heart and very soft spoken child.😘

                                                                          Ros Clarke Craft

                                                                            That is not teal. Not in a million years. Pale grey-aqua at best.

                                                                            Clara Espinosa

                                                                              She looks cute in the last one, but I agree with Poppy: the one she looks her best in is the second full-length dress.

                                                                              Thats_an_ Unusual

                                                                                Gorgeous and beautiful!


                                                                                  Very beautiful bride 👰


                                                                                    Ugh. Those tattoos. To each their own.

                                                                                    Lu Lu

                                                                                      Those bangs!! Yuck

                                                                                      Karen McCabe

                                                                                        Beautiful bride

                                                                                        Mindy S.

                                                                                          Can anyone tell me the designer and style name or number of the first dress?!!! That is what I'm looking for❤👰


                                                                                            Is the Sale's Associate trans? Something is very. . . Artificial femininity about them. Like they haven't figured it out yet.

                                                                                            Chitra Adkar

                                                                                              The teal dress🤩
                                                                                              The kid scored it right.


                                                                                                To each their own

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