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Main Will the Bride Find a Dress Under Her £1000 Budget? | Say Yes To The Dress UK

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      Will the Bride Find a Dress Under Her £1000 Budget? | Say Yes To The Dress UK

      Zara wants a dress with lots of bling & sparkle but has a small budget of £1000, will she be able to find a dress that satisfies her tastes while still respecting the …

      Lois Robson

        The second dress is really cute on her.

        Maria Sanchez

          To each their own that dress looks like a dress for the after party. But I understand she had a very strict budget so what can she do?

          susana pol

            That mother is polishing and dusting her baby's head and shoulders!!

            jadesha kate baron

              The consultant never should have let her wear the over budget one first. She made her love the first one.

              Ashlen Takashi

                Okay why is her friends eyes so far apart???

                Lori Sullivan

                  It was only like 438 dollars over buget

                  Loraine Spencer

                    David's Bridal has a lot of dresses under $1,000 USD, and they're pretty pretty.

                    Andre Williams

                      Hate the veil

                      Mary Curls

                        You misspelled her name in the discription.


                          You know normally I would be on the same bandwagon with everyone about respecting the budget.Except…. The consultant did ask if she could to show over budget dresses.

                          Navdeep Singh

                            Lmao! I was expecting their friends yo pay the rest400


                              The first dress that she shows the bride is over budget. Horrible shop assistant!

                              Flora Wright

                                I love her personality!

                                Maina woo bin

                                  The bride looks like Arshad warsis wife
                                  Maria goreti

                                  Ann Joseph

                                    Girls have a thing for dresses with pockets 😍

                                    Anna Graser

                                      That baby is going to have a big bald spot.

                                      Donna Franklin

                                        Although the first was prettier.. I liked how the second one showed more of her personality and under budget. Good on her for finding that perfect mix.


                                          I loved the tea length dress. It looks so pretty on her, and could go from the wedding to travel quite comfortably.

                                          Dee Lg

                                            Her entourage were so supportive..They said yes to her choice n respected her budget !!

                                            Kimarys Tejada

                                              Normally I don't like when the consultant goes over the budget. However in this case, the things she was describing she wanted come at a higher price. The consultant found her the perfect dress, exactly what she was looking for at a little bit more than the budget. She warned her in advance and the bride still wanted to try it. Honestly, that dress that was over budget was way prettier on her than the one she settled for.
                                              That's just my opinion though.

                                              Sergio Ramírez

                                                How can you think get married if you dont have budget.
                                                What are you give at party? Water with sugar?

                                                Courtney Mayo

                                                  That dress was made for her. She looks lovely!


                                                    The friend will rub off all of her babies cute hair if she goes on like that! 😀

                                                    Grace Haynie

                                                      You have a budget of 1000 pounds or dollars 💵 but yet how much did you pay to be on the show 🤔 just think about that

                                                      haley cook

                                                        It really annoys me how they say sparkle means more money. My wedding dress had more sparkle then the first dress and its original price was still only £1100 and I ended up finding it in the sale for £550!

                                                        Regina Wheeler

                                                          I wish her friends could have helped her. I love that first dress. To bad its overpriced, over her budget.🤨😢


                                                            My name is Lindsey🤭

                                                            Christy Louis

                                                              I thought she was Mindy kaling in the thumbnail

                                                              Grace Kober

                                                                I hate it. It feel like they just push her to this option.


                                                                  That consultant should be fired! You NEVER show a dress that far over budget for this exact reason. They fall in love with it, then can't afford it, then no other dress ever measures up and they feel like crap that they just have to make do since they can't afford the one they love, or they go ahead and get it, then are in debt…a great way to start off a new life with someone!

                                                                  Martine aaahhh

                                                                    The mum is determined to rub the hair off the back of that poor child's head lol

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