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      Women Get Detailed Single-Needle Tattoos

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      Prickly Pickle

        Great work!

        Macie Love

          a kind PSA! single needle tattoos don’t last very long. they are super beautiful and take a lot of skill, don’t get me wrong! but if you are considering one, please just know the lines will spread under the skin (different from a blowout), blur, or fall out much sooner than tattoos done with more needles!

          Mel T

            Before getting a single needle tattoo, just know that there’s more complications with them too. Do ur research👍

            Hannah O’Toole

              Tattoo artists are so talented

              Gabriela G

                wow the tattooo artists is legit so hot (in aiddition to being very talented obviously )


                  Funny she says orchids have feminine energy when orchid is the medical term for testicles.

                  Hannio /
                    Hannio /

                      Single needle won't hold at 5 years.


                        She has a tattoo of her house which is haunted? I'd love to know the reasoning behind that.


                          They gon’ blur and fade quick if they’re only single needle and packed in a small area.

                          Elizabeth Klevorn

                            I like how Jazzmyne thought orchids exuded feminine energy when its origin comes from ancient Greece (órkhis), literally meaning "testicle", because of the shape of the twin tubers in some species of Orchis.

                            Michele Jagta

                              I think Jazz would really love Gladiolus!

                              Lucy T

                                Iv heard single needles don't last. Ps love the girl power tat 💛💛 beautfiul art tho . Love the orchid tat 💗💗

                                Leah Sears

                                  love tattoos

                                  Kate Id.

                                    The more I watch Jazzmyne, the more I like her.


                                      Tattoo YouTube: please don’t….


                                        that detailing is amazing!

                                        Rachel Neale

                                          I love this style

                                          Ellen Curry

                                            Diana Munoz is by far my favourite tattoo artist. She's so talented!

                                            Julia Bailey

                                              they look so beautiful, but i don't see how they would last long. i feel like the tattoo will blur

                                              Sadie Heart

                                                I’m a tattoo artist and there are so many things wrong with this video

                                                Emily Lennox

                                                  This ladies work is incredible so detailed and so well done xxx

                                                  Fajer Taher

                                                    I thought yall added the “!” In the thumbnail but guess what it was her earnings 😂✌🏻✌🏻

                                                    I am a boss as bitch

                                                      I thought that earring on the thumbnail was edited.

                                                      ML Vlogs

                                                        What if they ended up not posting it and now these two women jut have tattoos

                                                        Edit Just


                                                          i love single needle tattoos !!! they feel so good

                                                          trina yo

                                                            Those were ssoooo cute!

                                                            Megan T

                                                              Lmfao “ single needle tattoo” uses 9 needles for shading

                                                              blue crayons.

                                                                why couldn’t men also be in this video

                                                                Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez

                                                                  The type of people who don't think a deer skull and rose relates to nature, are the same type who think that going to the park in their city counts as being in nature. When you go hiking off just walking in the woods, you come across animals skulls and quite often there's flowers growing around them. She and her kids most likely saw something identical or similar to that.


                                                                    She doesn't look like a tattoo artist. My tattooer looks like a crackhead.

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