Women Live Without Products Invented By Women For 24 Hours

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      Women Live Without Products Invented By Women For 24 Hours

      “In the spirit of Women’s History Month I’m more than happy to subject myself to this.” #WomensHistoryMonth Subscribe to As/Is: About …

      Nerdy Kiwi

        Now we need a "people living without products created by men" video 😂😂


          Make men do this!!!!!!!

          Lilith Amethystius

            Part II Men live without products invented by women (They need to know) 🌠🌙.

            AUTO LORD

              Lets be real about it and not change the history , Wifi and bluetooth were invented by men
              💯👌 lets be clear

              Amazing Gamer

                Just saying the products weren’t made by women but they contributed

                Poop Poop

                  Wonder why they didn’t do living for a month without things invented by MEN…….hmmmmmmmm

                  Sabrina Monteferrante

                    And men think they run the world

                    Natalie Fleming

                      You guys should have done this with men!

                      Sophia Anise

                        “Women are oppressed”

                        victoria’s videos

                          They need a men version

                          Elle Bell

                            Bluethoot wasn't invented by a woman it was invented by Jaap Haartsen. He was a dutch inventor🤨


                              Now let's have them live a day without products invented by men. Good luck

                              I am Blanco

                                I feel like they should have done the opposite n shown how much women inventions are important n helpful

                                ash revill

                                  Didn’t John O’Sullivan invent wifi?

                                  Josie Bieler

                                    I wish they had gotten a man to do this challenge as well


                                      They do it for 24 hours but the video is 4minutes

                                      Jack Brunato

                                        But ethernet is far superior to wifi

                                        A Regular Channel

                                          Try living without products men made… thats right you cant because WE MEN, MADE everything lmao.

                                          thats right, get triggered.

                                          Leah Ball

                                            Technically you can't use your bodies because that was co-made by a women too

                                            Dank memes

                                              How does one commit die ?

                                              Teddy bear Angel

                                                My quote of the year "MmMmMmM WoMeN TaStE gOoD" LMFAO

                                                Teddy bear Angel

                                                  Us women are special special creatures xD

                                                  Aoife Vincent

                                                    Shouldn't this be men try living without products invented by women?


                                                      How about y’all do a women live without man inventions for a day, that’s gonna be really hard because men invented everything else.


                                                        How did her battery get so low when she WASN'T using WiFi or Bluetooth? Don't those things usually cause the battery to go low faster?

                                                        Anime shot

                                                          When you run out of ideas

                                                          tony cee

                                                            What is women’s day?

                                                            Awakened Spirit

                                                              As for Hedy Lamarr, was a woman that is a "avid inventor and the person behind advances in communication technology". May have created advances but did not create Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth

                                                              Awakened Spirit

                                                                Who created GPS, Ivan A. Getting, Bradford Parkinson, Roger L. Easton. None of them are women

                                                                Awakened Spirit

                                                                  Who created Bluetooth, Dr. Jaap Haartsen, who invented Bluetooth while working at Ericsson in the 1990s, has been nominated as a finalist by the European Patent Office in the industry category for its European Inventor Award. Not a woman either

                                                                  Awakened Spirit

                                                                    Dr. John O'Sullivan. Dr. O'Sullivan is credited with the development of a technology that resulted in wireless LAN becoming reliable and faster. The technology was instrumental in the invention of WiFi, earning Dr. O'Sullivan, and his team of engineers, credit for pioneering the development of Wi-Fi technology. Well John does not sound like a Womans name

                                                                    {Beautiful Atrocities}

                                                                      It’s been really hard but I think I’m finally starting to be proud of the fact that I’m a woman.💓 #girlpower

                                                                      Samantha Eldredge

                                                                        Why didn’t they do the opposite? So only use things invented by women??


                                                                          Happy women's day!

                                                                          vi vi

                                                                            Looking for the butthurt men in the comments

                                                                            Philly Cheese Take

                                                                              Women didn't invent wifi, bluetooth, GPS, or the gas furnace. Why do you need to lie? I thought women made a massive contribution to technology, so stop listing the achievements of men.


                                                                                Wrong WiFi was invented by john O'Sullivan an Australian man

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