Women Play Never Have I Ever: Body Hair Edition

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      Women Play Never Have I Ever: Body Hair Edition

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        ELLENN ??

        Zoe Thomas

          can you do this with men?

          Paloma W

            We gotta embrace our human!!!

            Time Frost

              "Never have I ever cried about your body hair"
              "I've been a teenager."

              I'm still a child suffering in adult world then.

              notanotaku kun

                also, I had a bigger reaction to my tattoo artist shaving my arm then the actual tattooing

                notanotaku kun

                  i have weird chin hairs that grow in succession so once I pull one out, the next day there’s a new one. If I let them grow, I can see all four of those suckers (but they always end up out of sync somehow!)

                  Stephanie White

                    It's so funny literally today my mom said "omg God steph you have a mustache ewe" and not gonna lie sis was a little shook 😂

                    Paris India

                      I wish you guys had a brown girl as well for this segment, our hair grows thick and black and is a huge source of insecurity for a lot of us.

                      Regina Acuna

                        I can't stop thinking about the lady who said she shaved off almost her whole shin.

                        fatima ather

                          This video made me feel a lot better

                          Ana Raquel Acosta

                            Loving this video sooo SOOO MUCH!


                              I have belly button hair. Never did any removal on my own terms,my mom makes me wax my lips.

                              Just a Gay Girl in A Gay World

                                im legit over here, beast from beauty and the beast, and in my school we have god damn Cinderella


                                  I feel like I’m the hairiest girl ever 😓


                                    man i shave my arms RELIGIOUSLY

                                    floral ghost

                                      y'all have mustaches? i have a whole beard lol
                                      can so relate with the looking in the mirror thing i am really self conscious of it sometimes but i just have to hope that it's not that noticeable unless someone is really close to my face

                                      Danni O

                                        At least you parent did not point it out when you skipped a shave day

                                        lexie -marie-

                                          I hate when my pubes get stuck in my pad it hurts so bad 😂

                                          happy virus

                                            i love these videos because i'm middle eastern and my body hair is my biggest insecurity. i have hair everywhere! my hands, knuckles, back, butt, breasts everywhere


                                              rachel is gorgeous what-

                                              Jocelyn Ramirez

                                                You’re not supposed to leave nair on for 10 minutes, it says so on the packaging. No wonder your legs burned.

                                                Deleted account

                                                  Wait you dont shave your arms at all?
                                                  U r okay with your arms hair?

                                                  Allison Hunter

                                                    I purposely grow out my pubic hair and my armpits, I feel sexier with it!

                                                    Natalya Velez

                                                      One time my friend rubbed my legs and yelled "YOU'RE HAIRY" during read aloud… We were in first grade….😅

                                                      Bianca Gonzalez

                                                        Wait are you not supposed to shave armsss? Oops i shave them when they get too hairy then let the hair grow out again


                                                          (Ellyse says own name)
                                                          me: ah a fellow Australian

                                                          Amber Marie

                                                            I got all of my dad’s genes when it comes to body hair. My body hair grows back after a day, while my mom shaves her legs about twice a month. I have thick black body hair, and my mom has sparse blonde body hair. It’s annoying.

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