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      Women Play Never Have I Ever: Hair Edition

      Never have I ever pulled a hair from between my buttcheeks and found it satisfying! Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily …

      Brianna Imani

        OMGGGG. The exact same thing happened to me at a Dominican salon in NY. My hair was cut up to my ears. I cried so hard after that. I was like 15 at the time. Apparently you are supposed to ask to get your ends dusted not a trim.

        Landry D

          am i the only one who absolutely hates the feeling of having a hair stuck anywhere down there? it’s awful to me

          Flash Lightning

            I got really sad like 4 years ago and decided it was a good idea to put my curly, thick hair in a ponytail and just keep cutting. Needless to say, I never did it again and it's now longer and healthier than ever.

            Julia Parent

              4:34 sHe’S nOt LiKe MoSt GiRls

              sam alberino

                I’ve done almost all of these but the time I cried was after getting a trim I was in second grade and I went to get a trim the day before picture day and the lady butchered my hair made me look so weird on top of that I had four missing front teeth so that didn’t help the situation at all… she was like a little older than my 60 year old great aunt at the time with glasses so again didn’t help the situation she thought I said boy instead of bob but I had said no so she gave me a boy hair cut that was butchered… I cried for a week straight… it was hideous

                M Sherwin

                  Never have I ever had a good hair day 😔

                  Marlie Dietz

                    i have twice now, you’d think i’d learn my lesson but noooo, cut the hair at the base of my head. Here’s why, i would put my hair in a ponytail and it wasn’t long enough to go in the ponytail, so i decided to take scissors and cut not even a lot off, just enough so that i had like a whole inch of hair sticking out at the bottom of my head. Did it twice, i regret it, and my mother has only caught me once. It’s a win lose situation…i lost.

                    Anika Lanke

                      HAYLEY KIYOKO 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

                      Isabella Sauls

                        i died my hair purple. that was a fun summer. i still get questions about it too

                        Julie George

                          this is my favorite iteration of never have i ever videos they've done. its nice its centered around a subject of shared experience.

                          Great Night Galas

                            When I was about 5 I cut my bangs and so about half my forehead was covered and the other was not and it was very choppy

                            Siyane Said

                              I had extension braids in when I was 11 and my mom let me take them out so I was cutting the excess hair and I cut it to short so my hair that was once mid back length was ear length

                              Alexis Sully

                                CHLOE I LOVE THE NEW COLOR! Looks so amazing!!!!


                                  The really does need to be a word for nether region hair removal satisfaction. It'll probably be in German though lol.

                                  super nova


                                    Colleen U

                                      Ahahaha I’ve done so many of these 😳

                                      Kaya Chun

                                        "I'd be like bored… or like sad…. or like whatever and I'd be like.. time to cut."

                                        Molly Breen

                                          no offence , i don’t like chloe’s hair anyone else ????

                                          Blue Bird

                                            So I look terrible with bangs but you know what I do when I’m bored/depressed? I give myself bangs… one time I had my mum cut my bangs and they ended up higher then my eyebrows. Never let her give me bangs again. I gave myself bangs just last year so they are still growing out but damn I was feeling myself the first 2 days after I cut them and then I literally despised them

                                            Summer Feral

                                              My grandmother dyes my hair and once I planned to have my hair dyed blue but she dyed it pink! The worst color ever!

                                              Alexandra Miller

                                                Did anyone else think Chloe was Becky for like- the entire video?

                                                Mattison Tout

                                                  two of the girls in this video have multicolor nails that match the way mine are done right now & i love it 😂

                                                  Elise Criqui

                                                    When Lindsay said Hayley Kiyoko’s Lemonade Mouth hair, that’s that one time I really copied a celeb for a hairstyle. I put a peacock feather in my hair like Hayley in the movie.

                                                    Iarina Ticiu

                                                      Chloe dyed her hair
                                                      Now she looks like Becky

                                                      Aria k

                                                        Pulling hair out of butt is the most gross annoying thing ever

                                                        Elysse Corinne


                                                          Charlotte Worth

                                                            I've only been to the hair dresser once

                                                            Yesha’s blooper glupper

                                                              My hair cut was short at the time and I wanted something new, so I got bangs. My brothers wouldn't stop laughing at me and called me Dora the explorer until I changed my hair style =-=


                                                                I love that it’s a thing to put hair on the shower wall😂


                                                                  Stream A No No by Mariah Carey

                                                                  Σαν ποίημα Σουρεάλ

                                                                    I spend houuuuurs splitting my split ends. Literally. I think it’s some kind of addiction

                                                                    L22 b

                                                                      Omg chloe looks so different

                                                                      meli 10/28

                                                                        I accidentally set my hair on fire when I was curling it. It was the first time I curled my hair by myself I used this spray thing it wasn’t hairspray or heat protectant. But like something else I don’t remember. And I waited for most of it to dry but apparently not all of it was dry I found that out the moment I curled my hair around the wand I screamed and like pat my hair down then ran into the bathroom to put it out. In the end I went to my meeting with my hair combed through because I have pin straight hair.

                                                                        Traci Goode

                                                                          I had a bleaching fail. I had long hair, around the length of my end of my breasts that took 2 years to grow. I wanted to have blue hair and the colour went out after a few weeks but I bleached my hair again to get all the colour out so it would look more natural. Half of it was the faded blue and half was my virgin brown hair.
                                                                          I was using a box bleach and somehow it worked really well and was frying my hair. Around 15-20 minutes i washed it out and it was platinum blonde and crumbly. The bleach was so light that I looked like a chocolate bar and the hair was so dead that I had to cut off 2/3s of the blonde part because it was breaking off. I still have it after an year and I have a little left of my hair that is that blonde but now if I want to do anything like that again, I'll get it professionally done

                                                                          Abbey H

                                                                            I'm sorry but I do not like Chloe's hair it kinda looks like a bad wig… her hair looks young but her face looks older than the hair suggest. shes better as a dark hair brunette I mean it's ok but it's not the best hair for her

                                                                            Addisyn Adkins

                                                                              I’ve been trying to figure out who Chloe reminds me of for AGES. It just hit me…. Sophie Turner/ Sansa from game of thrones

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