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      Women Play True or False: Sex Edition

      “Hey girl in a bar, look at my feet. Well, I’m a size 9.” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, …

      Time Frost

        Kellogg question comes up.
        Me: The dood was an Adventist or some sort of Christian, not catholic. So of course that's gotta' be true.

        Answer is true.
        Me: Sh*t I learned something. wow Was that the main purpose of the cereals!?? I thought because no meat allowed but okay.


          I knew 90% of these… this probably says something about me…


            This channel dead.

            Jean From BeautyShopPH

              Rachel has some old Avril Lavigne vibes hihi

              Chloe The Flapjack Face

                Why is there so many people living in Alabama

                Serena Odonata

                  I love the name Merle, it sounds lovely, (at least spoken in german), has a beautiful meaning, is not very commen but still sounds like a normal name so no one raises there eyebrowes at you . . . ^^

                  Britt Leuverink

                    University of Groningen πŸ‡³πŸ‡±

                    Wealthbuilderz TV

                      Ladies wear your socks….. trust me 😜

                      C S

                        The fact about the shoe size…Yea men concluded that one, you can be sure.

                        Halle Harrington

                          Whos here to properly explain kellog

                          Leighton Siegal

                            You can definitely buy vibrators online in Alabama. Amazon can and will deliver them

                            Sally Trye

                              I'm sorry this is like the fourth video i've seen with Adriana in it and before even watching the video I am already annoyed with her lol she does too much for me personally.


                                the british girl sounds a LOT like sophie turner

                                maria garcia

                                  I NEEEEED ADRIANAS SHIRT

                                  Jane Justice Doe

                                    The freaking socks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

                                    River Blossom

                                      I live in AL, just order them online lol

                                      Southern to my Soul

                                        Believe me, we have "toy" shops and tons of those "Passion" parties in Alabama regardless of that law, lol. Ya know, so my friend says. πŸ˜‰

                                        Kameron Caldwell

                                          Offence taken, even though I don't live in Alabama. Still in the south

                                          What Not To Do At a Stoplight

                                            4:16 The penis can’t go into atrophy because it’s not a muscle.

                                            Ieyonna Lollis

                                              They should do more vids like this


                                                Wait I live in Alabama and we literally have a Spencer’s and a live stuff 30 min away from where I live

                                                Tania C.M.

                                                  Most of these "facts" have already apper in another Buzz Feed videos…

                                                  maddie beanie

                                                    You can still purchase sext toys in Alabama the stores have to have blacked out windows and you can’t advertise it

                                                    Cynical Texas Dad

                                                      Women have no shame anymore…sad day.

                                                      Eve W

                                                        please do this but reverse the roles and have GUYS ANSWER!! πŸ˜‚πŸ’–πŸ’—

                                                        C Rose

                                                          the people in Alabama will be fine, they have their cousins

                                                          Vin. cy

                                                            JASMINE πŸ™Œβ™₯️

                                                            Garvansh Sharma

                                                              Albama need to change the rules

                                                              Kayla Cortes

                                                                0:43 she reminds me of Avril Lavinge

                                                                Mr Snoku

                                                                  I mean… do you even have self-decision making? You just answered the same way the other friend did


                                                                    I never thought id be this person, but a couple studies doesnt mean anything. Studies need to be repeated to be considered accurate.

                                                                    Erin Gordon

                                                                      Out of the 97 comments half of them seem to be people saying they're from Alabama πŸ˜‚

                                                                      Georgia Ballard

                                                                        Toys are banned in Alabama, but your cousin isn't


                                                                        Leah Elizabeth

                                                                          I just posted my spring break vlog and it would mean a lot if you guys could check it out✨

                                                                          Noemi Stylinson

                                                                            I got all of the right…
                                                                            Great video girls

                                                                            Ness Chwe

                                                                              Haha….I’m a virgin

                                                                              Katherine_ The_Piano_Cat

                                                                                6,069 viewer y’all😏😏😏just wish I was 6,969

                                                                                Maya santella

                                                                                  Shout out

                                                                                  Maya santella


                                                                                    Maya santella


                                                                                      The Coolest

                                                                                        Im from Alabama


                                                                                          Does anyone else think Rachel looks like Avril Lavigne?

                                                                                          Kenzie Quick

                                                                                            I live in alabama

                                                                                            Heng Hui Mei

                                                                                              time for the ladies to ignore the height and look at the feet


                                                                                                I need new socks πŸ™ƒπŸ˜‚ 🧦

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