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      Women Play True or False: Wedding Facts

      “You’ve waxed everything out… you’re gonna enjoy this.” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about …

      Psycho Ota

        I can't help but laugh at this and feel bad for people who spend so much on their marriage. I had a Tacobell wedding in Vegas so I say a good price and a fun time is better.

        Dolan K

          Oh no Chloe’s hair looked so dated girl why

          Pennywise The dancing clown

            The sad moment when you realize a wedding costs more than a 2 year college degree.

            Lera Pokras

              i love the “thot” necklace


                Thank you for finally reading the text for us.

                Lily Potter

                  The Irish used to wear blue wedding dresses since blue was the Celtic colour of purity.

                  Addie Phillippo

                    Lol "high school!?" I'm engaged at 18 he is 19 he just graduated hs and he's now in basic training I'm finishing hs online rn

                    Avion Hay

                      Only 2 wrong. I must’ve learned something in my 17 years of life

                      Elijah Durbin

                        Who thinks Chloe sounds like Clover from King Julien?

                        Leah Markowitz

                          I hate that they make things false just because they changed the number. like that is ridiculous. people don't walk around with statistics memorized in their head.

                          TheAnnoying PuppetBroombox

                            My dad was 19 when he got married with my mother and she was 18

                            Molly Gibbon

                              Jasmine and Lindsay need there own series


                                6:40 Idem.

                                Sophia G

                                  lmao my parents got married on 2/2/2 at 2 pm and they happy 😂

                                  Jana Olivia

                                    why spend 30k on a wedding when you could travel like half the world during your honeymoon?

                                    Graciella Stephanie

                                      Wait, Chloe broke up?

                                      Sofia Cantarero

                                        About half way though the video I saw jasmines shirt and I want it

                                        Ashlie May

                                          5:00 : “HIGH SCHOOL!?!?”
                                          Me in high school: (5/10 friends are engaged)😂


                                            Wow well rip to all of us that are single


                                              The pronunciation of Melbourne was wrong, why does it happen every time?

                                              _random.fandoms. drwho

                                                Jazzmyne's top gives me life

                                                i don ́t want to sign in, ever

                                                  I think the gimmick dates might be a problem sometimes, because some couples can rush into getting married just to "catch" that date.

                                                  JayneBB B

                                                    Enough with the truth or fact buzzfeed! This channel used to make really good content, now it's just cheap and repetitive

                                                    Suzanne Arimond

                                                      My wedding only cost about $4k. Did a lot of DIY and the venue was free. The most expensive thing was my dress which was $1200. Weddings don't have to be expensive to be beautiful.

                                                      Diana C.

                                                        Question: 50%?
                                                        Answer: fALse iT’s aCtuALly 51% BiTcheS

                                                        Maya Lynne

                                                          CHLOES THING SAID SINGLE!!! What happened!!!

                                                          Hannah Eapen

                                                            Can we take a moment to appreciate Jazz’s shirt lmaooo

                                                            Fabiana Calderan Domingues

                                                              I just need to say… Lindsay looks so freaking cute with short hair.

                                                              Katherine Q

                                                                “It also sounds kinda gay” what a mood 😂

                                                                Casey Master

                                                                  the wedding rings for men is probably because they did harder jobs where they would lose the ring or it would get damaged and they couldn't afford more than one ring made of a precious metal.

                                                                  I will regret this

                                                                    i love how, for the queen victoria fact, literally everyone was like “im just gonna say true because im tired of thinking about this”

                                                                    Thebirdistheword 101

                                                                      Do men next

                                                                      Kitkat Angharad

                                                                        Anyone else really just want them to say ‘ and a silver sixpence in your shoe’ at the end whenever they say ‘something old something new’ 🥰😂

                                                                        Kenzi Sashidharan

                                                                          I just got married 7 months ago! I’m 20 so definitely younger than the average lol. This was fun to watch tho


                                                                            5:00 a girl in my graduating class got engaged Christmas of our senior year, married a month after we graduated!

                                                                            I_love_the_ beach

                                                                              actually learned some stuff lol <3

                                                                              Sarah Stambach

                                                                                Where can I buy Jazzmynes shirt?😂

                                                                                LpsWild Cat

                                                                                  Any other single Pringle’s here under the age of 18 just crying because they’re single?

                                                                                  Just this T


                                                                                    Goosey Girl

                                                                                      My great granny got married in a suit during ww 2 because white material was so rare.

                                                                                      rehab al-ibrahim

                                                                                        my freakin great grandmother got married at the age of 12 -_- XD

                                                                                        Siena Vee

                                                                                          When she said straight out of highschool the face she made…… My mom got married at 17

                                                                                          Ntokozo Jiane

                                                                                            Jazzmyn looks amazing😍. I think the hair colour makes her face pop if tht makes sense 🤔

                                                                                            Cara Donnelly

                                                                                              The first one….Meghan markle?!?!?! HELLOOOO

                                                                                              Megan McGunnigle

                                                                                                yo I got married for about $500.00

                                                                                                Dulce Grande

                                                                                                  When Lindsay said “that’s what I have such a hard time finding a boyfriend. They’re all married” I felt that 😭😂

                                                                                                  Lily Lopez

                                                                                                    There was a couple at my high school that got married their senior year, the day the girl turned 18.

                                                                                                    Malinda Ferrell

                                                                                                      I'm 22 and am married to my 23 year old husband. Where I'm from most people get married before 25. A friend of mine got married at 19.

                                                                                                      Ayse Unal

                                                                                                        Jazzy’s thot necklace is goals

                                                                                                        Bailey Smith

                                                                                                          I only just turned 15 and I knew like all of the answers lol and I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not

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