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      Women Reveal Their Weirdest Catcalling Stories

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      living with boys 5

        I’ve been getting cat called since I was 12 years old

        Venessa Odera

          Even the school dress code discriminates against curvy girls


            4:29 – I can assure you three fat girls that slim healthy women get catcalled too in tight clothes, more than so-called "curvy" girls do, and not just by black guys and drunks (yeah, I can tell they were black). And I don't see how these stories are the "weirdest" when it's a common occurrence for slim women. Also, men are more careful with how they treat slim pretty women because they don't just want an easy lay with them.

            Dulce Sucks

              What that one lady said about the shorts and being curvy, even if a women wasn't "curvy" she's still going to get catcalled for wearing shorts. No matter what women wear, they are going to get catcalled. Curvy or not.


                When I was 17, I lived in a small town of probably a little over 1,000 people and I was walking to the local post office, and a group of guys in a car started yelling at me asking where I was going and commenting on my clothes then they threw styrofoam cups at me out of the car. and laughed, sped off then proceeded to drive around the block and passed me again then I eventually ran behind a church to get away from them.

                Rebecca Faubion

                  When I was 14 I was cat called in class by these 2 guys about my legs, it was a uniform school and I wore pleated skirts. I was thicc and mature for my age. I called them jerks and paid them no mind (despite how it made me feel)…until like 2 weeks later when I got slow and obvious thrice down look over by some skeezy (sketchy+sleezy) 50 or 60 year old guy. I was disgusted and to make matters worse my mom was there with me. She was just as creeped out as me. We didn't talk for 10 minutes until she said "Well… I guess you'll have to cover your self up a little more when you leave the house now, men are sleeze-bags". I keep those experiences in mind every time I get dressed or buy clothes. But I shouldn't have to, all women should be able to wear whatever makes them feel and look good without fear of harassment. Sorry for the long comment, this video just really hit home for me.😞


                    “Even just going outside” lmao so true

                    miranda nicole

                      i was BARKED AT walking to school when i was 15.


                        What Jazzy said about public transportation is like worse when your lgbt and arent stright passing. When Im just going to school I feel comfortable wearing the clothes, shoes, and makeup I like, when I take the subway somewhere unfirmiluar, I just don't want to deal with homophobic the stares and comments.

                        Girly Gam

                          I’ve been hit on by multiple girls and NONE of them have ever said the ridiculous things that guys say or touched me period.

                          annika b

                            i LOVE jazzmyne’s hair 💕

                            Camryn Capps

                              catcalling does not just happen to thinker girls

                              Nightshade H.

                                WHOOF JAZZ THAT HAIR IS A LOOOOOOK

                                not so secret nerd

                                  my most notable one: I was at work kneeling to put something on the bottom shelf and an old guy comes up to me and says "gosh it's been a long time since I've had a young woman on her knees at my feet"

                                  Lola Jett-Beachley

                                    Literally a few months ago my friend and my sister and I were out at like 11 at night on my 13TH BIRTHDAY and these guys yelled from their car “hey you want this d*** in your mouth?” And then like drove away laughing and all proud of themselves like I’m 13

                                    Erin Lacey

                                      I got off a bus at night alone (yes a bit stupid) and was followed by this guy. I new he was following but I ignored him. Soon he started calling to me ( saying ‘hey’ or something), I tried pretending I didn’t hear him but he was catching up so I turned around. He came right up to me and started saying how beautiful I was and asked my age. At the time I was 16 and naively thought that him being far older would leave me alone. He didn’t. He smiled while he grabbed my arm and herded me against a railing asking where I lived. Without my knowing I told him exactly where, it was
                                      Iike I’d forgotten how to lie. He gripped my arm tighter thinking I had lied as I lived far away. I explained that I enjoyed the walk to my next bus stop and said I had to go to get the bus and walked off. I could still hear him following while I messaged my mum to say someone was following me. I did get on the bus though, unfortunately a drunk guy was there to also creep on me. Not a great night..

                                      Ayame ukyo lol

                                        Love buzzfeed because thanks for videos like these I feel more confident and stronger.

                                        Sam Oyler

                                          It’s definitely not specific to clothes or setting. I work in a restaurant where we do a sort of curbside service. One day I was taking food out to a customer and some jerks driving by the building were honking and screaming obscenities at me. I was wearing my uniform of a t shirt, dress pants, apron and hat, mind you. A man was walking out of the restaurant when he heard it and yelled back,” and you’re an idiot so move on!”

                                          Dennys Diaz

                                            I just click for her hair

                                            Amber Aquarius Music

                                              Jazzmyne! Yess I love her hair! I wish I could do that, but i have long hair!

                                              Abigail Vendler

                                                If a man looks at your boobs look at his groin and maybe even squint a little bit 🤣

                                                Dd Loves

                                                  "Damned if you do damned if you don't"? I love All Time low no one gets the accidental reference


                                                    Sometimes y’all act like curvy girls are the only ones with problems. Thin girls get catcalled too you know.

                                                    Alyssa Mattson

                                                      THANK YOU QUEENS


                                                        The only time I’ve ever been catcalled was this halloween.
                                                        It was my first time trick-or-treating alone, I was 13, and in a dress, tights, and heels. Half of the tights were cut off, exposing one of my legs.
                                                        I had demon makeup on half my face.
                                                        I was walking down the sidewalk, and this group of at least 5 guys were walking toward me on the sidewalk.
                                                        They started hooting and saying inappropriate things to me and were trying to get my attention. I just kept my eyes down and kept walking.
                                                        Great first experience.

                                                        Hope Moore

                                                          I live in a beach town and was walking with my then 3-4 month old, when a random car full of men yelled “Damn Mama, you thick” 🙃 Unpleasant experiences

                                                          Gabriela Sanchez

                                                            i know you recorded you getting those patches on your head right ? lmfao


                                                              Took me a moment to realize that her head wasn't just ashy.

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