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      Women Share Girl Scout Horror Stories

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      Maddie Manins

        This was not the badge I signed up for

        Melodi Ann Murrey

          I went with my troop to a camp and while I was sweeping after lunch my entire troop left me behind to walk down to the beach. The troop leader had miscounted heads and none of the girls corrected her. When I was done sweeping I walked out of the eating area to find myself alone. I was like 9 and I hadn't heard them leave so I had no idea where they went and I was scared and alone, so I went to one of the tables in our eating area and cried. Finally about 20 minutes later two of the girls rushed back and found me and stayed with me until the leader showed up.

          Venus Aderele

            I was never a girl scout/ brownie :(((((((

            Jaiyu Zlodej

              My sister was dropped off at one GS camp (and I'm pretty sure I was bitten by a snake there, tbh), and my troop went to West Virginia for a couple things, namely horseback riding (where we found out there was a bear really close to us), rock climbing (which was surprisingly uneventful), and white water rafting (level 5 rapids, and the troop leader definitely could've died). We were camping on top of a mountain, and while we were rafting, apparently it rained on the mountain, and that's how I got to experience my first laundromat in rural West Virginia. (I wish I was joking, but a hefty man in his 50s-60s came in, put his clothes in the machine, took his shirt off to put it in the machine, then went outside to drink from a brown paper bag. First time I'd ever been in a laundromat. I think I was 12 or 13. Wouldn't recommend it.)

              Magdalie Mexile

                Me: oh this should be interesting
                0:02 : hears the words banana spider
                Me: ok bye!

                fangs Matt champion

                  I was wearing head phones ouch.

                  Shannon Stoy

                    When I was in girl scout, they thought it would be fun to have us ride horses without saddles. My horse got scared and ran off. I was thrown off the horse landing on my butt. To this day I still have low back pain.

                    Tree Top

                      Do this but with church camp

                      Hail Storm

                        Aren't they venomous. Not poisonous.

                        Lee Lu

                          Spiders are venomous, not poisonous. Ick!

                          Violet Ash

                            I thought this was going to be bashing GS, but was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t. I used to be a GS, too. I did Brownies and Juniors. I could’ve been a Cadet if I finished Juniors, but I gave that up for Basketball and Dance. 🤷🏻‍♀️


                              i was kicked out of girl scouts….

                              Sheridan Yang

                                Who else thinks that Lindsay looks like the America’s got talent winner 2017, Darcie Lynne


                                  This definitely is what happened to me too both at camp and also my troop leader robbing us blind


                                    Woah the last story… damn

                                    Daniela Horan

                                      My Girl Scout horror story is that I went to the summer camp and came face to face along with some daisies a diamondback snake. My counselor ran grabbed a shovel and chopped it’s head off🤭

                                      I was in Girl Scouts from 5th-8th grade a lot were my worst and best times. I was in a big troop that did a lot and I had some of my closest friends but I had enemies as well, they would bully my best friends a lot. I once stood up for them, the fight almost went physical. Then I moved to a different state so I changed troops it was a drastically smaller group and there was no connection since they all knew each other since they were brownies, they didn’t show much interest and weren’t very inviting so that’s why I stopped Girl Scouts :/

                                      Yunalesca Bliss

                                        When the mosquito sounds played at the beginning of the video I jumped.

                                        Liliana Molina


                                          Chelsea Moehle

                                            This is not the badge I was looking for

                                            Chelsea Moehle

                                              Me: not really paying attention
                                              “Camp in North Texas”
                                              “Did someone say TEXAS?!”

                                              Michaela Morris

                                                LEA WE NEED MORE LLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAA SHES F ING HILARIOUS


                                                  Thumbnail: got molested by counselor
                                                  Video: I saw a spider

                                                  tinkerbell glower

                                                    I remember my Girl Scout days…THE STRUGGLE 🤦🏾‍♀️


                                                      Man , the camp sounds awful . We had a cabin that had lofts in it . The only thing that sucked for me was having to clean loitrines (like a porta potty but not portable )

                                                      Emma Zinsli

                                                        I was in Girl Scouts and I have so many stories from going to camp for a week as a 5th grader and the whole troop having noticeably lost weight from a week of camp and lack of food, and from having to sell cookies door to door pulling them in my sled because their was too much snow to drive a car.

                                                        Natalie Elizabeth

                                                          I get nosebleeds all the freaking time too!

                                                          Heather G

                                                            fun fact – tried to sign up to be a girl scout but they denied me? my mom called and asked about the process after we filled everything out and they told my mom that i wasnt the "right fit". Broke my little heart.

                                                            Leeza M

                                                              I got tuberculous from a Girl Scout “international day” while in Girl Scouts in Japan!! 😂😂😂

                                                              Sam May

                                                                I was a Girl Scout from first grade through till twelfth grade. My worst memory from gs was when my best friend stopped talking to me. In the middle of our two week camping trip. She broke my heart and I still have no idea why she did it.

                                                                • Dead Roses •

                                                                  When my cousin’s mom was a girl scout, she woke up in her tent and there was a daddy long legs on her and she started screaming.

                                                                  Isabella Humphreys

                                                                    The most mosquito bites ever was 23 just on my Shoulder!!!


                                                                      yall need a disclaimer for those spider pics.

                                                                      – M –

                                                                        The only thing I remember about girls scouts was when I won tickets to Disney Land after I sold 1,000 boxes of cookies


                                                                          Did she really say ’fosilized rock'? Lol

                                                                          makenna land

                                                                            My mom broke her arm at Girl Scout camp

                                                                            Bryn Cooley

                                                                              You can come ride the horses at my sisters barn !!!! 👌😩

                                                                              Cherry Casserole

                                                                                i was a girl scout for three years. i actually tolerated girl scouts besides the fact we didn’t do anything productive besides cookie selling. my troop was split into two cliques, my close friend group and then the other side.
                                                                                we went to a kbbq place after a cookie booth. girl scouts is supposed to stand for some sort of sisterhood but i literally got bullied by two girls in my troop from the other group. the troop leader (my best friend’s mom) yelled at me for leaving even though i was getting tormented. in essence, i regret being in girl scouts at all. this was all as a sophomore.

                                                                                ginny_ ann

                                                                                  Lol I went to camp mahachee last year and in case anyone’s wondering yes rock garden is still a thing and yes people always get hurt on it I remember falling and scratching my knee there was dirt on it and you made it this far so I continued with the other girls and then went to the nurse after and they were like we really need to close that off.

                                                                                  Lauren M

                                                                                    Oh my gosh I had so many

                                                                                    Destiny Gonzalez

                                                                                      When I was in Girl Scouts our troop leader also stole money for her house so we couldn’t go on our water park trip

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