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      Women Share Their Tampon Horror Stories

      Have you ever tied a ring to your tampon string to hide it from your royal boyfriend? That’s just one of the crazy tampon horror stories you will watch in this video!

      Mrs. Will

        Ok, first that one girl wins best friend of the millenium. Second, Merle, you just made my month with that story.

        flame thrower

          I was 12 when I got mine. 6th grade on my friend's birthday


            My period horror story is i had gone on a mother daughter day out to Marriott hotel for a brunch. After eating, we decided to enjoy the beach scene and sit on the sofas (that were WHITE). After a while, my mom thought of strolling on the beach, as I got up there was a pool of blood on the sofa.

            I tried to get rid of it but it become worse.

            We left in hurry after we realized everywhere I sat was blood stained. It was horrible. I felt so guilty!

            After that incident, That Marriott hotel never had white sofas or anywhere pastel or light colored furnitures. It was always dark since then.


            why can’t i decide on a damn name?

              If your friend is willing to help you to pull out your tampon due to the fact that you think that it broke, that friend is a keeper.

              BANANONINA!!! TATA BALA TU

                9?! well, i thought tampons were sweets at that time.

                you know, the colorful packaging fooled me..i started mine at 13… and i loathed and still loathe it

                Trevor Eastman Guitar

                  Why did this show up in my recommendations? I literally do not care about people's tampon stories.😂

                  theamazingfrankiecoccho C

                    9 years omg

                    Candy Smith

                      How can you insert a tampon at 9? Lawrd I cannot imagine going through that as a child…she was a child not even a tween.

                      Sian Thomson

                        9 years and period. O my god


                          its so weird to me that tampons in the US have applicators lol I was so suprised the first time in used one when i travelled there. (im from Australia)

                          Merilee CARREON

                            I wonder if Connie and “Jessica” is still best friends 😱😂❤️

                            Rachel Amber Everleigh

                              The second girl is such a good friend. Lmao. Where can I find a friend like her?

                              rida 786

                                I hid it from my parents for 8 years 🙂

                                Ava Fagan

                                  I had to learn how to use a tampon on my second cycle. I went on a beach holiday and had to go swimming 😂

                                  Aisha Sidd


                                    Bay bay

                                      Recently I got blacked out drunk in Mexico during a cruise got back on the cruise ship was on my period Was using tampons on the trip even though I'm a pad type of girl I got so drunk I thought I had left a tampon in but I actually took it out so I started to panic and try to get it out and caused it to get all swollen I even ran out in the hall with a bloody towel crying I also went in the shower to go look for and fell out hit my head now there is a horror story for ya😭😂😂😭😂😂 I woke up hungover and embarrassed 😂

                                      Gustavo G

                                        Am I the only one that thought of Aria was telling her story and the pic of the man screaming came up? It runs in the family

                                        RINGA LINGA

                                          Got my Period very late at 16

                                          Diax Art

                                            “I could only think of frank”
                                            – frank iero.

                                            Victoria Christensen

                                              This is why i use a menstrual cup

                                              Bianca Bear

                                                Can we get a series about Merle’s grandmother’s stories?


                                                  The 9 year old story is heartbreaking. She must have been scared and confused

                                                  Alexis Rush

                                                    I have a tampon horror story but I’m to embarrassed to say lmao 😂


                                                      On a bridge, outside, skirts flying, tying knots in tampon strings, quick like lightning so the man you’re arguing with can’t notice? Yeah, nah.

                                                      AuntSue’s Cakemix

                                                        first story is very similar to my first experience with tampons also i was 10 so i totally get it

                                                        Kuschelkeks im blumenparadies

                                                          Menstrual cups are a lot better..

                                                          Sabrina Samsuddin

                                                            I just felt a sudden period like pain in my lower abdomin while watching this video 😂

                                                            Bobbi Holmes

                                                              I was 9 when I got mine. My mom bought me pads and I told her I can’t wear them anymore because it’s disgusting so she got me tampons instead. I cringe all the time thinking about sitting on a pad.

                                                              Jelly Fishi

                                                                Why are these always recommended when i'm on my period 😂😂😂

                                                                Jenn H.

                                                                  Wow, starting your period at 9 years old must be rough. I don't think I even knew what a period was at that age.

                                                                  Skoll Black

                                                                    Am i the only girl who refuses to use a tampon? I cant stand the feeling it makes me uncomfortable. I have been told it is gross and it is like using a diaper but i have never felt that way.
                                                                    Does anyone else feel this way?

                                                                    Kathy Murguia

                                                                      Sure grandma

                                                                      Ev M

                                                                        The last girl gave the whole grandmas life story like get to the point jesus

                                                                        ABCDEFGHIJKLMN OPQRSTUVWXYZ

                                                                          This makes me scared 0:14 ….. 😓😓😓

                                                                          awwwcrapitsyouagain –

                                                                            once i forgot that i already had a tampon in so i put another one in…. i was trying to get both of them out and it took 20 minutes

                                                                            Missy Still

                                                                              i had the same horror story as the first
                                                                              girl except i went in the pool at a hotel while i was on vacation with my parents. i used a cardboard applicator while swimming… u can imagine how that went haha

                                                                              Melody M

                                                                                I use tampons cuz I hate the feeling of something wet coming out of me the whole day and then sitting in it. Eventually ill buy a diva cup but for now tampons aint too bad.

                                                                                Cooper Tichelbaut

                                                                                  At first I thought this said "Women share their tampon: horror stories" lol. Also when she said "It broke" I thought she meant her water. I'm stupid XD


                                                                                    I got my period at nine too. It happened at a friends birthday party. I remember there was one time I had friends sleeping over and because I had my period already they were asking me about it. I can't remember what was said but I one point we started discussing tampons and how strong the string was. At one point I stole one of my sister's tampons (I used pads) and while I held one end my friend grabbed the other and we tugged to see if it would break. Surprising, it didn't. I guess some tampons are built better then others.

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