Women Thrift For Coachella-Inspired Outfits Under $100

Main Women Thrift For Coachella-Inspired Outfits Under $100

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      Women Shop For Coachella-Inspired Outfits Under $100

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      Chloe and Becky Zak

        Who loves festival fashion even if they can’t go anywhere? Lol! 🙋🏻‍♀️

        Lovely Honey

          buzzfeed send them to coachella

          Miss Sophia

            I actually ride horses and I wear boots functionally. I find it funny that it’s “in this year” like what the heck

            Leigh Davis

              They have like no good thrift shops here on the west coast. I'm jelly. There was some hella cute stuff there. I want.

              Yahaira Reyes

                If they went to goodwill they could’ve bought a bomb outfit for like $20 ? I don’t understand

                Priya Alo

                  No offense but they should have sent Lindsay and Jazmine to the thrift store to find Coachella outfits

                  a cuevas

                    I got very kacey musgraves vides lol

                    Boheme Dream

                      Justice 4 Shila

                      Ashleigh Paul

                        Buffalo exchange is not a thrift store.

                        Sriracha Gamer87

                          The thrift store local to me is waaay cheaper. Maybe because I don’t live in California but the fact that a shoe was 46 bucks where they’re shopping is crazy to me

                          Sophia B

                            Confused on why Buzzfeed, a large company that has been very loud about their pro-LGBT+ stance, is encouraging these women and other young viewers to attend Coachella, whose founder is a right-wing billionaire with anti-LGBT+ stances.

                            Mary Alex

                              I feel like the spray painted boots should have went with the other girls outfit. The Black and Tan would have looked good with that pop of turquoise

                              Pricila Mickel

                                before taxes ? im over it…. it was so forced the interaction between the two it was weird

                                Keerthana Chandrasekhar

                                  Man this is bomb!

                                  Nic Anonymus

                                    Used Boots for $ 46?? Wow! So expensive!


                                      I own the top at 3:29


                                        There is people who still care about Coachella?😣😣

                                        Nothankyou Bro

                                          No style

                                          Positive Comments

                                            Tbh they needed the flower crowns 🙃

                                            Lx A

                                              The two girls both look really pretty in white!! :-))))

                                              Carmen Ramirez

                                                Shilas outfit doesn’t even fit her 😂🙄

                                                Sarah O

                                                  I need to go visit Reiss' website as a palate cleanser after watching this mess. Good lord.


                                                    That’s expensive being from a thrift store and all


                                                      Buzzfeed I'm disappointed y'all ignored the fact that the ower is a trash human :/

                                                      Irene Rudnyk

                                                        They should have also brought in an actual stylist to help them out , cuz those outfits were really boring, sorry girls

                                                        carly elyea

                                                          Half the outfits they tried on I wear for everyday errands lmao

                                                          Ana Maria

                                                            The one outfit the Australian chick was wearing is more of a nod towards Stagecoach

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